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Breeding Grounds: Sherbinskis x Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds is proud to announce a landmark collaboration with the iconic Mario Guzman, aka Mr. Sherbinski, the mastermind behind the globally acclaimed Sherbinskis brand, in an exciting evolution of our Breeding Grounds initiative. This collaboration is a dream fusion of cannabis royalty, combining the sweet, complex notes of Sherbinskis' flagship strains, Gelato and Sunset Sherbert, with Europe’s oldest and largest cannabis seed bank.

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Sherbinskis has set a benchmark for quality and innovation with strains like the creamy, berry-flavoured Gelato and the complex, mood-enhancing Sunset Sherbert. Their dedication to strain development has earned them a cult following and critical acclaim within the cannabis community.

Mario Guzman adds about the collaboration: “It’s an honour to have the opportunity to contribute my life’s work to the long history and collection of genetics at Sensi Seeds, a company that has been around for over 40 years. I’m excited to be able to create new genetics with the legendary cultivars in the Sensi lineage and to incorporate my original Gelato to share with the world.”

This collaboration is a celebration of our shared heritage and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of cannabis breeding. We've blended the unique terpene profiles and potent effects of Sherbinskis' renowned strains with Sensi Seeds' diverse genetic library, resulting in an exclusive lineup of new strains designed to inspire and delight.

Imagine the creamy sweetness of Gelato #41 combined with the rich, earthy notes of our Hash Plant, resulting in the aptly named Candy Hash. Or, for a taste explosion, experience the fusion of Gelato #41's creamy berry notes with the cherry undertones of our Sweet Cherry Kush, creating the irresistible Cherry Bacio.

And that's not all! This exclusive collection also features a tantalising Runtz crossed with the vibrant Blue Sunset, a potent Chemdawg mix, and a powerful 707 Headband crossing, offering a diverse range of experiences for every palate and preference.

Explore the fruits of this unprecedented partnership, where each strain showcases our joint passion for this remarkable plant and all it has to offer.