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PAX 2 vaporizer Brushed

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PAX 2 vaporizer: a compact, hi-tech cannabis experience
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  • PAX 2 vaporizer Brushed Description

    Vaporising cannabis is considered a healthier and more efficient way to benefit from cannabinoids. Potentially less harmful than smoking, while providing a satisfying experience to the consumer, it has quickly become a very popular way of partaking. Vaporizers heat up the dried flowers, and release compounds in the form of vapour for the consumer to enjoy.
    PAX vaporising devices are created to release the active compounds in plant material at below-combustion levels of heat, providing the best of cannabinoids to users in a smooth vapour.

    Go smokeless in style

    The PAX 2 vaporizer is refined and stylish – with a compact design and brushed aluminium finish available in four colours, it fits in your pocket. It’s simple to use: PAX 2 has one button and an LED indicator showing power and temperature. It is also durable: built to last with the highest-grade parts, and backed with a 10-year warranty, PAX 2 is a vaporizer you can rely on.
    Equipped with a high capacity battery that can last up to five sessions, the PAX 2 vaporizer is designed for efficient and long-lasting use. It has four heat settings so you can adjust your vaping experience, and the deep oven gives consistent heat and optimal vapour production.
    It even comes with a few surprise features, like hidden games, light settings and tones… try switching it on and rotating it three times!

    What’s in the box?

    When you buy a PAX 2 vaporizer, you’ll get everything you need in one box:
    • The PAX 2 vaporizer
    • Two silicone mouthpieces—a flat one, flush with the top of the device, and a raised one
    • One magnetic charging cradle with USB cord
    • A PAX 2 vaporizer cleaning kit with isopropyl alcohol and pipe cleaners

    Firing up your PAX

    You will need to charge your PAX 2 vaporizer before you can use it. Connect the cradle and cord to a power source and place the PAX vaporizer on the cradle to charge. The white petals will pulse to show it is charging; it is fully charged when all four petals are lit and stop pulsing. When your PAX is switched on you can check the battery by shaking it gently – the white petals will indicate charge.
    Take off the magnetic lid and pack the oven firmly at least halfway with your loose leaf material. Replace the lid.
    Try out both mouthpieces to see which you prefer – they’re easy to change. Press the centre of the mouthpiece to switch on your PAX 2 vaporizer and wait for the pulsing purple petals to turn green. It will be ready at the lowest heat setting in about 45 seconds. A full oven should last between 10 and 25 draws.
    The PAX 2 vaporizer has four temperature settings so you can customize your experience – just hold down the mouthpiece button while the device is on and the petals will turn from yellow to orange and red as the temperature increases. You can exit temperature mode by holding down the mouthpiece button again or shaking the device.
    If your PAX doesn’t sense your lips for 20 seconds it will lower the temperature a few degrees to preserve the internal temperature of your material and give you a perfect draw. After 30 seconds, the oven will cool to preserve battery life – just take another draw to automatically heat it up to your chosen temperature. After three minutes, your device will turn off completely.

    Cleaning and maintenance

    For the best experience, clean your PAX 2 vaporizer every few uses:
    1. Remove the mouthpiece and oven lid.
    2. Take a pipe cleaner from the cleaning kit, dip it in the isopropyl alcohol and insert it into the vapour pathway to pop out the oven screen. Slide it back and forth to remove residue.
    3. Soak your silicone mouthpiece and oven screen in a cup of isopropyl alcohol, but never submerge the oven lid in alcohol or water.
    4. Clean the inside of the oven and the top of the device using isopropyl alcohol. Make sure the oven screen and mouthpiece are completely dry before replacing.