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Reseñas de productos para Semillas de Banana Frosting Feminizadas

Ausbeute 300g auf 1,2qm under 600w LED.

Sehr lange Blütezeit von 70 Tagen.

Bei mir im schnitt zwischen 150cm-180cm groß. 19 Liter Airpots .

Von Geschmack und Geruch super.

Ertrag könnte deutlich besser sein.

Bei 12 Pflanzen knapp unter 30g pro Pflanze.
Très bien
Bon rendement, 1kg humide sur un seul pied en extérieur sans gros apport d'engrais et sans soins.
Bonne odeur, bon gout. Parfaite !
Exellent croisement
Franchement elles est top cette banana frosting , c'est un bijoux pour le goût et niveau production elle excelle ,vous pouvez y allez les yeux fermée! moi perso toujours une place dans la box pour cette beauté , Avec la super skunk mais deux préférer :wink:
Banana Frosting :)
Zadowolony z jakosci i plonu.
Dobre ziolko
Jestem zadowolony z Banana :banana: Frosting smak , zapach , moc i ilosc .4 nasiona + 400w HPS + 1m² = 300g
Excellent all rounder float then mellow
I’ve been holding off writing my review until I’ve given my buds a nice long cure and I’ve got to say Sensi has another solid hybrid here.
I soaked 4 seeds until they had all hydrated enough to drop to the bottom of my shot glass then preceded to sow direct to coco and all 4 were transferred to my propagator .
All seeds had broken the surface at around 60-72 hours and were kept in their seedling stage for 12 days until they were re-homed into a 5litre air-pots and moved under 2 x 175 watt v-bars from invisible LED . After around day 16 they were around 40 cm high and so I moved them into 20 L air-pots and vegged for another 28 days at this stage all 4 plants were around 70 cm high and bushing out nicely as I forgot to mention all were Topped at 3 weeks into veg which had helped them to bush nicely I started training at week 4 just tying the lateral branches down and this was very easy as this cultivar has very solid thick branches .
I eventually flipped onto flower at day 42 and introduced 2 x USH530 lights at the lowest setting each around 200watt and 3 x ISH UVA and 3 x ISH RB also I had started to use 3 x deep red 660nm for flower initiation.
I was using canna nutes throughout the whole grow from the first light feed at 21 days right up until day 50 when I started my usual 14-21 day flush .
These seeds grew amazingly fast they had a beautiful symmetrical spiky appearance in their young plant stage and bushed out lovely with a little training and light defoliation.
Once flowering had began these girls GROW and quite visible to see each flowering stage until the stretch had slowed and eventually stopped around 3 weeks into flower by this time each plant was very uniform and had numerous Bud sites with medium node spacing eventually well into bloom at around 28-35 days . All my plants were beautiful looking and had quite long running buds from her diesel and haze parentage but you could see with the size and fullness of each Bud site that her Indica parentage was equally present.
All stayed a beautiful lime green colour with yellow pistils and a small bit of orange in the buds which made her bag appeal prominent but her terpene profile was a lovely citrus twist with notes of banana and 2 plants expressed a gassy funky aroma once cured these 2 plants had a more Indica couch lock stone most probably from her Skunk parentage but all plants were at first a very heady buzz but all did mellow out into a very dreamy , total body numbing relaxing stone .
Upon first smoking this I was aware of a nice warm euphoric state of mind but around 30 mins later I realised I’d been sat staring at the same spot out of my patio window not even realising I was so stoned it’s a real creeper and it’s medical properties are of real use to people who are looking for some pain management as it numbs body very effectively as well as giving a really nice relaxing feel but I would only use this for a night time smoke as it’s pretty hard to motivate yourself once under her dream like state . Her taste was very smooth and really nice it did have the banana aroma but her taste was a mixture of delights I got citrus , sandalwood , aniseed , and some buds were very skunky like burnt tyre and very funky but these were gems as they were the most couchlocking . Overall size was about 130 and very uniform I didn’t get a precise dry weight but I estimate I got the best part of 200g dry from each which was very pleasing .
I had no hermies and no pest or mold problems but this cultivar needs a good defoliation session on day 21 and 42 of bloom to optimise light penetration as she is very bushy and throws some rather large fans .
I’m a massive fan of N13 from sensi research and this Banana Frosting is well worth a run if your looking for a tasty hard hitting hybrid that’s harvested at around 8-9 weeks from flower initiation .
Go on give her some loving and she will most certainly love you back with very tight , aromatic and seriously strong knock out power with a warm euphoric twist .
In my opinion the buds are best after quite a long slow cure but it’s also good to go after 2 weeks slow dry I wouldn’t recommend any faster than this as you will burn off some of her more slight terpenes and it’s these that give her that funky banana taste and aroma .
Happy growing .
Odeur de Oasis tropicale
Belle petite plante, facile a cultiver,qui donne de bonnes tête avec une superbe odeur de Oasis tropicale. Graines a recommander
Dwarf with dense buds
Very small and compact plant which grew to around 50cm. Harvested at day 55 of the flowering phase. Some of the top buds were thicker than those from a Gorilla with a more rectangular or cylindical thany pyramid like shape. No problems with mainlining or mold. Due to its compactness, lower blossoms should be cut to avoid popcorn buds.
Excellente et puissante
La plus sativa des 3 kush plantés sous LED/UVB. elle est très fruité, même acidulé, avec son côté Diesel, ça en fait une valeur sûre. En vaporisation, vraiment excellente. Elle est très puissante alors je la garde pour les occasions spéciales. Jamais eu d'échec de germination chez Sensi. Je recommande
Franchement très bon produit !!!!
Plante très compacte et petite en croissance genre petit buisson.. JE CONSEILLE DE COUPER L APEX PRINCIPAL.. si on procede bien peut avoir 4 a 5 têtes principales magnifiques et énormes avec un goût et effet délicieux !!! Très bon résultat de ce croisement bravo à l'équipe !!!!
Je recommande
Je recommande
100% c bien parti on
100% c bien parti on verra pour le reste!
Une graine, une plante compacte, qui a mis longtemps à fleurir mais une fois que la floraison a commencé c'était magnifique. Elle s'est chargé de tête et de trichomes blancs odorants... Avec une rapidité exceptionnelle !
L'odeur était envahissante alors qu'elle était cultivée dehors. Pendant le séchage, une odeur Incroyablement fruitée se dégageait loin. Le goût et l'odeur sont au rendez vous.... Et le high.. Un des meilleurs jamais testé.... Conforme à la description, doux, euphorique, et apaisant sans scotcher. Une beuh à cultiver !!!!
Non male
Tutto sommato come genetica non è male, ma non mi convince del tutto.
Le piante sono rubuste, ma se allevate in LTS tende a fare un po' "cespuglio" e bisogna sfogliarle un po'.
Sono un po' "delicatine"
belle production gout tres agreable
belle production gout tres agreable
So far so good
Just cultivated and looking promising, not a lot of yield but think the quality over quantity should be good. Very sparkly and sticky. Got a gram of resin off my fingers after cultivating and had a good smoke with that. Disappointed that I only done 1 of these and 3 purple buds as the banana seems much more of a deeper high.
Excellent à refaire
Excellent à refaire
Banana frosting
Meno male che è una pianta a prevalenza indica, quindi dovrebbe essere compatta...... le mie sono arrivate a 460 centimetri. E sono uno spettacolo le consiglio a tutti.
Première fois que je commande
Première fois que je commande à peine en germination mais je fait confiance ça sera top j’en suis sûr
Prodotto eccellente 5 su 5,
Prodotto eccellente 5 su 5, pacco molto discreto, infatti ho intenzione di ordinare molta altra merce. Voto 10 con lode
Gout bonbon banane très bonne
Gout bonbon banane très bonne
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