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Breeding Grounds: Champelli x Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds is overjoyed to present our collaboration with the legendary Champelli, a true pioneer on the West Coast, renowned for the iconic strain Champagne. This partnership as part of the Breeding Grounds project has been an exciting one, where Sensi Seeds’ genetics have formed the playground for the breeding efforts, resulting in flavourful strains that are here to stay.

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Champelli says about the collaboration: “Working with Sensi Seeds is truly an honor. They are an iconic brand and a pillar in the community, pioneering new genetics and seeds in the industry. Growing up, seeing their ads in magazines like High Times and visiting Amsterdam in the early '90s has always inspired me. Working with such a legendary brand is thrilling! We share a passion for the plant and a commitment to excellence in creating new strains. I'm excited for everyone to try the new genetics we've developed together. I want everyone to experience the excitement of germinating a new seed and creating new life; it’s still as exciting to me today as it was when I first popped my first seed over 30 years ago.”

The name Champelli has been synonymous with quality and innovation since the 90s, originating from the vibrant streets of San Francisco and reaching a global audience. Champelli's mastery in creating strains that offer a rich tapestry of flavours and effects showcases his deep passion for cannabis, pairing perfectly with Sensi Seeds’ mission.

Experience the vibrant Mimosa Sunrise XXL, a tantalising cross of our Sticky Orange XXL with Clementine and Purple Punch, offering a burst of citrus flavour resulting in a full-body buzz. Then, indulge in the richness of Raspberry Critical Kush, born from the union of our OG Kush with Burmese Kush, delivering a complex sweet, zesty, and spicy flavour profile with a soothing and uplifting high.

Not to be overlooked, LA Sugar marries our Hash Plant with Wedding Cake, creating a sumptuous strain with notes of zesty lemon, sweet earth, and blossom. We've melded Champelli's signature profiles with Sensi Seeds' robust genetics to create a series of unparalleled strains.

Crafting these varieties has been a thrilling adventure, and we hope their unique character brings you as much joy as they've brought us.