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Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Temperate / Continental
  • Compact plant
  • Flowering 45 - 50 days
  • Medium Yield
  • 90% Indica
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  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Temperate / Continental
  • Compact plant
  • Flowering 45 - 50 days
  • Medium Yield
  • 90% Indica
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  • Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label Description

    This incredible Indica offers the best of both worlds - the legendary genetics of the original Northern Lights combined with the most recent advances in auto-flowering feminized cannabis strains. The stunning result is a potent, reliable, pungent feminized plant, able to rapidly produce chunky, crystal-covered buds covering its compact structure.

    Both novices and connoisseurs will appreciate this quick and easy new addition to the Northern Lights family of premium marijuana cultivars. By being carefully bred as an auto-flowering strain, the classic Northern Lights flavour has been retained, with an addition of refreshing citrus notes. The effect is pleasantly strong and deeply relaxing - inexperienced smokers may wish to enjoy this heavyweight Indica slowly to avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Strain Reviews for Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

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    My first time in Berlin Balkon

    4 / 5
    Kooh on 31-8-2018 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    I must confess that they have a good delivery servic so after 5days I received my online order. The aim to do this is to grow my own pure weed so it can also help my chemotherapy for about to 6 month so I know a bit about plants but first attempt my self private. >3 seeds put them in compost and watered them/ pluss some coffee waste beens in- … started 20may 2 of them where in flowering around 8th week’ 3rd one a week after… during day in a Berlin balcony where plants might be lucky to get the best direct sunn shine about 5 hours max per day but still they grow' in 15 litre buckets. I had the first harvest in20 of August the one I only topped once it gave me about 15 gr rate 7/10 The second one might be ready in few days I have topped it twice 3rd one is a bit slow so…" I guess this product in Optimum Must be 8/10 Taste is Not so awesome but it’s like Northen light very smooth but good‘ . """

    Time for grow no2.

    5 / 5
    UK Pot Head on 8-12-2017 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Last year I grew 2 Northern Light Autos in a tent under cfl's and the harvest was just over 3oz dry. 12 months on its time to plant the remaining 3 seeds. This time under LED's. This stuff is old school couch lock weed, just the way I like it. I Recommend giving these a go. Only from Sensi Seeds

    1st outdoor grow southeast uk

    5 / 5
    MKB on 7-8-2017 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    3 seeds in 15l pots outdoor south east UK, lost one through ant infestation, other 2 done very well in the greenhouse planted start of May harvest end of July (2.5oz). only used bloom nutes when in flower, sensitive to nutes, so start off low dose, build up and flush etc. Just finished a 2 week cure great smoke, even better effect. will be ordering these again next spring, maybe a 10 pack... trust in Sensi Seeds.

    Super stealth

    5 / 5
    The Other Half on 3-7-2017 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Ordered 3 seeds to help my wife with her debilitating arthritis, fibromyalgia and crumbling spine. Of the 3 seeds, I planted 2, both were showing after a few days with one being a bit quicker. There were two definite phenotypes with one being slower during veg, slightly shorter and quick to finish. The other is still at the point where the buds are starting to fill out and may be another couple of weeks in finishing. The odour level is very low and perfect for stealth grows where any attention to the aroma would be unwelcome. Having said that, when brushed against a delightful earthy, citrus fragrance is set free. One of the plants (the longer finisher) does have a slightly 'hashier' smell than the shorter plant. In all a great buy, hopefully it will help my wife out with her pain management.

    2nd time order - 2nd time success

    5 / 5
    DJS on 14-6-2017 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    The seed quality is great. I' ve ordered this strain for the 2nd time and germination was easy. Within two days the taproot of the seeds was between 3/4 to 1 inch long. From 10 seedlings only one didn't make it. RIP little seedling your nine sisters are doing great. :-)


    5 / 5
    slapdk on 6-5-2017 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    no other way of describing than amazing in every way wouldn't go anywhere else


    5 / 5
    Dan on 26-4-2017 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Incredible. Seriously the seeds came discreet and professionally packaged, and i think i've found my permanent seedbank!


    5 / 5
    D on 22-3-2017 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Easy to plant caltivated grow and cure. Very strong taste and smell and very good yield. It worths trying it!!!!


    5 / 5
    Ale nuzzi on 16-3-2017 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Very Good service by sensi seeds! Few days to receive mine order in italy. Second time i Made order from it. a bigbank of kind of indica. And nice autoflowering, very quickly grow!!! Enjoy it

    Very good, Can plant at may in Finland

    5 / 5
    Olli-Pekka on 4-3-2017 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    When plant is 10 centimeter at -3celcius at night. Plant does not die outdoor. June plant will grow and July/august can harwest. Sensiseed bank is reliable. I have order this company seeds early -90:s. This seed can grow at Northen. THC is very good also.

    Great secure shop!!

    4 / 5
    HF on 18-1-2017 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Order recieved in less than a week time. I'm a returning costumer and will remain so while they are keeping up with this great work. Still haven't tryed the seeds, but from my past experience with sensi seeds should't be a single problem. 100 % of vegeting rate . Not a single missed seed yet!


    5 / 5
    Ksavargo on 25-12-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Good quality, discreet simply the best, recommend

    very nice a bit of play

    5 / 5
    super crop on 24-10-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    I had a but if play with this plant as u just harvested a sensi skunk a critical cheese and a blue cheese so thought Il have a play about with this plant as my other onse wer needed asap for medicine after getting a semsi skunk pack that only 1 seed germanated they sent me these amd wow I super croped them let them grow then took more of now they have nothing at bottom all at top I have 14 head as well as my main colon about 1.metre tall but u have kept it short under 300w full spectrum led this is gong to be big it's vigorous it's sturdy and bushy so keep under control the trick is not to let them.go.them long with out water theyl droop the leeves amd that's not good Asoon as u feel the weight phew pot to be light feed them as they are firsty girls when grown right expecting to get more than my Gram per watt so about 11 there is defo enough room for. up to 18 Oz but we will see all you need is 1 seed in 20litre.pot take all pop corn but of bottom of plant and all side branches basiclynanything under neath the canopy get rid no good lollipop it u just want ur stem and flowering branches nothijg else if it's going to to flower get it off you will have a lot of side branches with big leeves on they are not doing any good but taken up all the best food u want it all to go to top of canopy any tung that is not getting plenty of light get rid you'll get double on top dk this and you'll get big yeilds I go led full spectrum as the the flowers have more crystal just my opinion

    Great job kush masters

    5 / 5
    Matt on 23-9-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Grows great. Big buds short plant very tasty

    Excellent Quality

    5 / 5
    Jeremiah Jones on 14-9-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    I germinated 2 seeds and planted them in small pots, both sprouted although one was a bit difficult to turn into a larger plant. Both plants measured 100 cm and 65 cm (quite short, but with dense clusters of buds that are lumpy looking. The smell is not overpowering at a distance, but close up and the smell is very earthy, musky, a great unusual smell strong ! I took numerous photos of the plants so as to keep track of the first flowers (date). The flowering began on July 28, and I harvested the plant on day 13 September. I grew them in medium large pots (20L). I clipped the growing tip at the 4th internode and the plant was robust and split into two separate shoots, producing clusters of dense buds. Both plants produced about 80 gms wet and dry probably 40 gms maybe more. Two plants gets about 100 gms dry. I tried two buds that I cut three days ago to test, and they dried well enough to produce a perfectly smooth smoke with some hints of eggyness and fresh taste. The smell of the smoke is very coffeeshop ! The high is vusual (you see stars), energetic high, covers all the aches and pains, like medecinal weed. Long lasting high 3 hours non stop with powerful stone but under control. Probably one of the best weed I have smoked. I flushed the plants two times in 12 days. Perfect.

    Amazing experience

    5 / 5
    Ganjahdor on 22-8-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    I had the pleasure of experiencing for the first time this amazing plant. I do not regret anything for purchasing these seeds .

    No way were these small!

    5 / 5
    CoolFootLuke on 10-8-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    If it's a complaint, then it's a good one to have! Expected this to be a compact plant. It's currently mid way through flowering and when I measured two days ago, topped off at 4ft 10! It's almost too big for the wardrobe! So far it's very promising. As well as the large size, it's budding well, and I have high (pun intended!) hopes of a bumper crop. I planted it directly into the 5 litre pot to avoid the transplanting that autos hate, and if the monster trying to escape from my closet is anything to go by, this is the best way to go. A few more weeks till harvest now!

    Update.. Stinky!

    5 / 5
    UK Pot Head on 3-8-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    A quick update. Plants are now really bushy and in flower (week 7). On a more serious note. Anyone thinking if growing these girls indoors, please get a carbon filter. It's easy to get used to the smell and not notice it too much but believe me, mine are now stinking something terrible. (it may be the heat from my 9 cfl's.) Don't get busted for the sake of a £60.00 filter/fan setup. Invest the money and keep your crop. Thanks again sensi seeds.

    Sensi are #1

    5 / 5
    Sweetmon on 14-7-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Fast shipping 5 working days from order to Ireland seeds took on we'll in germination and are currently 1 1/2 month in and looking strong and smelling a small bit no lights just daylight sunshine would recommend sensi to any gardener ??

    Great so far

    5 / 5
    UK PotHead on 6-7-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Sensi seeds are a first class business. Seeds arrived quickly and discreetly and I shall use them in the future. My first ever grow: Germinated 2 seeds in a wet paper towel without a problem and planted directly into large tubs of Coco and perlite where they will remain throughout their grow. They are in a tent under cfls. I've fed them on what I already had available in my shed. Baby bio, seaweed and molasses and at just 23 days these girls are healthy with an abundance of leaves. Here's hoping they continue like this until harvest. Update to follow. Many thanks Sensi Seeds.


    5 / 5
    KOSNI on 11-6-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    -1.20*1.20*2m tent -525 watt -1*15liters hydro 65 days from seed >155 gr -1*25 liters hydro ,1,40 cm ,100 days from seed> 330 gr -advanced nutriens PERFECT!!

    Happy snails!

    5 / 5
    Janet on 20-5-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Planted these seeds outside. Was very excited when they popped their heads through the earth. However, they got to about 5cm and then the snails ate them! So no idea on taste, effect etc... But probably very happy snails

    Happy First time auto grower

    4 / 5
    Ruby Tuesday on 19-5-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    I live in south of England , and grew from may 2015 to August 2015 and had three seeds and all sprouted within 72 hours of sowing them in jiffy cubes. Two showed similar pheno characteristics,dark green broad leaves vigorous growth the other slightly thinner light green leaves. All three were grown in a soil perlite vermiculite mix, in 5 litre pots in a little greenhouse bought from aldi. The plants only received 5-6 hours of direct sun per day as I live in terrace houses. They took roughly 90 days from germination to harvest... And I got about an ounce a plant, of nice resinous bud, with a mellow high not bad without optimum conditions. It did start to get bud mold right at the end as it was humid in the greenhouse. One of the plant went hermaphrodite but didn't ruin the other two! I used a light nutrients regime of formulex for veg then canna terra Flores for flowering with a bit of organic black strap molasses as a bud boost for last 3 weeks. And all nutes mixed with straight rain water no PHing whatsoever. Only thing I'll say is that the claims of it being low smell/odour aren't quite correct although it does smell nice and dank!! Not exactly stealth. I haven't grown or smoked anything for 12 years or more so this was a nice reintroduction very forgiving and easy to grow... Definitely recommend!!

    Nice Seed

    4 / 5
    chickenfarmer on 19-5-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    The effect on them were great but one seemed to have problem growing bigger than 15 cm.

    Very much pleased

    5 / 5
    Kierra on 22-4-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    The best seeds ever, I would recomend this to everyone I know they have very fast service thats all I can say about this lovely weed im so in love !!!

    Bad batch of seeds

    5 / 5
    Daniel on 21-4-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Brought 5 of theses seeds but none come through but emailed them and send 5 more seeds free of charge very good seed company will use these every time


    5 / 5
    Teo 61 on 1-4-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    It is the second time I get seeds from Sensi Seed I have no words to describe the immediate response, in three days I received the order.Thanks Sensi Team

    One Perfect Strain

    4 / 5
    Cody Goff on 24-1-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    I've had this once in my life and was one of the best I've ever had. My buddy grows and had me try it. Amazing! That's all I have to say about this strain?

    very good

    5 / 5
    rob on 23-1-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    I would recommend sensiseeds to any one that asks a good place to buy cannabis seeds


    5 / 5
    Ivan aleksic on 19-1-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Best weed i have ever smoked.It grew really fast without any problems thank you!

    Small yield :(

    5 / 5
    Luke on 10-1-2016 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Small yield but that was my fault using 1 3 watt LED per plant, I got a total yield of 4 grams. This time I will be using 1 400w hps grow light and a grow tent. I hope to get 90-150 grams per plant. It was an overall good smoke with a heavy body high and small head high, good for insomnia. I would recommend this seed to any one wanted a quick and easy grow with little to no odour. The Sensi seeds service was fast and simple with no hassle.

    Eco-grow - good results.

    5 / 5
    Ian on 17-12-2015 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Planted 5 seeds. Four sprouted within a few days and the other just disappeared in the baby pot. Grown under two CFL eco bulbs total of 400w. One 250w bulb placed directly overhead and an additional 125w bulb on a purpose-built stand at ground level placed in the centre of the four pots to provide light to the lower regions of the plants. I got two to three ounces of dry, get you high, lovely bud. Very good end product and would definitely grow these again. First ever auto grow and very impressed overall. A few tips for growing autos. Any stress whatsoever will result in the plants being shocked and this could affect overall yield. Best to plant directly into big pots and just leave them to sprout transferring them will shock them. Also feeding too much can also shock the plants and stop growth for a few days. Best to feed no more than 50% of what is recommended, on the container. I did make mistakes with this grow I transferred from baby pots and they seemed to stop growing for a week, I did not mix perlite into my soil to help the roots stay oxygenated, and when they began to flower I switched them from 18/6 to 12/12 in my ignorance and it took two weeks to realise my error and these mistakes no doubt affected overall yield, and in spite of these few mistakes I still got a good amount of good quality bud, and will be having a very happy xmas indeed : ) Thank you Sensi-seeds.

    Good results

    4 / 5
    Bob on 26-8-2015 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Planted half my seeds. All sprouted within a day of each other. Grew indoors. Very low smell until about 1/3 to 1/2 way through flowering. By then the smell would have been totally unmanageable without a carbon filter. Smell is pine-like. One plant was somewhat runty with low yield, but the rest were good.

    Top seeds, grown outside in Scotland.

    5 / 5
    Geordie on 11-7-2015 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Bought pk of 5, great price just to give a go.planted 2. Germination 2 days, Planted into breathable pots, 50/50 mix of canna and perlite. After 4 days they popped there heads out. Put in pollytunnel, week 5 started flowering.there 6 weeks old now and doing great..

    3 Months Outside

    5 / 5
    Suge on 23-6-2015 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Approximately 3 months from seed to harvest outside, used large pots for manoeuvrability. 4/5 seeds germinated, 3 at flowering stage caused quite a strong sweet smell. Did find that on harvesting plant was still at different stages, meaning I've harvested the top branches allowing light and a few more days on the lower ones. Would definitely recommend it to beginners and those looking for a decent smoke. Turned out some brownies that knock your socks off so also works in edibles. Buying from Sensi was also smooth and easy would recommend to friends over and over.

    Amazing experience

    5 / 5
    Jared Lavery on 21-6-2015 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    It was a great experience growing this strain.. It was my first grown. Everything went just great.. Bout to order some more seeds I'm in love!

    fast delivery to UK

    5 / 5
    craig on 20-5-2015 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    First order from these guys Ordered 5 NL, to fill up spaces in greenhouse, received very fast, 5 up all ready, recommended for all. Will be back definitely.

    Easy and takes little space, not smelly

    5 / 5
    northern lighter on 3-5-2015 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    NL is easy to take care of and resilient. Fits in a small space depending on your lamps, heats and whatnot of course. Stays short and bushy if you tie its branches. Has a lighter odour than most strains in my opinion. Harvest-ready ~60 days after planting. For me its effects are mostly couchlock, relaxation, pain relief. But some of the sativa characteristics are definitely there too. It boosts my imagination and has an uplifting effect and sometimes makes me energetic.

    lovely smoke

    5 / 5
    smokey on 3-5-2015 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    First grow done 1 north auto which pulled down about a month ago done 2 8 ball kush at same time regualers which have about 3 weeks left the auto was done in 9 weeks from seed sprout to harvesting no problems at all with it all the way threw lovely smoke to relax with on a night the plant was 1 and a half foot tall got 40 grams dried once these 8 ball kush have finished going to get a pack of north's


    5 / 5
    Domas on 19-3-2015 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Very nice strain. Very weak odor, which saves you a lot of money, because you don't have to buy carbon filter. I was growing it at home and my mother couldn't notice that I was doing that! Buds are really tasty and helps to reduce headache during migraine. Also, it is very nice to smoke it after long day before sleep. It clears your mind and reduces stress. Nevertheless, it was my first grow indoors and I harvested 35grams from one plant. I would really recomend it for beginners, because it is really easy to grow and no professional experience is necessary. Just grow it like tomatoes! I will definitely grow it again!


    5 / 5
    Eugénio Câmara on 19-3-2015 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    I´ve grown more than 10 strains over the last 2 years but I have never been so in loved by any as I am by the Northern Lights Auto! it just grows so perfect, so healthy and vigourous !...All that indica aroma ,and the flavour is just so gooood! wont disapoint! ...wish I had enough money to get more


    5 / 5
    El Toro on 18-3-2015 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    This strain have a very high effect, good yield, and light skunk and floral flavor.

    Northern lights

    5 / 5
    Moley25 on 26-2-2015 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Ive bee growing for almost 20 years and I still come back old school lights so easy to grow with very good harvest a must for bigners and experienced alike

    great seeds!

    0 / 5
    Eugénio on 9-1-2015 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    in 18 to 20 hours all 5 seeds had popped and were ready to be put in the substrate!! superb germination!! ..waiting for further developments :)

    White Widow Automatic parfaite

    5 / 5
    leandro on 26-11-2014 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    je tien a remercier lequipe sensiseeds pour leur efficacite . tres bon produit !

    Propably the best autoflower

    5 / 5
    Dean on 29-10-2014 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    When planting straight to 15l pots, under 600w hps for 4-5 plant, and adding 1400ppm Co2, i get mostly amazing yields. Norths will starts flowering age of tree to four weeks. I use 186 light phase, cos i think co2 works better with moredark time. It will takes about 90 days to get best results. Depending of the phenotype of plant i will get 90-160g of dry trimmed bud per plant. Mostly very easy to grow. Im not sure is there any difference between white label and sensiseeds, but i like both ones. Its not strongest type of weed you will get, but im sure you will like it, yeah!


    5 / 5
    weedmanofthegods on 21-7-2014 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Its great got me high in the clouds its a better version of loud

    one happy cancer patient

    5 / 5
    Kim cup syndrome patient. on 3-7-2014 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    7 out of ten seeds grew, i planted direct in soil . My first medical grow was a complete success with a great result. I find it excellent dealing with chronic pain, sleepless nights and nerve damage. When Vaped it leaves a beautiful honey healing coating in the mouth. Rock on Sensi :-) I'll be back soooooon.

    With all the flavor of Northern Lights this automatic version lives up to the original!

    5 / 5
    kairo on 28-5-2014 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    I was sceptic at first when planting automatic seeds but this strain is clearly on par with the well known original Northern Lights. They produced dense nuggets covered in trichomes and were ready for harvest after only 55 days. The result was of eve color and giving a powerful high. Definatly not the last time i have used this strain !

    excellent all round plant

    5 / 5
    glynzdope on 15-4-2014 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    From the moment the package arrived on my doorstep I knew sensi seeds were a quality company. The seeds were very well packaged with plenty of information on other products offered. My northern lights autos germinated within 2 days and grew on to be very strong and healthy plants. I am a novice grower and prefer to grow the easier strains, and the nl was just that, giving good sized buds with beautiful tasting and awesome aromas. Mine were grown in pots with soil and under cfl lighting. Highly recommended for novices.

    Outdoor Growing

    5 / 5
    Ronson on 15-4-2014 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    This strain grows well outdoors in cooler climates and has a good stone.

    Grew it in St. Louis

    5 / 5
    Bostonbud on 15-4-2014 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    Awesome awsome results. Both in soil and hydro systems. Nice skunky sweet smelling buds, with a taste similar to that of fruity pebbles. High yield as well. Overall nice plant with some of the best results I have ever had.

    Its a good plant for low budget

    5 / 5
    Subtellite on 6-4-2014 | Northern Lights Automatic Seeds - White Label

    I grown this one few times so far, it is great because it is cheap and works well. Its easy to grow and I really like it. I would really recommend this one

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