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CBD E-Liquid (200mg)

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      • CBD E-Liquid (200mg) Description

        Sensi Seeds E-Liquid, a unique suspension of 200mg CBD, is an exciting and highly anticipated addition to our range of premium products. Produced from organically grown industrial hemp, it has been manufactured to the same exacting specifications that Sensi Seeds applies to creating a new cannabis strain.

        The latest advances in e-cigarette and vape pen technology have brought a new dimension to the cannabis user experience. Sensi Seeds E-Liquids deliver an efficient and convenient method of cannabinoid consumption that is healthier than smoking, yet just as satisfying.

        Local sourcing, processing and production enables us to exact high quality control standards, precisely trace each batch of CBD from hemp field to consumer, and minimize the carbon footprint of each product.
      • Strain Reviews for CBD E-Liquid (200mg)

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        Great e oil

        5 / 5
        The Hat on 26-12-2017 | CBD E-Liquid (200mg)

        Excellent product, lasts for ages

        The feeling is great but mild / gentle.

        4 / 5
        Adzedon on 8-12-2017 | CBD E-Liquid (200mg)

        Good CBD product, although I was expecting much more noticible effects considering it was the far more expensive 200mg. That being said, I am a heavy cannabis smoker so different users may feel the effects more. I'd imagine it would be GREAT to help start a short break from smoking, I always have a couple of months off so I look forward to using this product then.

        Disappointing product.

        1 / 5
        Titus on 29-10-2017 | CBD E-Liquid (200mg)

        I'll admit I had high expectations with this one. Long time smoker I was accustomed to the full benefits of mary-jane after the gym to help recover from that pain that won't let you move correctly the day after. After a year break I decided to try this stuff. If you want to use this product for the same reason you might want to stick to Doliprane / Aspirin or whatever over the counter product you usually get for muscle cramps. Those cost 3€, this was almost 50€ with delivery. Not worth it.

        A good way to medicate discretely through the day

        5 / 5
        Mr.Crowley on 12-8-2017 | CBD E-Liquid (200mg)

        Order arrived quickly and well packaged. First time I have used this product and I found it more effective than I thought it would be. Between 6 to 10 draws, of about 3 seconds each on the vape, and the effects can be felt. I will buy this product again., although it is a bit pricey.


        5 / 5
        Guillaume on 16-5-2017 | CBD E-Liquid (200mg)

        Love the taste and the state of relaxed focus it puts me in. I will definitely be reordering soon!

        This was more than I ever expected!

        5 / 5
        Ann-Mari on 25-11-2016 | CBD E-Liquid (200mg)

        I have medical issues which made me needed example pain relief in daily basis. Since I found this site and made my first order I was relieved! Stress is gone, I'm more relaxed and this gives me one healthier choice to use, cause strong painkillers, sleeping pills and sedatives aren't so safe in the long term use. Caution, my helth condition have been painfull, sleepless and mostly stressfull for years before I made an research and found this green cold! I'm forever thankfull for these products and opportunity to use products which doesn't make me unlikeable side effects. I'm gonna be a customer for a long time, my sicknesses are unfortunately rest of my life typed so... Anything for better wellbeing.

        Wow I'm impressed

        5 / 5
        Radgy on 2-11-2016 | CBD E-Liquid (200mg)

        Hey I just returned back home to England yesterday from Amsterdam when I was there I invested in cbd e liquid wondering it's potential I just started to use it today and let me tell u im a heavy user but have a young girl n really want to quit for her sake and I feel this cannabinoid e liquid could be the answer it's now currently almost 3pm before e liquid I would have had a bong or 2 and maybe 4 or 5 joints !!! Today I have had 1 bong and my cbd cape Im usually a depressed person but I feel content like I'm not stressed or depressed im so impressed I will be ordering many more as this will save money and save my daughter from seeing it I'm so happy and impressed I think I can now go a week on 2g of weed instead of the usual 7-10g so that would be amazing obviously it's still early days but I'm confident so thanks sensi seeds I shall be in touch when I need more and PS to the girls in the shop just up from the cannabis museum that let me use there toilet thank you so much ya life savers ??


        5 / 5
        Snoopy on 1-11-2016 | CBD E-Liquid (200mg)

        It feels just like i have just enjoid the best sex ever,nice and calm??

        What is Happiness?

        5 / 5
        I was recently diagnosed with Cancer and have had chemo and radiation treatments. Cannabis was the only help when these treatments made me feel very very sick, so sick I hate chemo. on 13-10-2016 | CBD E-Liquid (200mg)

        Well I received my CBD E-Liquid and wow.. I'm a veteran smoker and have Lung Cancer, ha ha ha shit happens.. Anyway I was sad and dejected but now I'm OK if not happy because of the Sensi Seed Company. I hope that my useless British MP's will now offer us Cancer sufferers the choice of medication like medically graded Cannabis as a welcome relief from our suffering.. I'm 'RED' but I don't look like I'm stoned.... I can eat and sleep better, My moods are getting better, this is how I want to be and CBD'S are helping...

        Best website ever!!!!!

        5 / 5
        Alex on 11-9-2016 | CBD E-Liquid (200mg)

        Everything i need is on this website 5 stars!

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