Master Kush Seeds

  • Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds
  • Cannabis Cup Winner
  • Temperate / Continental
  • Compact plant
  • Flowering 50 - 55 days
  • Yield Large Yield
  • 95% Indica
10 seeds
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  • Description

    An Indian-Afghani hybrid created from two true-breeding Indica seed lines that were collected in different parts of the Hindu-Kush. The cannabis from this area has always been valued for its resin production and Master Kush retains this quality, as well as the vintage flavour of her parents earthy and pungent, with a hint of incense. The taste of Master Kush will remind many smokers of hand-rubbed charas hashish. This is no surprise, as Kush weed is a major source of charas. A plant of great physical power, without the mind-numbing 'stoney' effect of many Indica strains.
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    its crossed with snoops dream

    5 / 5
    aidan acosta on 3-9-2016 | Master Kush Seeds

    Legit strain. Its a mass produced strain but hasn't been as much past 2 years in my opinion. A good strain to grow or have definitely kushey but no og kushey lol good price to for seeds

    I bought some master kush a couple times

    5 / 5
    420smoke on 7-8-2016 | Master Kush Seeds

    All ways seems to do great indoors especially under hps comes out coated in crystals if cured right. Nice body stone but also can be celebral. Definitely one of sensis best

    lovely type of charas plant

    5 / 5
    liam f on 8-5-2016 | Master Kush Seeds

    very good earthy type or charas insense not like northern lights stone but very good body stoned up enuff its all that really i dont know how else to say it as this is it or black domina

    Master Kush

    5 / 5
    Danielle on 4-5-2016 | Master Kush Seeds

    Great service. Arrived 2 days after order which is very prompt. Great selection of seeds. Best website I have seem by miles. Gives you all the inotation anybody will need.just wanted to say a huge thanks to the team at sensi seeds. You should all be proud. I will always be using sensi seeds from now on.

    Master Kush

    5 / 5
    Tasos on 31-3-2016 | Master Kush Seeds

    I order some master Kush seeds for a friend in Greece I was really surprised with the delivery service and the seeds my friend tell me the look ready to pop . I will do one more review in the end of the summer this time for the master Kush it self


    5 / 5
    johnathan doue on 19-2-2016 | Master Kush Seeds

    I brought 10 seeds of this superb erb and 9/10 sprouted, got some really solid buds off of all the plants, real dragonballs and it stunk to high heaven, blew my socks off lool, this strain is a must have if your growing doubt you will hear any complaints.

    Great source

    5 / 5
    Jonathan argueta on 30-1-2016 | Master Kush Seeds

    I found is the most easiest and fastest way to get seeds. Defenetly recommend this guys to anyone A+

    compact plant?

    5 / 5
    taylorswifty on 22-10-2015 | Master Kush Seeds

    my plant is over meter tall in 2 months crazy :D

    Amazing strain

    5 / 5
    pino on 14-10-2015 | Master Kush Seeds

    It grows well in and out. Large yeld. Relaxing, great peace of mind without strong peaks. I think the best strain for medicale use


    5 / 5
    kid cannabis on 10-5-2015 | Master Kush Seeds

    Mind Blowning awsome


    5 / 5
    Elias Chaitas on 10-2-2015 | Master Kush Seeds

    Awesome seed this M.K congrats!!!!!

    this is Good weed

    5 / 5
    toby on 30-10-2014 | Master Kush Seeds

    So amazing got high every day


    5 / 5
    heather on 27-6-2014 | Master Kush Seeds

    This is probably my favorite regular strain. Such good quality and it grows so fast

    1st Time Grower Outdoors uk

    5 / 5
    Edward Day on 5-6-2014 | Master Kush Seeds

    The strain performed very well outdoors, in an unpredictable climate, with ALOT of TLC and hard work the strain produced 6 oz of good quality product and 2 oz of low quality per plant, for the price master kush was the best strain for me, i was pleasantly surprised with the smoke after 3 weeks of curing.

    My first Joint

    5 / 5
    Mike Niedermann on 13-5-2014 | Master Kush Seeds

    I remember, when I smoked my first joint, a few years ago. I remember also that Master Kush was the first strain I smoked. I never felt & slumbered so good before in my whole life! I will always remember the taste of this amazing strain. Whoever created this strain, is a genius.

    Exquisite kush

    4 / 5
    Francesco on 15-4-2014 | Master Kush Seeds

    Is the strain that your tongue will remember, strong kush taste, the master one with exquisite side tastes and impressive beauty. The buds are big and the narcotic effect is perfect for my medical use.

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