Frequently Asked Questions

To which countries can cannabis seeds be sent?

You can send your  cannabis seeds to most countries in the European Union. It is NOT possible to send cannabis seeds to many countries outside the E.U., but it is possible to send non-cannabis seed products.

To which countries can your cannabis seeds be sent?


  • Please note that cannabis seeds can only be sent to the areas on this map that are marked in dark green.
  • Areas that are marked in light green are countries where all non-seed products, like Sensi Seeds merchandise, can be sent, but not cannabis seeds.
  • No products at all can be sent to the grey areas on the map.

Sadly it must be expressly stated that at this time cannabis seeds CAN NOT, under any circumstances, be sent to the United States or Canada.

Changes in legislation

Due to the current changes in cannabis legislation in many places in the world, there may soon come a time when cannabis seeds can be shipped to many more countries.

This page, the world map and the Sensi Seeds conditions of use will all be updated immediately in the event that such changes are confirmed.

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Sensi Seeds also advises all customers to read the Conditions of Use before placing orders, to avoid disappointment.