Frequently Asked Questions

Which cannabis seed-strains are most suitable for beginners?

Sensi Seeds usually recommends fast-flowering, compact, easy-to-grow Indica and Indica-dominant varieties for beginner growers.

Most of the Skunk hybrids possess Sativa qualities while retaining the more manageable Indica growth pattern.

Indicas and Skunks are generally tough and vigorous, enabling them to bounce back from common errors made by novice growers. In addition, the strains recommended for beginner growers tend to be the more affordable ones in the Sensi Seeds collection. Premium strains are usually recommended for slightly more advanced growers with some experience, as this makes it easier to grow them to their full potential. Beginners are not the only ones who benefit from this selection of strains, however; if utilizing a new grow technique or environment, these cannabis seed strains are an ideal choice for a test grow thanks to their economic prices and robust natures.

Sensi recommended cannabis seeds for beginners include :

Some Indica-Sativa hybrids, such as American Dream, display an easy to control Indica growing pattern.

Cannabis enthusiasts can find clear descriptions for all Sensi Seeds and White Label Seed Co. varieties – including data on harvest time and potential yield – here on the Sensi website and by following the links above.