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CBD Oil has a beneficial effect on the body’s immune system. Furthermore, an ever increasing number of medicinal applications for CBD oil is being discovered. Sensi Seeds CBD Oil is a pure, natural food supplement and is produced with the greatest of care.
Our hemp is grown with respect for nature and without using chemical pesticides. Only the flowers and leaves of the industrial hemp plants, which are grown in Europe and harvested at the summer’s end, are used for the production of CBD. No chemicals are added during the production process. In addition to CBD, Sensi Seeds CBD Oil contains pure, cold-pressed hempseed oil and natural vitamin E.

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It is not possible to become “high” or “stoned” using Sensi Seeds CBD Oil. Although CBD is produced by cannabis plants, this product has no psychoactive effect. Sensi Seeds sells CBD Oil as a nutritional supplement and cannot make medical recommendations.

Sensi Seeds CBD Oil is a reliable product of superior quality.