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Hemp foods Good for you!

  • Very delicious
  • Very nutritious
  • Very healthy

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  • Description

    Why should you eat hemp seed food
    For hundreds of years, hemp seeds (also known as hemp hearts) have been used worldwide for their health benefits. They are the most nutritious seed in the world. Containing a potent balance of proteins, essential fats, vitamins and enzymes that help create optimum health and well-being. Hemp seeds can be eaten whole once their shells have been removed (referred to as hulled or shelled) - cold-pressed as hemp oil - or, in powder-form as a protein shake. These hemp food products are 100% plant-based, natural and organic.

    Who benefits from hemp food products
    Hemp food products are for everyone. Not only are they delicious, they are also an incredibly simple way to supplement your diet. Our protein-packed, plant-based foods are also an excellent way to supplement vegetarian, vegan diets and active lifestyles. Easily digestible and additive-free, they are also particularly suitable for sensitive diets and those unable to tolerate nuts, gluten, lactose, sugar or processed foods. There are no known allergies to hemp food.

    What’s not to love about hemp superfood
    The benefits of hemp seed food are boundless. This flavorous wonder food balances your hormones, nourishes your skin and hair, calms inflammation, reduces fatigue, combats aging and cleanses the colon. Hemp food is loaded with healthy omega fatty acids, antioxidants, iron, protein and fibre.

    Hemp seed recipes
    Our organic hemp seeds can be eaten anytime of the day. Enjoy the tender, nutty, taste of these shelled seeds as a snack or in your favourite recipes. We love adding them to our morning smoothie to make it extra filling and creamy. Also delicious sprinkled over salads, muesli, yogurt, or whatever you like.

    Hemp seeds are nutritious for many reasons, but most striking are the high-quality fats they produce when cold-pressed into oil. From hormonal balance to anti-aging and skin protection, hemp oil is an all-round star. Its mild nutty taste instantly enhances raw dishes such as salads, dressings and dips.

    Hemp protein powder is the perfect choice for those wishing to increase their energy or iron levels. It is easy on the taste buds with a faintly nutty flavor. Enjoy its rich creamy texture as a shake anytime of the day. Simply mix with (non-dairy) milk or try adding fruit.

    100% plant-based, natural and organic
    All Sensi Seeds Hemp Foods products are completely additive-free and natural. Our premium-quality organic products have been tested and are EKO certified.