Sticky Orange XXL Automatic Seeds
[California Indica x Shiva Skunk x Gorilla Glue x Maple Leaf Indica]

Sativa / indicaIndica
Flowering TimeShort flowering period
HeightCompact plant
YieldXXL yield
Climate ZoneTemperate / continental
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Sticky Orange XXL Automatic seeds grow into an 80% indica / 20% sativa plant. Effects from Sticky Orange XXL Automatic are focused on the muscles and body, with long-lasting relief. Earthy and spicy notes are present in the profile, but these are minor compared to the lemon-zest flavonoids that refresh your senses. Yields, when grown in the ideal conditions, are XXL.

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Discreet Packaging
Fast Delivery
Premium Quality


About Sticky Orange XXL Automatic

Sticky Orange XXL Automatic seeds are already feminized, so growers will not need to worry about sexing the plants. Put three seeds in the soil, and get three female plants that will automatically initiate flowering when ready. There is no need for the grower to know when to change the light schedules, which is an excellent choice of strains for new growers or casual hobbyists.

The attraction for experienced growers and connoisseurs is the "best of both worlds" profile. The terpenes and flavonoids merge indica and sativa influences to create a unique and desirable new experience. Growers will be pleasantly surprised by the ease with which Sticky Orange XXL Automatic grows indoors and outdoors in temperate/continental climates.

The genetic lineage is a four-way cross of California Indica, Shiva Skunk, Gorilla Glue, and Maple Leaf Indica. The compact stature, short flowering time, and large colas are representative of its indica-dominant heritage. Flavour is where the sativa influences lend their genetic fingerprint.

Flowers produced by Sticky Orange XXL Automatic seeds are exactly as the name implies. Gardeners fingers will become sticky on contact from a dense layer of trichomes. The orange stigmas of the plant are plentiful and blanket the biomass below.

Growth patterns of Sticky Orange XXL Automatic

Sticky Orange XXL Automatic seeds are 80% indica / 20% sativa. The indica dominance is on display in the plant's morphology. This plant grows in a compact structure, with tight internodal spacing and heavy foliage. Light defoliation will open bud sites and reduce microclimates within the canopy.

Branches on Sticky Orange XXL Automatic grow thick and sturdy. This is an ideal structure to support the weight of the heavy buds later in flowering. As the plant grows, leaves keep a dark, green colour. As the plant finishes the flowering stage, growers can anticipate seeing lovely shades of purple within the foliage.

An advantage of automatic seeds is that growers do not need to change the photoperiod to trigger the plant's hormones to produce flowers. Sticky Orange XXL Automatic simply knows when to start the flowering stage, regardless of light schedule, and begins the process by itself. Flowering time is a quick 45-50 days, which allows for more harvests per year.

Indoor growers can expect vertical growth of 70 to 100 cm, and outdoor gardeners should see heights of 100+ cm. Yields of Sticky Orange XXL Automatic grown in ideal conditions can be 450 - 500 grams per m² for indoor grow spaces. Outdoors, yields have been 350 grams or higher per m². Outdoors, Sticky Orange XXL Automatic seeds perform best in temperate/continental climates.

Bud formation is best described as chunky and dense. Flowers of Sticky Orange XXL Automatic quickly grow together to form large colas on the tip of each branch. The bright orange stigmas protruding outward give the buds an almost completely orange appearance from a few meters away.

Enlarged bracts are littered with thousands of trichomes, which act like a sticky trap for your fingers. Gloves are recommended when handling the flowers of Sticky Orange XXL Automatic. This sticky, but greasy layer gives the buds a fantastically frosty appearance.

Sticky Orange XXL Automatic does not require any special training. The branches are sturdy, making a SCROG net unnecessary. Other techniques like SOG, Super cropping, or LST were not needed to assist in cultivating larger yields of this plant.

Effects, taste, and smell of Sticky Orange XXL Automatic

The indica dominance of Sticky Orange XXL Automatic can be felt in the effects. The effects are immediate, but the onset is gradual. Initially, a sense of calmness greets unhealthy tension and slowly washes it away. As this sense of comfort kicks in, tightness in the body and muscles begin to ease. Soon, a general well-being fills the spirit and remains there for a longer than average duration.

Throughout the cultivation cycle, Sticky Orange XXL Automatic emits a slightly pungent floral scent complemented by an unidentifiable sweet aroma. The smell is not overwhelming in the grow space, but it is something to be aware of if privacy is a concern. The finished flower displays a more mature fragrance, with sweet and earthy notes among hints of warm spices and hashish.

The small slice of sativa influence comes across in the flavour department. An eye-opening essence of freshly peeled lemon zest is front and centre on the palate. Not too far behind is an earthy quality that helps balance the overall flavour. Sticky Orange XXL Automatic also puts forward traces of spice, hashish, and chocolate as part of the complete flavour profile.

Did you know?

  • Sticky Orange XXL Automatic is part of the Sensi Seeds Research roster.
  • It is an easy-to-cultivate, unfussy plant for new growers to gain confidence.
  • The lineage combines old-school and new-school genetics.

  • Indica

    The Sticky Orange XXL Automatic strain has large proportion of Indica genes in its background.

  • Short flowering period

    Sticky Orange XXL Automatic will have a comparatively short flowering time.

  • Compact plant

    Sticky Orange XXL Automatic will have relatively small height gain during the flowering phase.

  • XXL yield

    Sticky Orange XXL Automatic can produce an outrageous amount of weed, but may require a little extra attention.

  • Temperate / continental

    Sticky Orange XXL Automatic can be grown outside in a normal warm summer.


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