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Honey Melon Kush Automatic Seeds
[Blueberry x Girl Scout Cookies x Ruderalis]

- 50 %
Sativa / indicaIndica
Flowering TimeLong flowering period
HeightCompact plant
YieldLarge yield
Climate ZoneTemperate / continental
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Honey Melon Kush Automatic is a 70% indica, 30% sativa strain that completes its flowering stage in 55 to 70 days. Medium yields of dense buds with purple hues can be expected. Fruity terpenes are indicative of the overall flavour profile. Growers have found success with Honey Melon Kush Automatic in indoor and outdoor gardens.

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Discreet Packaging
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Premium Quality

About Honey Melon Kush Automatic

Honey Melon Kush Automatic will dazzle cultivators with its well-rounded nature. This strain checks all the important boxes. Visual appeal, this strain has plenty of colours decorating the canopy and the thick layer of sticky trichomes atop the buds.

The terpene profile brings together complementary and enticingly sweet aromas. Honey Melon Kush Automatic seals the deal with its exquisite fruit appeal. Created by outcrossing Blueberry, Girl Scout Cookies, and ruderalis, this is the 10-out-of-10 strain that connoisseurs have been looking for.

The growth pattern of Honey Melon Kush Automatic

Honey Melon Kush Automatic is an autoflowering variety that is an associated trait of the ruderalis genetics. Visually inspecting the plant, growers will notice that this is a predominantly indica dominant strain. This inheritance shows itself often in the plant morphology. A compact plant with many branches and heavy foliage, Honey Melon Kush Automatic will benefit from regular defoliation to avoid pockets of moist, stagnant air within the canopy.

Once gardeners begin the see the female pistils of Honey Melon Kush Automatic growing from the junctures on upper branches, the flowering period begins. This stage will last for 55 to 70 days.

Honey Melon Kush Automatic finishes at a medium but compact height of 80 to 100 cm indoors. Outdoor gardeners will enjoy a little extra height, typically finishing around 90 to 120 cm. The indica influence is obvious in this plant's compact structure and bushy nature. Honey Melon Kush Automatic sends out many sturdy side-branches, which will later support the chunky and dense buds. This plant grows a lot of foliage, which can be thinned out at different life cycle stages.

Yields are impressive for this compact strain. Cultivators can anticipate harvests of 350 to 400 grams per m2indoors. This strain has also found success growing outdoors, with yields averaging 200 to 250 grams per plant.

Honey Melon Kush Automatic flowers grow into chunky and dense, conical-shaped buds. From the lower branches to the top, buds feature large, swollen bracts and an assortment of dazzling purple hues. All of this beauty lay beneath a crowded covering of sparkling trichomes and red to fiery orange stigmas protruding from the buds.

Effect, taste, and smell of Honey Melon Kush Automatic

Honey Melon Kush Automatic is an indica-dominant strain, although many of the expressions for effect, flavour, and nose have what most connoisseurs would consider as sativa-like qualities. From the fruity aromas and tastes to the overall effects, Honey Melon Kush Automatic brings together a variety of charming traits from a rich genetic history.

The effects of Honey Melon Kush Automatic are nice and subtle, not too intense, but still impactful. It all begins with an uplifting sense of euphoria, which serves as an excellent attitude adjustment. Once comfortably settled into this euphoric state, the cerebral aspects of Honey Melon Kush can be fully appreciated. As the inspired mind wanders in the clouds, a warm and relaxing body high gently sets in. The body effect is mild, which is great for gardeners with chores to get accomplished.

During the growth stages of Honey Melon Kush Automatic, there will be a slight aroma starting around the second week of flowering. The pleasant smell isn’t a large concern for indoor cultivators unless privacy is of utmost importance.

The dried and cured flower of Honey Melon Kush Automatic has multiple layers for people to enjoy. The terpene profile begins with enticingly sweet, almost sugary scents. Behind that is a mixture of juicy, summertime inspired fruit fragrances. This is all complemented by earthy undertones.

Honey Melon Kush Automatic is the star of the show when it comes to mouth-watering flavour. The amazing blueberry profile from the parental lineage has been passed on to Honey Melon Kush Automatic. Also detectable on the tongue is a delicious candy grape taste that makes people stop and comment. The grand finale of flavours comes from the always popular skunky zest that lingers on the lips after the sweetness retreats.

  • Indica

    The Honey Melon Kush Automatic strain has large proportion of Indica genes in its background.

  • Long flowering period

    Honey Melon Kush Automatic will have a relatively long flowering time.

  • Compact plant

    Honey Melon Kush Automatic will have relatively small height gain during the flowering phase.

  • Large yield

    Honey Melon Kush Automatic can produce a large yield, without the extra care needed for some of the higher yielding strains

  • Temperate / continental

    Honey Melon Kush Automatic can be grown outside in a normal warm summer.


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