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Cannabis Light takes Europe by storm

Cannabis Light Switzerland led the way in 2016 by legalising all varieties of cannabis that contain less than 1% THC. A high CBD content and a low THC content seems to be the magic formula for success in other European countries, too. Cannabis News Network has investigated the issue on your behalf and has come to the conclusion that Cannabis Light is big business!

Cannabis plants gently swaying in the golden sunset, and in the background a soft hilly landscape that inspires dreams. This is not Mendocino County in California; it is the heart of Switzerland.

Switzerland in Cannabis Light frenzy

Companies such as De Rerum Natura are growing cannabis here completely legally. Because none of the plants contain more than 1% THC, the growers have nothing to fear. Young people from all over Europe are helping them to harvest and dry the plants and prepare them for sale. The finished products can be bought in the form of rolling tobacco, cigarettes and dried buds – all over Switzerland, from small kiosks to major supermarkets and dedicated dispensaries in locations with the best footfall. Switzerland has created a professional, regulated market within a short space of time. With the existing network of producers, sales outlets and consumers, it will also be easy to legalise varieties with a high THC content in the future.

CBD weed from the Milan Boutique

Cannabis Light is also gaining in popularity in Italy. Alberto operates the Hemp Embassy in Milan, where he doesn’t just sell CBD weed, but also clones in the form of cuttings, which customers are allowed to grow at home. There is one small condition. Unlike Switzerland, in Italy Cannabis Light doesn’t fall under the Tobacco Act. In other words, the products may not be smoked, eaten or consumed in any other form.

What happens next?

In November, the ECDD (Expert Committee on Drug Dependence) met with the WHO (World Health Organization). One of the Committee’s aims is to re-evaluate the status of cannabis. There is a strong suggestion that in the future, cannabis will no longer be classified as a high-risk drug but as a harmless substance. This would definitely have implications for cannabis policy in the individual countries.

However, it is difficult to predict how the European cannabis market will develop in the future. Various scenarios are possible, ranging from a rigorous ban that includes Cannabis Light to complete legalisation.

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