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This category shows a selection of products from HempFlax, one of the sister companies of Sensi Seeds, which farms and processes industrial hemp on a large scale in the Netherlands and Germany. Due to the astonishing carbon-hungry nature of hemp, HempFlax is a carbon-neutral company; by buying HempFlax products, you can actually help reduce your carbon footprint. Mini-Hemp animal bedding for small pets is included in this section. When this product was first launched by HempFlax, jokes were made about whether bunnies would get high from it! However, hemp really is the healthiest choice for animals like guinea pigs and hamsters to sleep and nest in. Hemp fibres and hurds (the woody centre of the plant stems) produce far less dust than hay or straw and so are better for the lungs of the animals and their owners. Hemp is also less prone to harbouring mould and fungus than other bedding materials.

For horses, HempFlax produces hempseed oil in the form of Hoof Oil, and Leather Oil for taking care of saddles, bridles and other tack. HempFlax Leather Oil is also excellent for use on leather clothing to maintain shine and suppleness.

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Mini Hemp Soft® Mini Hemp Soft® Mini Hemp Soft® HempFlax #407000
  • €1.10
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Mini Hemp® Mini Hemp® Mini Hemp® HempFlax #404000
  • €1.43 12L
  • €3.40 48L
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Leather Oil® Leather Oil® Leather Oil® HempFlax #208000
  • €6.15 250ml
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