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Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized Seeds
[Purple Bud x Blueberry Muffin x Zkittlez]

Seed TypeFeminized strain
Sativa / indicaSativa / indica Hybrid
Flowering TimeShort flowering period
HeightCompact plant
YieldLarge yield
Climate ZoneTemperate / continental
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Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized seeds germinate into a compact plant with multi-coloured flowers. Ideal for growing indoors due to its low height, this strain also grows well outdoors in temperate / Continental climates. Large yields of dense buds await the successful grower. A true 50/50 hybrid, Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized bud contains desired effects from both ends of the spectrum.

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Discreet Packaging
Fast Delivery
Premium Quality

About Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized

Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized is an enticing treat for those seeking dynamic profiles. Sweet and creamy, while also pungent and gassy. This plant finishes flowering in up to 55 days, giving gardeners the opportunity for more growing cycles each year. A perfect-sized plant for growers with small tents or low ceilings. Amaze your friends with one of the freshest profiles at the party.

Growth pattern of Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized
Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized has a genetic lineage that includes the Sensi Seeds Purple Bud, outcrossed with Blueberry Muffin and Zkittlez cultivars. It was created as part of our exclusive collaboration with Humboldt Seed Company, in the Breeding Grounds project. This combination created a cultivar with tremendous profiles and full effects. Although Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized is a 50% indica / 50% sativa hybrid, the growth pattern remains uniquely indica.

Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized cannabis seeds grow into a highly compact plant with short internodal spacing. Lower limbs grow into sturdy branches that catch up quickly to the apical tip. Finished heights are generally within 80 to 100 cm indoors. Often, outdoor growers with an ideal climate can see finished heights approaching 100 cm or above.

Purple Berry Muffinz seeds are available in the feminized format, which gives growers the advantage of not having to cull males. Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized has an amazingly fast flowering duration of 45 to 55 days. Indoor growers can increase the number of annual harvests with this quick finisher.

Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized plants are capable of large yields in the ideal environment. Indoors, cultivators have achieved yields of 500 - 550 grams per m². Outdoor growers in temperate / Continental climates have recorded harvests up to 600 grams per plant and sometimes beyond that. Training techniques like SCROG, SOG, Supercropping, and Lollipopping can all be used to increase output and support.

The flowers are predominantly olive green, with purple hues that decorate the surrounding leaves and make their way onto the buds. Shrouding those lovely colours is a thick layer of sticky, resinous trichome heads full of cannabinoids and terpenes. Buds are dense and tend to cluster into larger colas at the tips of each branch.

Effects, taste, and smell of Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized
Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized walks the line between indica and sativa, offering the best of both worlds regarding the effects. Immediately after trying this strain, an uplifting and cerebral high creates a sense of happiness and a slight case of the giggles. This heightened sense of awareness transitions into a relaxing and soothing body high. Not debilitating, Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized is ideal for a daytime treat.

The aroma of Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized is a deliciously sweet candy scent that is offset by the piercing fragrance of diesel. The contrast of the two creates a unique and bold perfume in the air. While growing, particularly in the final weeks of flowering, Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized emits a slightly pungent floral aroma tempered by a sweet and mellow scent.

Compared to the scent, the flavour profile is slightly more complex. The taste is both sweet and pungent, but there is more. Specifically, dominant floral notes compliment the sweet and pungent as they sit over undertones of exotic sandalwood and creamy cookies.

Did you know?

  • Parent plant Blueberry Muffinz won an award at the 2017 Emerald Cup Light.
  • Parent Zkittlez won Best Flower at the 2016 Emerald Cup competition.
  • Zkittlez was once called Skittles, until the candy brand sued the creator.

  • Feminized strain

    Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females..

  • Sativa / indica Hybrid

    The Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized is a Sativa / Indica Hybrid.

  • Short flowering period

    Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized will have a comparatively short flowering time.

  • Compact plant

    Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized will have relatively small height gain during the flowering phase.

  • Large yield

    Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized can produce a large yield, without the extra care needed for some of the higher yielding strains

  • Temperate / continental

    Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized can be grown outside in a normal warm summer.


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