Glamour Automatic Seeds
[Hindu Kush x Purple Kush x Afghani #1 x Ruderalis]

Sativa / indicaIndica
Flowering TimeShort flowering period
HeightCompact plant
YieldMedium yield
Climate ZoneTemperate / continental
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Glamour Automatic seeds produce offspring with 80% indica / 20% sativa lineage. Plants grow compact and have sturdy branches that fill with dense buds in very little time. Growers can expect some purple hues throughout the foliage and a healthy covering of trichomes on the flower. The terpene profile of Glamour Automatic ranges from tropical to spicy, making this a fun and unique strain.

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Discreet Packaging
Fast Delivery
Premium Quality

About Glamour Automatic

Glamour Automatic is a crowd-pleaser with its diverse profiles. Whether people enjoy tropical notes or hints of hashish, this strain has them and many things in between. Not only is Glamour Automatic a pleasure on the palate, but the effects also offer a long-lasting body high that will put weary bones on cloud 9. A glamorous way to end the day, is with some Glamour Automatic.

Growth pattern of Glamour Automatic
Glamour Automatic cannabis seeds generally finish within 70 days of germination. Fast flowering times, compact stature, and the plant's short internodal spacing are examples of indica-dominant genetics. The ruderalis expression is plain to see in the automatic flowering of this strain. Growers do not need to adjust a light schedule to initiate flowering, and the genetics do it for you.

The genetic makeup of Glamour Automatic includes Hindu Kush x Purple Kush x Afghan #1 , and Glamour is added to the Breeding Grounds project as part of our exclusive collaboration with Fat Beans.

Once flowering begins, the harvest will generally be 35-49 days away. Most indoor growers report plants 40-80 cm tall at harvest, while many outdoor growers have reported 80-120 cm for a final height. Outdoor growers will do best in temperate / Continental regions.

Glamour Automatic has a good yield for a plant of its stature. In ideal conditions, indoor growers can harvest nearly 175-220 grams per m². With a good season, outdoor gardens have been pulling down 25-100 grams per plant.

The buds of Glamour Auto grow into large, dense clusters that adorn the top of each stem. The contrast of fiery orange stigmas retreating into majestic purple bracts sitting above a bed of deep green foliage is one possible reason we call this strain Glamour Automatic.

Effects, taste, and smell of Glamour Automatic
Glamour Automatic is somewhat of a creeper strain. The effects begin immediately, but they slowly amplify as time goes on. An initial feeling of euphoria sets in as the uplifting, cerebral vibe slowly increases and takes hold. As the mind relaxes, a soothing sensation envelops the body. A long-lasting body high then enters the picture to complete the cornucopia of effects.

While the Glamour Automatic plant finishes flowering, grow rooms will be filled with a pungent floral scent. As this plant dries and sheds moisture in the curing jars, a complex, crowd-pleasing profile emerges. There are notes of fresh tropical fruits, traces of creamy Kush, and for the more traditional crowd, undertones of spicy hashish and exotic sandalwood.

The flavour profile of Glamour Automatic is similar to the terpene profile, but some of the roles are reversed. With the flavour of Glamour Automatic, it is the creamy and earthy tones that take centre stage on the tastebuds. Here, the tropical sensation expressed strongly in the smell, is merely an undertone to the taste, yet it sits nicely and feels balanced with the other flavours. Once again, lurking in the background is the deep and spicy flavour of old-world charas.

Did you know?

  • Easy to grow, low maintenance strain that is perfect for beginners
  • Glamour Automatic has an extravagant terpene profile
  • Great for solventless extractions

  • Indica

    The Glamour Automatic strain has large proportion of Indica genes in its background.

  • Short flowering period

    Glamour Automatic will have a comparatively short flowering time.

  • Compact plant

    Glamour Automatic will have relatively small height gain during the flowering phase.

  • Medium yield

    Glamour Automatic will produce a decent amount of bud

  • Temperate / continental

    Glamour Automatic can be grown outside in a normal warm summer.


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