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Cannabis-Hanf Hemp Chanvre Cañamo [Hardcover]

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The first big picture book on the most useful plant of our planet: Cannabis. More than 200 colour pictures from history and present. On hemp as a resource, medicine and stimulant.

More than half a century attention focused on hemp only because of the intoxicating effects of its blossoms and any other aspect of the plant was almost completely ignored. This book will try to put the whole plant back into the picture, its multiple uses, its long history and most of all its return as one of the planets most useful resources. It will show the cycle of its growth on the fields, the people and machines working with hemp and the wide variety of products coming out of this.

Mathias Broeckers co-authored the German edition of Jack Herers milestone-book on Cannabis: 'The Emperor wears no clothes'.

'Raising general awareness about the limitless aspects of the cannabis plant is a cause that is of interest to all. Besides contributing toward this process, Cannabis is also a beautiful reference book that will look good on any reading table.' - Sensi Seeds

This book is written in 4 languages, please click here for a description of the contents in German, English, Spanish or French.


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