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Bien qu'il soit possible de cultiver tous les types de cannabis en intérieur avec des lumières artificielles, les variétés de marijuana de cette catégorie sont particulièrement adaptées à la culture en intérieur. Ces souches ont été sélectionnées en fonction de divers facteurs, y compris leur hauteur potentielle, leur temps de floraison, leur vitalité et leur puissance d’effet lorsqu'elles sont cultivées avec un éclairage artificiel approprié.

Il convient de noter que dans un climat assez chaud et ensoleillé, toutes les variétés de cannabis peuvent être cultivées en extérieur, y compris celles qui sont recommandées pour la culture intérieure.

La culture de cannabis d'intérieur est le meilleur moyen d'assurer un environnement de culture stable et optimale, où chaque élément - la lumière, la chaleur, l'air, les nutriments et l'eau - est contrôlé par le cultivateur. Décider de la souche à cultiver est la première étape essentielle pour la culture intérieure. Sensi Seeds offre dans cette section de nombreux produits classiques ainsi que des souches et hybrides célèbres - y compris les variétés de cannabis plusieurs fois primées- tous recommandés pour la culture en intérieur.

Lorsque vous souhaitez sélectionner une variété pour la culture d’intérieur, il n'est pas nécessaire de filtrer les résultats en fonction de votre climat local. Parce que la culture en intérieur exige de créer un environnement direct propice, les conditions extérieures n’affecteront pas le choix de la variété.

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Choosing the right cannabis seeds for growing inside

Firstly, what do you like? Sativa for an active high, Indica for a relaxing stone, a hybrid for the best of both worlds? There are cannabis varieties here to suit all preferences and budgets. Secondly, what kind of space would they be growing in? Do you have a lot of ceiling height but limited floor space, or vice versa? Check the potential height guidelines listed with each seed strain. Thirdly, how much experience do you have? Some types are particularly recommended for beginners (these are marked as such); others need the hands of a more seasoned gardener to really bring out their best.

When choosing an indoor strain, it is not necessary to filter the results by your local climate. Because indoor growing relies on a suitable growing environment inside, the outside conditions will not affect the choice of strain. In a sufficiently warm, sunny environment (by which we mean a sunny/Mediterranean and temperate/continental climate), all cannabis strains can be grown outdoors, including those recommended as Indoor Cannabis Seeds. Check your climate on our handy map to see which seeds are suitable for you.

Indoor cannabis strain characteristics

This category offers a wide range of regular, feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds, all of which are eminently suitable for successful indoor growing.

Most of the cannabis strains listed in this category deliver compact or average height plants. However, for those with an indoor grow space that allows for it, there is a splendid selection of seed types that will deliver tall plants.
Our indoor cannabis seeds section also offers a broad spectrum of strains with a short or average flowering time, for those that are in a hurry. Should the grower prioritize yield or strength over speed, our indoor strains with a longer blooming period offer these desirable qualities.

In terms of yield, in fact, this section has it all, from medium to XXL yields. You decide, we deliver. The same principle applies to the price range. Choose from exceptional strains for every budget, from perennial beginners’ favourite White Label White Skunk (€16 for ten seeds) to exclusive premium legend Jack Herer® (the authentic original, €150 for ten seeds).

Whether you prefer a relaxing Indica or uplifting Sativa, a chunky Skunk or a soaring Haze, the choice is extensive. And, if you can’t decide which way to go, the hybrid seeds in this collection can offer the best of both worlds.

To help you narrow down which strains are most suitable for your wishes, simply use the filters on the left hand side to view all available cannabis varieties sorted by regular, feminized or autoflowering strains, Seed Bank, price, yield, plant height, flowering time and Indica/Sativa balance. The indoor cannabis strains that have won awards (including Cannabis Cups) are marked with a small icon for easy recognition.

Reliable quality and first class customer service

Over thirty years of cannabis research and development have made Sensi Seeds the number one seed bank to rely on. You can be absolutely sure that you are purchasing high quality indoor seeds, the result of carefully calibrated breeding programs that have taken many years to complete. Numerous seeds listed here have won Cannabis Cups and other harvest festival awards. Most importantly, you are guaranteed to get the breed that made the name famous. When it comes to indoor cannabis seeds, do not settle for anything less!

Not only our range of high quality indoor cannabis seeds, but also our customer service, is second to none. You can rely on our experienced and dedicated customer care team, who are reachable via email, phone and social media, to help you with enquiries.