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White Label Mix Regular Seeds

Seed TypeMixed cannabis strains
Sativa / indicaSativa / indica Hybrid
Flowering TimeShort flowering period
Climate ZoneSunny / mediterranean
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White Label Mix Regular features a random selection of White Label’s most popular regular cannabis seeds. There are several premium strains that might be included in each packet; such as Orange Bud, White Skunk, Amnesia White, and Jack Herer. As this is a mixed assortment, the aromas and resulting highs will vary, and the plants will differ in appearance and height.

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Discreet Packaging
Fast Delivery
Premium Quality

About White Label Mix Regular

White Label Mix Regular is the ideal choice for growers who want to experiment with lots of different strains. It features a random selection of White Label’s most popular regular seeds; including White Gold (aka Bleu Berries), Amnesia White, Jack Herer, White Widow, and Orange Bud. The heights, scents and highs of the plant are all varied, which gives growers a great opportunity to hone their identification skills.

Growth pattern of White Label Mix Regular

White Label Mix Regular cannabis seeds are a mix of some of White Label’s best-known strains. Each pack contains a random selection of seeds, and growers have the chance to cultivate plants such as White Widow, Jack Herer, Afghan Kush, White Skunk or Amnesia White.

Some of the strains are indica-dominant, like Orange Bud and White Widow; while others have mostly sativa genetics, like White Haze and Jack Herer. This has considerable impact on the height of the plants (some are compact, while others can grow extremely tall) and their resulting high.

The seeds are all regular, which gives growers the opportunity to cultivate both male and female plants. This is ideal for generating seeds for growing more plants in the future, and also for cross-breeding purposes.

Flowering times also vary from strain to strain in White Label Mix Regular; but many of the plants are quick to reach harvest-time. Indeed, the flowering times (along with the overall appearance and height) will give experienced growers some clues about which plant is which. Likewise, the yields will be variable, though some of the strains are known for producing bumper harvests.

White Label Mix Regular is best suited to warm, sunny climates (the Mediterranean is ideal, for example). The plants can also be grown indoors all year round, and all the strains respond well to the supercropping and lollipopping techniques.

Effect, taste, and smell of White Label Mix Regular

White Label Mix Regular features a random selection of White Label cannabis seeds. Some are sativa-dominant, while others have more indica characteristics. As a general rule, the indica-dominant strains produce a soothing, sedative stone, while the sativa plants are more uplifting and cerebral.

The scents are all incredibly varied too. Some will feature the distinctive pungent, skunky notes of a classic indica, while others will be more herbal and spicier, like a sativa. Many growers report enjoying the process of testing the plants out, to try to guess which is which.

Did you know?

  • Each pack features 25 seeds. These are a random mix of 16 of White Label’s most popular strains.
  • The plants can be identified by not just their height and appearance, but by the formation of their buds, their flowering times, their aromas, and the resulting high.
  • White Label Mix Regular is a good option for those who like experimenting with their grows.

  • Mixed cannabis strains

    White Label Mix contains a mix of various cannabis strains.

  • Sativa / indica Hybrid

    The White Label Mix is a Sativa / Indica Hybrid.

  • Short flowering period

    White Label Mix will have a comparatively short flowering time.

  • Sunny / mediterranean

    White Label Mix can be grown outside in a warm, sunny climate with a long summer.


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