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CBD Products

CBD products – they come in all shapes & forms, and they pop up everywhere. But do you know what you’re buying? With Sensi Seeds, you do! All ingredients are tested and listed, and our hemp is cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides. Start enjoying the many benefits of CBD products today!

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Sensi Seeds CBD Products – Reliable and Effective

Among the plethora of newly emerged products containing cannabidiol, how can you be sure which ones are of the highest quality and most reliable potency? The answer is simple – purchase CBD products from a company with over three decades of experience in cannabis and cannabinoids. Sensi Seeds has harnessed that experience to develop a range of new CBD-enriched products that you can find in this category.Our CBD products are produced by our sister company HempFlax, ensuring quality control and product tracking from beginning to end of the manufacturing process. We guarantee the hemp used for our products is obtained through local sourcing, without the use of pesticides or herbicides, in order to produce a safe product of the highest quality.

Why are our CBD products so low in price?

We have always strived to provide the highest quality in our range of cannabis seeds, which means that years of work go into developing new strains. We have applied the same stringent standards to our CBD products. Another principle is to make exceptional genetics available to everyone, and we have followed this with the pricing of our new range, to bring you low cost CBD products without sacrificing quality. We believe it’s a small price to pay for enhanced health; don’t you?