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Avaliações do produto para Sementes de Lockdown Kush Feminizadas

pleasently surprised
so i bought these seeds back in april 22 lost them after they were deliverd. found them a year later so cracked them and planted them in large cloth pots and left them out in the garden,3 months later all 3 seeds germinated and are all over 6 foot plus tall and still growing hopefully i will get a big harvest fingers crossed exciting times ahead...well worth a punt just to put this into picture i have used no growing additives all ive done is plant in a 15 litre cloth pot i buried part of a river trout which i caught and let the majic happen no liquid additives have been added at all
little beauty
short stocky branches wish i left it in veg longer. lovely looking tight buds. strong couchlock effect.
The seeds germinated in just
The seeds germinated in just 4 days and produced strong and healthy seedlings. I expect a good yield.
Unfortunately the seeds never arrived!
Unfortunately the seeds never arrived! :/
2022 My Favourite
So happy first, then flying over problèms ,you finish creative
Big Buds
Jedno nasiono nie wykiełkowało.
Jedno nasiono nie wykiełkowało.
Groeit prima
Alle zaadjes (op één na) zijn uitgekomen, plantjes doen het goed !
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