Outdoor Mix Seeds

  • Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds
  • Mixed Cannabis Seeds.
  • Cool /Cold
  • Flowering 40 - 40 days
  • 80% Indica
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  • Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds
  • Mixed Cannabis Seeds.
  • Cool /Cold
  • Flowering 40 - 40 days
  • 80% Indica
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  • Description

    The 25 high-quality seeds in this assortment are a random mix of the five Indica varieties from the Sensi Seeds Outdoor collection - Early Girl, Early Skunk, Ruderalis Skunk, Ruderalis Indica and Guerrilla's Gusto - all of which can be grown together with great success.

    Growers with a good eye for Indica can often identify their favourite breeds soon after the onset of blooming, while first-time cultivators can hone their cannabis-senses and learn lots more through careful observation of the different plants and their subtle variations. The differences in form, flavours and flowering patterns will become more obvious as the outdoor season progresses.

    This mix of Indica strains provides outdoor growers with a varied yet complementary range of plants for their garden. Starting a good number of seeds from the Outdoor Mix should result in examples of all five strains. The first signs of bud will be seen on the auto-flowering strains - Ruderalis Indica, then Ruderalis Skunk - which will go on to reach maturity earlier in the season. By the time the auto-flowering plants have been cut down, the other Indica-dominant plants should be in full bloom. Fast and beautiful Early Girl will be approaching harvest a few weeks later, followed by the hardy Guerrilla's Gusto. As autumn creeps up on summer, the outstanding Early Skunk and will be at the peak of her resin and flower production, making her ready for harvest in October.
  • Strain Reviews for Outdoor Mix Seeds

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    Grows well in Portland, Oregon

    5 / 5
    Kind Sir on 5-4-2017 | Outdoor Mix Seeds

    I started these seeds indoor and moved them outside into the ground late May. About 1/3 of them germinated and by the end of summer, I had massive plants. Guerrilla's Gusto reached 13 feet tall. Surprisingly, no mold after 1 month of constant rain in October. The variety of smells and leaf expression are sweet. These plants are hardy (at least to USDA zone 8b).


    5 / 5
    A42090 on 6-3-2017 | Outdoor Mix Seeds

    Will definitely be back!,great price & reliable strains


    5 / 5
    A42090 on 6-3-2017 | Outdoor Mix Seeds

    Will definitely be back!

    Bud is the high life

    5 / 5
    Pike on 25-10-2016 | Outdoor Mix Seeds

    Very happy with prices the bud is nice and a really good smoke


    5 / 5
    Bo on 8-2-2016 | Outdoor Mix Seeds

    Nicely rippens in Northwest too!!!!

    make sure you're full for the year with your gear

    5 / 5
    FranXisnow on 23-11-2014 | Outdoor Mix Seeds

    you wanna some masta plants ? let the roots be free and for sure you'll have a big tree. not capricious, I only give some end of tee to growing up, a little bit of fruit juice for the flowering mixed with a positiv spirit and it will give you a lot of good stuff. A Big Deal! vary the pleasure with different kind of variety :D I crossed 2 species and I'm excited to try it ^^. Big Up all the Herbalist who's consider the herb with respect

    Quality seeds recommend to anyone

    5 / 5
    whacko on 8-6-2014 | Outdoor Mix Seeds

    Great stuff all germinated very quick and now growing very healthy and fast in the outdoors of Ireland, not great weather at all. Would recommend this mix to anyone even first time growers, very pleased quick delivery too, cheap and nice mix of strains! :)

    Fast shipping quality seeds :-)

    5 / 5
    george on 30-5-2014 | Outdoor Mix Seeds

    Im very happy with these seeds i started a little late but still abit shooked at how tough and reliable they are. I live in ireland so they must be good because of lack of sunlight... I highly recommend this mix for a no nonsense fast flowering heaven

    Grows well

    4 / 5
    Ronson on 23-5-2014 | Outdoor Mix Seeds

    Easy to grow had females with good buds good stone .

    original mix seeds

    5 / 5
    Tony on 29-4-2014 | Outdoor Mix Seeds

    exellent shipping , good strains , perfect for this price !

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