Frequently Asked Questions

Which strains have the most sativa in them?

Many modern cannabis hybrids have some Sativa in them, even those with a distinctly indica growth pattern, such as the Skunks. Sativas originate from warm equatorial tropical and sub tropical areas, where they developed their classic growth pattern of tall, spindly plants with long internodal gaps and open, fluffy buds in order to deal with the heat and humidity typical of these areas.

To help visitors choose which types of cannabis seeds they are interested in purchasing, the Sensi Seeds website categorizes the strains in the collection as:

  • Mostly indica – strains with little or no Sativa in their genetic background or growth pattern.
  • Indica-sativahybrids with some Sativa in their makeup, which makes a noticeable difference in their growth pattern and effect.
  • Sativa-indicastrains with a significant amount of Sativa in their genes, which usually results in taller, longer flowering plants with a stronger cerebral high as well as a powerful physical ‘stone’.
  • Mostly sativa– varieties which are considered more than 50% Sativa, which tend to be tall, long-flowering plants with a powerful ‘up’ high.


Northern Lights #5 x Haze, a very sativa-heavy hybrid with great yield and extreme potency!

From the Sensi Seeds collection, the cannabis hybrids listed below all have a significant proportion of sativa in their genetic makeup. In each of the three groups, the strains are arranged in ascending order, from lowest to highest amount of sativa component:

Indoor strains (can be grown outdoors in a sunny Mediterranean climate)
Silver Haze
Ed Rosenthal Super Bud

Jack Flash
Jack Flash #5
Jack Herer
Silver Haze #9
Mother’s Finest
Northern Lights #5 x Haze

Greenhouse strains (can be grown outdoors in a temperate continental climate)
Skunk Kush

Skunk #1
California Indica
Marley’s Collie
Fruity Juice
Outdoor strains (can be grown outdoors even in a cooler northern climate)
Guerilla’s Gusto
Early Pearl
Mexican Sativa
Jamaican Pearl