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About Pax 3 Basic Vaporizer

The Pax 3 Basic Vaporizer is the no-frills version of the Pax 3 Vaporizer Complete Kit. It is designed for vaporizing traditional herbal cannabis. The Pax 3 Basic Vaporizer has an initial heat-up time of just 22 seconds. One of the smallest vaporizers on the market, it nevertheless delivers eight to ten uses from a single 90-minute charge. Four temperature settings, and the power, are controlled by a single button.

The Pax 3 Basic Vaporizer kit gives you everything you need to enjoy a premium cannabis flower vaping experience. At just 9.

8 x 3 x 2.

1 cm it easily fits into the smallest purse, bag or pocket. It’s discreet in the hand, yet has enough power for the demanding daily consumer to be more than satisfied with its performance. The Pax 3 Basic heats up when you bring it to your mouth and cools when you put it down. Ground-breaking sensor technology ensures neither cannabis nor battery are wasted!The Pax 3 Basic is so streamlined that it almost doesn’t look like a vaporizer. The mouthpiece doubles as a button which controls the power, and the four temperature settings. At the other end of the lightweight aluminium casing, the oven lid is held on by powerful magnets. These make it super easy to open and close, yet are strong enough to keep the lid firmly in place.

Four discreet LEDs in the distinctive Pax ‘X’ logo display different colours and patterns to deliver information about the temperature, battery life, and readiness. Use the button to switch between modes, or simply shake the Pax 3 Basic to exit temperature mode or check the battery life. Once it’s achieved the desired temperature, The Pax 3 Basic will vibrate to let you know it’s ready to use. More built-in sensors detect when the Pax 3 Basic has not been used for a while, and automatically put it into ‘rest mode’ to preserve battery life and avoid overheating your cannabis. If it isn’t moved for three minutes, it will shut down completely. When you do want to heat up your buds, the initial time is just 22 seconds from turning it on to being ready to inhale. Subsequent heatings in a session are practically instantaneous, making the Pax 3 Basic Vaporizer the perfect vaporizer for discreet use whether you’re relaxing or on the move. The Pax 3 Basic comes with two mouthpieces (flat and raised), the standard oven lid, USB charger, and a maintenance kit. If you plan to use your Pax 3 for concentrates as well as herbal cannabis, please check out the Pax 3 Complete Kit, which also has an adapter for concentrates.

Product features:

  • Motion sensors trigger heating on demand
  • Rechargeable battery with USB charging port
  • 8 – 10 sessions from a 90-minute charge
  • Four temperature levels
  • Five dynamic modes
  • Heats up in 22 seconds
  • App* support via Bluetooth
  • Choice of colours
  • Easy to clean
  • Ten-year warranty

*App only available on Google PlayChoose your Pax 3 Basic today!