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Híbrido de Sativa

The cannabis hybrids collected here have a genetic makeup that is mostly Sativa with a small amount of Indica. They are bred to harness the energetic, uplifting effect that Sativa strains are renowned for, with the shorter flowering time, more compact structure and heavier yields of Indica strains. For many years, it was virtually impossible to cultivate a pure or mostly Sativa strain in either a small indoor grow space, or outdoors in anything but a climate similar to the tropical and equatorial areas that Sativas are native to. Years of experimentation, breeding technology advances, and the creation of groundbreaking strains such as Skunk has enabled a new family of mostly Sativa cannabis seed strains to emerge. Some are specifically bred to thrive outdoors in temperate or even cool climates, whereas others have been created with the modern compact grow space in mind, so the Sativa experience can be more easily obtained by everyone.

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