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Jamaican Pearl Feminized Seeds

  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Cool /Cold
  • High plant
  • Flowering 50 - 75 days
  • Heavy Yield
  • 85% Sativa
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  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Cool /Cold
  • High plant
  • Flowering 50 - 75 days
  • Heavy Yield
  • 85% Sativa
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  • Jamaican Pearl Feminized Seeds Description

    Jamaican Pearl’s vigorous, productive growing profile is a favourite of growers everywhere. Made from Early Pearl, one of our oldest, most reliable outdoor sativa strains, and a blend of special Caribbean cultivars, Jamaican Pearl Feminized seeds maintain her superb mostly-sativa balance and makes it easy to produce a crop of big, powerful flowering plants.

    Jamaican Pearl Feminized cannabis seeds have their origins in a Sensi Seeds breeding program which focused on tropical sativas. While working with some classic Jamaican cannabis varieties, Sensi Seeds breeders grew out and crossbred several interesting strains of tough, thick-flowering tropical cannabis. Jamaican cannabis which grew well in the unpredictable early months of the northern season and could even finish flowering in the short Dutch summer was a very interesting development!

    Together with Early Pearl, those plants and their offspring were fundamental to the breeding of original Jamaican Pearl seeds and they have been used again in the development of our feminized cannabis seed strain, in order to maintain her Caribbean sativa flavours and characteristics.

    Starting Jamaican Pearl Feminized seeds early in the season will make outdoor plants more likely to reach their full height, which can be up to 300cm for this strain! Alternatively, seeds can be started later in the spring to control the final height of the plants. Flowering is normally triggered some time in August and is well underway by September. At latitudes around 50°N, plants can be harvested at the end of October or the first weeks of November.

    Growing outdoors, these thick-stemmed, bushy sativas should be expected to finish bigger than a standard indica, without becoming unmanageably tall and slender like many Haze hybrids. In bloom, flower clusters have the characteristic sativa ‘run’, causing her sturdy branches to become full with long, sticky, delightfully dense colas of bud. This combination of size, heavy lateral branching and long, running buds makes Jamaican Pearl Feminized one of our best-producing and most reliable outdoor seed strains.

    These seeds can also grow beautifully indoors, under lights, provided growers take the same measures they would growing any other mostly sativa seed-strain indoors. Seeds should be given a short growing period followed by a flowering period of 9 to 11 weeks. During vegetation and early flowering Jamaican Pearl Feminized is generally bushier than varieties meant purely for indoor growing, and her buds react very well to grow-lights, becoming even denser and more resinous.

    When properly harvested and cured, Jamaican Pearl Feminized buds will retain a satisfying amount of weight and density. The proliferation of long, silky pistils from her massed calyxes can give buds a ‘fuzzy’ look, but this should not be confused with ‘fluffy’ - the flower structure beneath the hairs remains solid and brittle with resin.

    This enhanced bud structure is due to the difference between Caribbean sativas and their Southeast Asian relatives. Although the wild tropical sativas native to the region make up majority of their gene pool, many strains of cultivated Jamaican cannabis have a relatively recent link to indica varieties, which were brought to the islands from the Indian subcontinent in the last few centuries. Traces of the indica influence are still seen in the thicker buds and shorter, wider profile possessed by many of the region’s most prized sativa cultivars.

    That same influence is still strongly felt, as well - in the potent, uplifting, yet mellow sativa high for which Jamaican cannabis is famous. Where a powerful Haze high could be described as ‘electric’, Jamaican Pearl Feminized is more like sunshine - breezy, warm and happy. And very, very high, naturally! It’s an effect that can enhance an active daytime adventure or just as easily fit into a relaxed evening with good food and music.

    Our feminized strain produces flowers with a rich aroma and flavour composed of sweet, fruity, earthy and spicy notes from her equally rich ancestry. Our favourite examples of Jamaican Pearl Feminized are those which grow buds with strong indica and sativa features and are doused with the deep, sharp-spicy ‘green oil’ smell of her ‘collie herb’ ancestors.

    When breaking up fresh dried buds, be prepared for your hands, scissors or grinder to become sticky and possibly clogged with oily, sweet-scented trichomes.

    Naturally grown cannabis flowers are a wonderful way to store solar energy for a cold winter, so buy Jamaican Pearl Feminized seeds for your garden and let them soak up the sun! Our powerful, exotic, feminized sativa strain rewards medicinal and recreational growers with easy, bountiful harvests. This sweet cannabis delivers a delicious burst of flavour and splendid, golden high that warms the body like a ray of sunshine - from the tips of the toes to the frontal lobes!
  • Strain Reviews for Jamaican Pearl Feminized Seeds

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    3 / 5
    Kalis Secret on 31-8-2018 | Jamaican Pearl Feminized Seeds

    Grew this in 2002, tried it inside and had some phenotype variation, some were nice and others were too tall and stretchy with a gas/grass smell that most people didnt like, long skiny buds with alot of hairs and fluffly calyxes others we're more thick and had a nice appearence, endend up with a few hermaphrodites that partially pollinated my grow room. Outside I had more or less the same results, I live at 43° lattitude north america and most were ready by first week of octobre. The best phenotypes are very sweet, almost a candy aroma and taste, the effect is a good sativa high not as strong as some but still acceptable, the yield is ok because plant brach out well and have a sativa growth pattern but buds of the pheno I kept were small fluffy and slightly leafy but with good mount of resin and sweet/candy aroma.

    Excellent Smoke

    4 / 5
    Cumbrian Grower on 28-9-2017 | Jamaican Pearl Feminized Seeds

    I planted two of these seeds in April and have recently given them the chop. A very heady smoke that lets you get things done and also pretty easy on the throat. I fed as per normal, however with six weeks left to go I put half a teaspoon of honey in a litre of warm water and gave them that. Certainly worth the wait cradle to grave 5 months with 1K LED.

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