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The Return of Sensi Seeds Research

Sensi Seeds Research is a bold new line of cannabis seed strains. In 2019, Sensi Seeds created this ground-breaking project to bring you the best cannabis genetics that the old and new worlds have to offer. How? By combining newschool cannabis cultivars with a premium selection of breeds from our long-established gene bank – and then asking you to tell us which ones to keep!

Welcome back to the Sensi Seeds Research Team!

In 2020, we’ve done it again. Another ten brand-new hybrids have been launched for your approval. Just three of them will join our permanent catalogue. And once more, we’re inviting you to be part of the final step in their journey by voting on which ones they will be.

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The Return of Sensi Seeds Research
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For Sensi Seeds Research 2020 we’ve combined legendary Sensi Seed Bank breeds such as Northern Lights and Hawaiian Indica with new strains that are making waves internationally. Our breeders have chosen some varieties for their stand-out flavours and particular potencies, including Gelato and Wedding Cake. Others have been selected for their high CBD to THC ratios, such as Mr Nice G13 x Hash Plant and Swiss Dream.

These crossings have never been made by a professional seed company before, and we’re very excited to share them with you!

Of course, all ten new Sensi Seeds Research cultivars will deliver rewarding harvests. They are stable, vigorous hybrids containing genetics that are second to none.

To bring Sensi Seeds even closer to our community, we’re continuing to refine our product range to align with what you are telling us. We trust your expertise. We’re asking for your input. We can’t wait to see what you tell us this year.

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The Return of Sensi Seeds Research
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