Mexican Sativa® Seeds

  • Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds
  • Cool /Cold
  • High plant
  • Flowering 50 - 70 days
  • Yield Medium Yield
  • 70% Sativa
10 seeds €22.00
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Mexican Sativa® Seeds
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  • Description

    Mexico has a long and important cannabis tradition. The country that coined the term ‘marijuana’ is home to some wonderful varieties of cannabis which are rarely seen outside her borders.

    The main ancestor and parent of the Mexican Sativa seed-strain is a prized cultivar from the southern province of Oaxaca. To adapt this exotic Sativa for flowering in the northern summer, it was infused with genes from Durban - the famously hardy African Sativa - as well as from a fast-flowering Pakistani hash plant. The best seed offspring were then back-crossed to the Oaxacan line to maintain the distinctive qualities of the original strain. Mexican Sativa fuses the subtle flavours of three continents within her long, delicate buds. Notes of sandalwood and aniseed are wrapped up in the sharp, fresh, resin-tinged scent of the Oaxacan original.

    Mexican Sativa seeds are ideal for any garden grower who wants an easily cultivated strain, aesthetically beautiful plants and a clear, uplifting Sativa high. If you think that lower priced seeds must always be of low quality, these Ladies of the Sierra Madre will surprise you!
  • Strain Reviews for Mexican Sativa® Seeds

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    prospectfull outlook

    5 / 5
    on 11-12-2014 | Mexican Sativa® Seeds

    High yeilding with a lot of outdoor sunshine and medium watering temperment, overall great strain for using outdoors and growing.

    very pleased with the strain

    5 / 5
    on 15-10-2014 | Mexican Sativa® Seeds

    I was very pleased with my purchase i enjoyed this strain very much didnt give me that tired feeling like indicas can still get things done gotta love sativas i will be ordering again very fast shipping as well i highly recommend SENSI SEEDS!!!!

    La mejo pe gioca' a calcetto e .... pe sta sul divano co la fidanzata !!!

    5 / 5
    on 18-9-2014 | Mexican Sativa® Seeds

    sense seeds non si smentisce mai ! E' lui il padrone della migliore genetica nel mondo ! questo strain è fantastico eccezionalmente sativo ! e come si sente io la adoro per giocare a calcetto coraggio e fantasie si sprecano in campo grazie alla mexican sativa ! tutta la vita ! anche se la produzione non è paragonabile alla skunk che è xxl ma ... mexian e' medio alta ! che ve devo di e' bona e ve fa sta bene ! skunk , withe e jeck rimangono the cult per sempre ! daje e forza Roma !

    Best party pot

    5 / 5
    on 30-8-2014 | Mexican Sativa® Seeds

    I will make this short. The last 5 years I have had different indoor and outdoor grows. Always sativa dominant ones. Mexican sativa is the cheapest but my favorite smoke. It gives you a pleasant uplifting head high... also good before sex. Grown outdoors in scandinavia you should harvest just before the temperatures drop below 0 celcius. Normally end november or beginning december. Yield is more than enough for me and my freinds for 1 year for one plant.

    Mexican Sativa

    5 / 5
    on 28-5-2014 | Mexican Sativa® Seeds

    I tried this strain indoors in a grow tent. The yield was very good, easily twice the average yield of any other strain I have grow indoors. I also like the flavor. This strain has a citrus flavor that is quite different from other sativas I have grow, like Durban. The high is good: a nice stimulating brain high. On the down side, the buds were not very dense. I think this is because I grew it indoors with a 400 Watt HPS light and the plants didn't get quite enough light, so this may be my fault. The service was very good. The seeds arrived relatively quickly, without problems and discretely. In summary; this is a good yielder with an interesting flavor and a nice sativa intellectual high. I would recommend that this strain be grow outdoors if possible, or that one makes sure they get lots of light. Also keep in mind that this strain does get very tall. I would definitely recommend this strain for anyone interested in sativas.

    Just about FOOLPROOF

    5 / 5
    on 26-4-2014 | Mexican Sativa® Seeds

    This was the strain we chose when we started our outdoor grow. Mainly because at the time back in 2006 it was the cheapest available! It has never disappointed us though, grown in a tunnel it regularly reaches 7 feet in height with some really nice buds. We have grown it every year since with great results. We grow for medicinal reasons and this plant has literally been a life saver. We used to buy from a third party seed site, but since buying direct from SensiSeeds we have had nothing less than 100% superb service. The seeds are fresh and I think in eight years, we have only had 1 or 2 seeds out of maybe 160 fail to germinate. I would recommend Mexican Sativa to anyone thinking of growing outside or under cover in a cool temperate climate. Be aware though it is definitely not a shrinking violet! :o)

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