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Ascent Vaporizer

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Ascent Vaporizer
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  • Ascent Vaporizer Description

    The DaVinci Vaporizer is the benchmark when it comes to portable vaporizers. For medicinal use in particular, this device is indispensable for convenient, safe and dosed consumption of medicinal cannabis wherever you are.

    The Ascent line takes the DaVinci range to new heights and raises the bar even higher for this type of vaporizer. The line includes three types with different looks, the black Stealth, the chic Burl Wood and the cool Carbon Fiber.

    The air channel in each is fully made of glass which promotes the taste and the purity of the vapour. DaVinci hasn't forgotten sustainability; the glass mouthpiece can be slotted inside the vaporizer, keeping it out of harm when in a trouser pocket or bag. Even cleaning has been thought of, as the glass components can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

    Other benefits:
    - A motion sensor
    - Smart temperature programmes for custom settings
    - A new herb compartment with clever twist and fill system
    - Longer battery life (up to 2 hours)
    - Can be used with oils

    Also available in Stealth (black) and Burl Wood.
    Also available in Burl Wood and Carbon Fiber.
    Also available in Carbon Fiber and Stealth (black)
  • Strain Reviews for Ascent Vaporizer

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    Love it

    5 / 5
    amperidian on 11-3-2018 | Ascent Vaporizer

    been using the ascent for about 2.5 years; still using the original model (although I have purchased and tested 2 more to use as backup one the original dies off). there are 3 things i like about the ascent: 1. all glass path (even the ceramic heating chamber is glass coated ... this is a biggie for me as none of my previous portable vaporizers had this available; this means there is no metal or plastic there at all) 2. nice size chamber, good enough for 2 people if packed well! 3. easy pull, very little resistance. I wish they had a better screen to cover chamber so no botanicals get pulled up the stem ... but I have made my own out of pipe screen and it works like a charm.

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