by Silent Jay on 23/05/2014 | Cannabis News

FBI needs to hire cannabis enthusiasts to carry on fighting cybercrime

Now might be the beginning of a new era when one of the most powerful establishments in the United States will have to bend in the face of a cultural majority.

Earlier this year, the FBI received approval from the US Congress to hire 2000 new staff members, primarily in order to reinforce their department dedicated to fighting cyber-crime; presumably one of the busiest federal concerns these days.

During a meeting that took place in New York City on Monday May 20th, 2014, James Comey, director of the federal agency, informed his peers of his concerns in regards to the difficulties encountered in finding these new recruits. This meeting, the White Collar Crime Institute, is an annual gathering to discuss the general landscape of criminality in the corporate world.

“I have to hire a great work force to compete with those cyber criminals, and some of those kids want to smoke weed on the way to the interview”, Comey admitted to his audience of government professionals.
Indeed, it turns out the agency is in the process of understanding that hackers fighting for their rights (which, unquestionably, is not the case with all hackers) might be made from the same mould as the equally talented new technology enthusiasts who can oppose them.

For people of the so-called “Generation X”, as well as the aware, albeit older, crowd of tech-savvy individuals, this has always been an obvious fact. Cannabis might still be on the very tedious path towards total legalization, but it has been long accepted as a valid medical treatment for numerous conditions, and as a harmless method to explore oneself, by these groups of forward citizens.

Nevertheless, the fact that the FBI is considering changing its hiring policies in order to catch these demographics is a tremendous milestone in cannabis history. In 2013, following the legalization of cannabis in the state of Colorado, the federal government, urged by President Barack Obama, had already communicated that in regards to cannabis, the focus would change from average consumers to drug traffickers as well as other important players of the black market.
This time, the agency is considering modifying certain policies that used to prevent citizens who had  consumed cannabis during the last three years from applying for a position within the federal system.
The FBI is “grappling with the question right now”, according to director Comey. As he pointed out earlier, the agency works less “in-box” than it used to, which could mean that soon, cannabis consumers could be officially authorized to work within the US government.

The fact that this speech took place at a high level forum based on dealing with corporations’ illegal schemes tends to give this story a true “modern society VS modern people” feeling.
Sensi Seeds hopes that this exhilarating piece of news will blossom into a genuine revolution in regards to the way the USA manages their relationship with the soon-to-be-deceased war on drugs, and will, as usual, keep its readers informed.

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