Super Skunk Automatic Seeds - White Label

  • Cannabis Cup Winners
  • White Label
  • Autoflowering
  • Feminized strain
  • Short flowering period (45 - 55 days)
  • Compact plant
  • Temperate / Continental
  • 80% Indica
  • Large Yield
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<p>Super Skunk has been delighting cannabis enthusiasts since 1990 with her super-vigorous, super-potent, super-fragrant qualities. The finest features of the world-famous Super Skunk family have been blended with a vigorous example of Cannabis ruderalis to create an exceptional auto-flowering feminized marijuana strain with the same dependable all-round performance that makes Super Skunk one of the top seed varieties for commercial or connoisseur growers. </p><p>
Our Super Skunk Automatic seed-strain, like certain selectively bred auto-flowering cannabis hybrids, has the advantage of being able to produce two mature, all-female crops in a single outdoor season when grown in a warm, sunny climate. Indoors, her auto-flowering component triggers the beginning of her blooming phase after about six weeks of vegetation. Even in the hands of a less experienced grower, this seed-strain can deliver beautiful harvests of solid, sparkling buds with ease! </p><p>
Super Skunk Automatic produces a consistent growth pattern and a gorgeous bud structure. She remains short and compact while producing hefty colas made up of exceptionally fat, sticky calyxes. Her buds are sweet, highly resinous and pack a serious punch - an immediate, powerful high followed by a penetrating, long-lasting body stone. </p><p>
White Label’s newest version of Super Skunk is one of the most effective strains of feminized auto-flowering cannabis currently available! </p>

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Strain Reviews for Super Skunk Automatic Seeds - Whitel Label

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by Diogo Luz on 24-12-2014

5 out of 5 seeds popped out all in 2 days, the first one had a small root after 9 hours in wet paper!!! amazing results, and the plants grew very well

really good strain, easy to grow, it almost grows pn her own, in 5 seeds all of them grew around 1 meter, only when they are dry that i will know how much each one yeld? sensi seed strains are always reliable

by Tiago on 23-11-2014

In in 4 strains choosen by me, super skunk auto where those that grew the most with aprox 1 meter , since the 3rd week it notices that they grow every day, large leafs to provide what they need, i gave them 24h of light, and a bit of co2, in grow wise for an auto is my favourite, Good smoke for all

Lovely smoke.

by William on 6-11-2014

This was my first experience with auto seeds and I was very pleased with how easy it was to grow. I only grow 2 at a time for personal use and managed to get 2 and a half oz of potent weed. The only problem I encounterd was trying to feed them, autos don't like fed and leaf burn was a problem. DON'T feed anything for at least 4 weeks and start with 14 strength and you should not have any problems.......and if you do, Super skunk auto is very forgiving. I traveled to Amsterdam a few months ago and visited a Sensi seeds shop to choose a new strain to try, and a very helpful assistant helped me with my choice. I now have 2 White diesel haze autos in my tent doing great! If your a small grower who wants good quality smoke fast, autos are the way to go. Sensi seeds are in my opinion the best out there for quailty product and customer service. 5*****

Very Good!

by Chicco on 29-5-2014

Very good plant, strong and resistant in out too! (N.H.) Easy, fast and good production for a very nice flavor! Strongly recommended!

Easy to grow, great results.

by Lulu on 25-5-2014

Prompt delivery, easy to grow, good product

super skunk

by bob! on 22-5-2014

Absolutely the best ganja of last Century...thank you sensi seed..:)

very nice buds

by Joe smith on 28-4-2014

Great growth in no time great yeald great high last for hours

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