Hindu Kush® Seeds

  • Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds
  • Sunny / Mediterranean
  • Compact plant
  • Flowering 45 - 50 days
  • Yield Medium Yield
  • 100% Indica
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Hindu Kush® Seeds
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  • Description

    This pure Indica seed-strain comes directly from the massive mountain range for which it is named. The Hindu Kush is the western spur of the Himalayas, covering half of Afghanistan and straddling the borders of Pakistan and India, reaching almost to China. This desolate and beautiful region forms an important trade-route between the Middle East, central Asia and the Far East and the ancient cannabis traditions of the surrounding cultures have met and merged here over centuries. Put simply, the Hindu Kush is the absolute centre of the world when considering true Indica or Afghanica genotypes and the various forms of black hashish produced from them.

    This cultivar has been selected for quality and stability over countless generations, always breeding within its own gene pool. Hindu Kush produces very consistent seedlings and is an excellent variety for uniform indoor crops grown straight from seed. Plants are dark green, squat and powerful with classic, broad-bladed Indica leaves. In warmer climates, below about 42°N, Hindu Kush can flourish outdoors.

    Flowering is strong and reliable, producing fast harvests of thick Afghani buds even in the hands of a novice grower. Hindu Kush has a subtle scent of sandalwood tinged with the sweet aroma of fresh charas. Potency is remarkably high for a non-hybrid strain, with the mellow, positive body vibration possessed by the famous high-altitude Indicas. Hindu Kush also imparts a calm, contemplative mental state, instead of the brain-numbing stone of later Indica, Afghanica and Skunk hybrids.
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    5 Star Quality

    5 / 5
    on 25-2-2015 | Hindu Kush® Seeds

    I grew out my first Hindu Kush about a year ago and in terms of flavour, potency, and ease of growth it gets top marks from me. This blows every other Kush I have tried out of-the-water, easily It is a great every day smoke and has become my absolute favourite Kush, and one of my top 5. I will definitely grow it again, and I would highly suggest this to any first time grower. If you keep her pH in range, she will pretty much take care of herself. The only drawback I can come up with is that it is not a great yielder, but, for the true connoisseur, this matters little.Try it today You will not be disappointed.


    5 / 5
    on 23-11-2014 | Hindu Kush® Seeds

    Being after a relaxing but not debilitating strain, I chose the Hindu kush, and was not dissapointed. The seeds all sprouted quickly ,in 3-4days after a 24hr soak in water, then placed between moist paper towels. I vegged until I could determine the sex of all plants by their pre-flowers. With a astounding 7 females I kept 1 plant for a clone mother, and proceeded to flower the remaining 6. The plants, right through the entire grow were so uniform, they looked like clones. In the end I got just over 15 Oz from the 6 ,with minimal training or pruning , under a 600wt HPS, in soiless mix. I was delighted with the result . The bus was tasty, hashy in flavor and light on smell .I would highly recommend this strain to all looking to relax, chill and kick back for the night. Was most pleased with the Hindu kush as it forth much grew itself, good for all levels idif grower from begineer to expert.

    Also for outdoor growing....

    5 / 5
    on 13-10-2014 | Hindu Kush® Seeds

    I planted the seeds early in March (indoor, in front of a window) and put them out in the garden in May. I live in northern Germany and the plant growed very well, about 1,80 m. During the upgrowth I did many and radical cuts, so that the plant growed more bushy. The flower phase ended in the middleend of October and the yield and quality was very good. So five stars from northern Germany ^^

    Qualität statt quantität

    4 / 5
    on 2-6-2014 | Hindu Kush® Seeds

    Seedplant can flower over 60 days. The Taste and Smell is Amazing! my favourite flavourAAA+++** im Astmahtic and i dont choke. I Love It! but the yeld is not so much!

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