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CBD Oil Gold 5% - 10 ml

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About CBD Oil Gold 5% - 10 ml

5% CBD Oil Gold contains 500 mg CBD and is 100% plant-based. It’s made using EU-grown hemp, and is herbicide and pesticide free.


5% CBD Oil Gold contains: hemp seed oil, refined hemp extract, and antioxidant (tocopherol extract)5% CBD Gold contains all the benefits of ‘regular’ CBD Oil, without the grassy, earthy aroma. It comes in a 10 ml bottle, which contains 500 mg of CBD. The tincture contains only trace levels of THC, and is vegan-friendly.

How is 5% CBD Oil Gold produced?

5% CBD Gold is made using the same process as our other CBD Oils, but with a few key differences. The first stages are the same; we harvest and dry the top-quality EU hemp, then obtain the raw ingredients using supercritical CO2 extraction.

However, the CBD Oil Gold is then distilled to remove the chlorophyll and plant wax. This changes the colour of the oil, and also alters its aroma. Many people think the aroma is more pleasant than traditional CBD oil.

All our CBD Oils are also mixed with organic hemp seed oil.

The appearance and aroma of 5% CBD Oil Gold

5% CBD Gold contains 500 mg of CBD, which is a moderate concentration.

Normally, CBD Oil is greenish-brown and has a sharp, earthy aroma. CBD Oil Gold is different. The removal of plant wax and chlorophyll means that the aroma is nuttier, and that the colour is a distinctive gold. It’s a popular choice, as many people find it more enjoyable.

In summary…

  • 5% CBD Oil Gold comes in one bottle size – 10 ml (500 mg)
  • It’s completely vegan-friendly
  • It’s made using certified organic hemp oil
  • The production process is different, so the colour is gold, and the aroma is nutty
  • It contains extremely low THC levels