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Plenty Vaporizer

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  • Plenty Vaporizer Description

    The Digital vaporizer by Volcano is renowned. The active herbal ingredients are vaporized using hot air and the development of harmful substances and aromas are kept to a minimum. The vapour is collected in a balloon, from where it is inhaled. It is ideal for non-smokers.

    Now the makers of Volcano have introduced a special successor: the Pleny Vaporizor. It may look like an electric tool, but you don't buy this vaporizer for its looks. Plenty is all about results and they don't lie.

    Plenty is unrivalled when it comes to the volume and intensity of the vapour and the taste and smoothness of the whole experience. The two most decisive characteristics in this regard are:

    1. A large herb compartment, even larger than in the Volcano. For single-person use, the Plenty is supplied with various accessories to adapt it.
    2. A cooling spiral to cool down the vapour, making for more pleasant consumption.
  • Strain Reviews for Plenty Vaporizer

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    simply wonderfull

    5 / 5
    bobby on 6-7-2017 | Plenty Vaporizer

    I have used this for a week now and i couldent be happier. I still getting used to it and think i got a week or 2 left to master it yet. I mainly bought it for health reasons even tho i like a jay from time to time i want to get rid of the tobaco after 2 days of use i stoped morning cough, after 1 week use i feel its much easier to breath. I also started to smoke less pot but feel the same over the day so its been saving me money aswell. The only down side i know is that hard to make it stand up before/after use, after use some metal parts are hot so you dont want anything flameble next to it. Other then that its the best thing i bought for smoking clean, health and smell goes away fast after use.

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