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Indica Ibrida

Cannabis seed strains in this selection are bred to have a mostly Indica composition with a small amount of Sativa. This balance produces cannabis strains that display the classic Indica traits of heavy yield, short flowering time and compact growth structure, yet when consumed the effect and flavour reveal the Sativa component that delivers a more enlivened, creative high and tropical flavours than pure Indica strains. This makes mostly Indica strains ideal for consumers looking for the relaxing effect of Indica without the introspective stillness that often accompanies it. Some of these mostly Indica cannabis seed varieties are prizewinning and famous the world over; others are old-school classics waiting to be rediscovered by new generations of cannabis enthusiasts. All the mostly Indica strains gathered here are suitable for indoor growing, and most will also thrive outdoors in many areas of the world thanks to their robust nature.

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