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1. Vegetative reproduction is the term for asexual reproduction in plants. Cannabis is often propagated by vegetative means (such as plant cutting/grafting and cloning) as opposed to simply growing from seed, as this provides a greater measure of control in the final crop. 2. Vegetative growth is the second stage in the life of a plant after it completes germination and begins photosynthesis - essentially, it is the period of growth between germination and the beginning of sexual maturity characterised by flowering. During this stage a plant will be photosynthesising as much as possible to grow as large as it can before the onset of the flowering (Generative) phase. In cannabis production, the period of vegetative growth is highly significant: adjusting the time this requires afters both the potency and net yield of the crop. The vegetative stage is also a period where adjustment of exposure to both light and fertiliser can have profound effects.

1350–1400; Middle English vegetatyf via Medieval Latin vegetativus, “pertaining to plants”

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