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Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Cool /Cold
  • Compact plant
  • Flowering 45 - 50 days
  • Medium Yield
  • 80% Indica
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  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Cool /Cold
  • Compact plant
  • Flowering 45 - 50 days
  • Medium Yield
  • 80% Indica
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  • Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds Description

    An astonishingly easy and rewarding feminized auto-flowering version of a trusted classic. Sensi Skunk Feminized Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds are the product of the ground-breaking crossing of Sensi Skunk and an exceptional Ruderalis breeding strain, to create a skunk plant unlike any other.

    With the introduction of this feminized auto-flowering skunk plant, virtually all the hard work is taken out of the cultivation process, whether indoors, or outdoors in temperate to Mediterranean climates. The vegetation period naturally shifts into flowering after about five weeks without having to rely on a change in light cycles, and the obvious advantage of feminized seeds is not having to remove males! Sensi Skunk Feminized Auto-Flowering seeds produce vigorous female plants with a compact structure, short sturdy branches and copious bud production. The scent and flavour retain the mouth-watering characteristics of the original Sensi Skunk plant: a sweet, citrus burst that is remarkably different from regular skunk plants. In terms of effect, this is a strain of marijuana that’s still potent enough to surprise even a jaded pot-head.

    Another key feature carried over from the regular Sensi Skunk is the forgiving nature of this cannabis strain. During both the growth and vegetation stages, Sensi Skunk Feminized Auto-Flowering plants are able to maintain a healthy, flourishing performance even when confronted with common growing problems. In short, a superb strain that probably couldn’t be easier to achieve great results with!
  • Strain Reviews for Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

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    Amazing skunk strain

    5 / 5
    Mark shark on 29-12-2018 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I got 5 out of 5, 3x70cm plants 2x40cm dwarf plants, all good and strong. Easy to grow, 2 of the the plants were exceptional in taste. Micro grow with 300w cob Cree led full spectrum. Will definitely grow again, thank you sensi seeds

    How can I not be over the moon?

    5 / 5
    I have no name for you to know me by on 16-10-2018 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Bought 3 seeds, soaked 1 in some Hydrogen Peroxide @ 3% on a paper towel till she cracked which took 24 hours, 48 hours later and she was poking out of her 70 liter mix of soil, coir and perlite in a freaking huge fabric pot. Bigger pots bigger roots bigger yields! She grew in a closet about half a square meter, lit by a Hipargero 210 watt COB LED light, 18/6 going to 20/4 once fully in flower, she grew to 48 inches / 122 cm and was fed Biobizz Fishmix; Bloom, Heaven, Acti-Vera and Top-Max, she was also given a little Atami CalMag plus a pinch of Epsom Salts. Within 28 days she was covered in flowering potential, after 51 days blooming her pistols had turned golden, her trichomes were mainly milky with a few amber ones starting to develop: that was when she got the chop. She had water only for the last few days. She had some issues with heat and in the growth spurt she'd grown too tall for her space and I had to take her off her drainage table; this meant I couldn't flood her like I wished and caused a little nute-lockout. 81 days total from seed. What's on the scales after 7 days drying? 225 grams / 7.94 ounces 160 grams / 5.64 oz in jars 20 grams smoked 15 grams turned into cannabis paste capsules 30 grams popcorn / trim to make coconut oil with 225 grams / 210 watts 1.07 grams per watt. I think I'd have got closer to 10 ounces without the lockout and heat issues. VERY HAPPY: would recommend, and as always, I'm happy with the service from Sensi Seeds!

    So far so good

    5 / 5
    Conna on 19-3-2018 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I bought 3 seeds in early March for UK growth and used the wet paper towel method to germinate for 3 days in no fancy conditions, just in the kitchen on the work surface. Then planted them in small pots with potting compost, they took 6 days to pop through the compost after planting the seeds about 10mm deep. I'm currently keeping them by a window in a normal house temp room and they seem to be doing well. I bought these as a first timer having never used or grown Cannabis before to make some oil for medicinal purposes. I hope I manage to get a decent amount without too much trouble.

    Very nice and easy to gro!

    5 / 5
    Marc Nixon on 3-10-2017 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Bought 5 of these seeds a few months back and grew 3 with no problems at all! Unfortunately 2 seeds didnt germinate but the guys at sensi seed have sent replacements definitely recommend using sensi seeds there customer service is brilliant.

    Too strong effect

    5 / 5
    GgM on 18-9-2017 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    As usual a very good service from sensi seeds, fast and discrete delivery. I tried sensi skunk auto, the plant grew big and fast in a veranda with little care and gave a decent harvest, but I find the weed is too strong and for this reason won't grow it again. On the other hand I highly recommend the subtle effect of the white diesel haze auto with a similar growing performance.

    Good product easy to grow

    5 / 5
    Simon Evans on 19-8-2017 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Grown in the greenhouse on a little bit of tomatoe feed this plant did well. 5 out of 5 grew big and chunky and I've been grown for 9 years and will always use this sensi skunk autos as brilliant backup seed. Amazing growth yield and easy to grow .

    SENSI - you legends.

    5 / 5
    HellSauce on 7-8-2017 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    These seeds are absolutely amazing. Complete outdoor grow without issues in the UK in the north west. You've done a great job here - recommend to anyone. Literally just plant them and you'll be sorted.

    Did not perform as advertised

    2 / 5
    Steve Brendwick on 22-7-2017 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Large plant, took a very long time to finish, very heavy feeder.

    5* a must buy

    5 / 5
    Woody on 13-7-2017 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    15 weeks and still going. Smell great and around 6 ft tall. Top buds around 30cm in length. Highly recommend

    TOP quality seeds

    5 / 5
    DJS on 16-5-2017 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I' ve ordered four different strains including Sensi Skunk Automatic. From the 16 seeds ALL germinated within two days using the wet paper towel method. I first put the seeds in a low concentrated sugar solution at 25° C for about 10h in advance. The paper towels were stored in a temperature- and humidity-controlled indoor greenhouse. I am very satisfied and will order again.

    first time grower

    5 / 5
    toad on 24-4-2017 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Hey sensi purchased these beautys a while ago I was at first a bit worried about doing this as it was my first time growing but I honestly cant believe how easy it has been with a bit of research and the right product . All three seeds germinated with no problems and have produced three strong plants under a 600w hps they are all short and bushy I'm now in week eight and plants are all covered in buds and producing a citrus sweet smell I can't wait to harvest and smoke these . Have also just purchased some super skunk autos and white diesel haze autos from you will be back to write the reviews for them . Thank you sensi seeds for showing me the way i will be a returning customer for years to come .

    Best choise for outdoor

    5 / 5
    Leslie Irondude on 15-3-2017 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I live in south Italy,I growed hundred type of autoflowering strains in my life,but I can honestly say that this one is the absolutely best for outdoor.I grew her up in the wild ground enriched with some umus and biological fertilizer and booster,very tall (1,20m/1,50m) with some very impressive big leaves and thick branches.The Buds get impressively large and dense in the last 2 weeks of flowering,all covered with a large amount of sticky lemon/skunky resin.A very strong,euphoric at first and relaxing in the end high that can surprise even the more pro smokers.Before I forget,she also have a incredible smell and taste as well.I produced 50 g from a single plant of Sensi Skunk Auto.Very nice strain,for expert and beginners.A strain for everybody.

    How was it?

    5 / 5
    JORDAN on 8-3-2017 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Absolutely amazing. Legit and reliable. Love it!!

    N.I grower

    5 / 5
    John leroey on 3-3-2017 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    amazingly bred gens,grew in a pretty bad year but hey they made the year better

    Happy with delivery and packaging

    5 / 5
    Rima on 29-1-2017 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Came within 2 days after email confirmation. Very well packed had to order more. Bought 3 seeds 2 germinated and been planted one has come through looking strong. Other 2 are taking their time.


    5 / 5
    Nick. Thornhill dewsbury on 13-1-2017 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Was very wary about doing this myself as a beginner just to try and get a bit of extra cash and enjoy the smoke along the way bought 3 seeds all 3 germinated at the same time they are all 3 different sizes but all growing wonderfully smelling and sticky buds after just 30 days in miracle grow all purpose compost under a sungle cfl bulb, will be switching to hps shortly just to give it a boost but overall a fantastic way to get into growing would recommend for any beginner or experienced grow and I can't wait to see the end product 100% sensi seeds really do deliver the quality they boast about

    Impressive, recommended

    5 / 5
    OG on 8-1-2017 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Superb quick delivery and excellent packaging, very professional and seeds in protected perfect condition. 100% germination and coming up strong and developing quickly. Many thanks!

    Very professionaly packed

    5 / 5
    Growroom on 7-1-2017 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I've not long just receives 3 of these seeds and i am superrr pleased with the packaging and that it come with, gives me faith in your seeds i have yet to germinate. Fast delivery too! Thanks SS

    Best and easy to deal with

    5 / 5
    Wardykid79 on 26-12-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Iv been using for two/three years now and these guys are the best all round... Thank you for all your great work and a lot of future business. Free the medical flower... This seed is great for Northern hemisphere and long day light countries.

    delivery and growing.

    5 / 5
    john w on 17-11-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    super fast dilivery perfect seeds great to grow and easy if its your first time wicked site to goto 5 stars all the way dont go anywhere else allso very good customer service.

    Great service

    5 / 5
    Joe on 14-11-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    These guys are great to work with. Having bought 10 seeds only six worked. The guys at sensi sent 5 replacements for free which we really appreciate. Was the first time buying and would highly recommend 5* all the way.

    Easy Grow, Huge Yeild

    5 / 5
    Nibiru on 19-10-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I had a friend gift me 3 of these seeds and every one I germed flourished within the first 2 weeks. Great internode length with vigorous growth and dark green leaves. Great for any beginner.

    Delivery and planting.

    5 / 5
    Lenz on 3-10-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Hello! First thank you for the delivery i though i would have the cops in front of my door lol. As for the planting... well its my first time doing something like this so i messed up... From the 10 seeds 2 did not grow from the seed and 3 others... those i fucked up during seeding... gave to much water and dead. For the 5 other seeds? Well i have 4 nice happy plants and 1 smaler one. But i'm very happy with sensiseeds i will recommend it to some friends and i will order here again!

    Not the best start to my weed cultivation hobby

    3 / 5
    Corum on 25-9-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    My failure with these seeds is more down to inexperience I think, however it does go to show that even with good genetics its still quite easy to screw up. From a pack of five seeds, I germinated four using the glass of water method. This was my very first attempt and I am using hps and a small grow tent with 180cfm extractor and passive intake. Unfortunately I selected the cheapest Multi Purpose Compost I could find (from LIdl). That, along with too much heat from the light and overwatering left me with four tiny seedlings with only one set of true leaves about three weeks after breaking the surface. They just didn't want to grow and so the grow was abandoned. For the fifth and final seed, I purchased some verve MPC (from B&Q) along with some John Innes Seedling Compost and a couple of cfl's to get things going, switching to hps once three sets of leaves were showing. This produced better results although the plant still didn't get very big before it started flowering. It's a couple of weeks passed the completion date (based on the spec shown on this page) and the buds were actually doing really well, with several branched and thick colas. I quick dried a small bud and smoked it this week and was happy with the results (first smoke for a few years!) however now I've noticed at least two of the colas have a bad case of bud rot so i've chopped the plant to dry and will cut out all the affected areas. Hopefully i'll be able to salvage about half of the bud.


    4 / 5
    Zepolano on 17-9-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    This weed is incredibly good .this is the best site

    First time

    5 / 5
    David Bishop on 16-9-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Super easy with these bought 3 wi h 3 sprouts, it was my first time growing and ended with 98g dried weight. Good smoke super crystally

    Nice bud.

    5 / 5
    Ian on 15-9-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Planted 5 seeds got 4 plants, Used a mycorrhiza bio stimulant for roots, it is claimed that this increases root mass by up to 700%!! Did not expect this to happen maybe my use of mycorrhiza was a little too heavy as the shortest plant was well over 5ft 10 they were all massive strong plants. With a small grow space this caused problems but with a little training I had the plants growing in spirals so they fit in the tent! Used plant magic grow during veg and switched to plant magic grow/atami bloombastic during bloom phase. Used plant magic soil with 30% perlite, and very big pots. Got over 1.5 oz per plant and will keep me in smoke for ages, very good quality and lovely smelling end result. I keep coming back to sensi and have always been more than satisfied with the end results. Delivery is always fast and the prices for seeds very reasonable considering the quality of end product. If I don't win the 100 euros then I'm gonna get very very stoned to get over it! Nice one sensi seeds : )

    Amazing product

    4 / 5
    Luke on 12-9-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Amazing strain of weed first time purchasing of this site and was pleased with the outcome. Sensi seed bank is an amazingly fast service and the strain is really nice and I would have to say this is the best company for purchasing anything

    Easy and great results.

    5 / 5
    Krille on 6-9-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I bought 3 seeds in the shop in Amsterdam. All 3 seeds grew perfectly and with good yield(i grew them in a window facing south in Denmark). I would without doubt recommend these to anyone - especially a first time grower.

    Amazing genetics

    5 / 5
    Amy on 4-9-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I grew 3 plants in conditions that were pretty awful to be honest: during a particularly cold English Spring/summer, inside my home just placed by a window. The majority of days were cold and grey with not much light. It took nearly 6 months from germination for the plants to grow enough until I decided to harvest. Yet despite the terrible growing conditions I managed to pull about a quarter (dried) of super sticky and beautifully fragrant bud. Despite the buds being light and airy (due to the poor lighting) they are VERY potent. My friends and I are super impressed and enjoyomg the wonderful, relaxed indica stone that this plant gives. Well done sensi seeds! A truly hardy strain. Incredible genetics. I would recommend this strain to anyone!

    just super easy

    5 / 5
    frank boddy on 23-8-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    i bought ten seeds lost 3 but those great staff at sensi replaced them asap but the ones left grow so quick every day when checked you can really see them growing. first class product dont take risks with buying seeds stick with the best .....SENSI SEEDS first class service... frank newcastle upon tyne ,, uk

    2nd try

    3 / 5
    Yaboi on 20-8-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    It wasn't exactly what I was expecting but great for an everyday toke

    Sensi skunk auto

    5 / 5
    Aaron Mckenzie on 17-8-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Grew outside in northeast England, currently approx 2 weeks for harvest. The main colon is about 30cm long and about 2-3 inch thick really please with results. I only fed canna terra and flora and abit of bat quano . I will update after harvest

    Home Grown 5 star quality

    5 / 5
    Jeremia Jones on 13-8-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I go to Amsterdam about 4x a year to smoke & buy weed. I heard of Sensi seed bank 20 years ago and bough 20 seeds of Rudecalis Indica in 1995. 19 seeds germinated and they grew tall to about 5 feet (155cm) but I knew nothing about indoor growing so this strain was outdoors. I rushed the harvest, due to the overwhelming smells but even so it turned out to be good. Fed up of the stress of hauling 50gms of good weed from Amsterdam to Paris, plus all the extra luggage checking I said time to grow my own... Sensi seeds employee gave me great advice 10 sensi skunk and 10 northern lights. Just took 2 seeds from each pack. Germinated around 7/06 and by 13/06 had grown through the soil. Put them into larger pots by week 3 and into big 20 L pots bu week 5. Flowering started on the 23/07 I bought a Led light 400watts with a majority of red & blue light the buds look great. Not too much smell yet ! Cut the stems to split the growth into more heads. A good canopy with about 20-25 buds each plant. The buds on sensi skunk are more numerous than on northern lights but the northern lights are gorgeous looking. About 5 weeks maxi to go until harvest. Too early to say but each plant should get 50 gms minimum dry weight. Looking forward to the end of september to try some high quality weed. Thank you Sensi seeds people

    a sure way to great results

    5 / 5
    growlikeapro on 10-8-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Hi I just want put my review on here don't want to say to much so try for your self out door you want the biggest pot you can with a good quality soil/coco try 30 gallon pot I promise if it's in green house orent even out side you will have a monster a tree bigger the pot bigger the plant and yield if you are buying autos plant them in the final pots straight away as transplanting autos is bad they don't like it so straight into big pot a soon as you put you seed In pot it will need Watered water round the edge of plant pot not near sprout make the roots chase the moist in the soil it will also need nitrogen seedlings need it there health and survival depend on it so don't hold back on nutes I seen a lad on here on the reviews he said he got 11 Oz of a plant and some one said lier it definitely is possible it's all in the pot size light nutes and so on the same is said for in doorsome big pots big yields also the light depending on what you need it for there is a way to calculate roughly how much harvest you will get (watts) for each wat of light you should be getting a gram of weed Out door 30 gallon pot Good quality soil water round the edge of pot for roots to chase the moist keep then active don't dump it right there for them make them work keep then healthy nitrogen In door same principle big pots only (watt) g there is nothing at all stopping someone getting 11 Oz of a plant even 20 Oz and 40 0z depends.on genetics.and grower but is possible to get 11 Oz

    Amazing Growing in scotland

    5 / 5
    keifsy on 6-8-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    ordered 5 of these seeds as well as others all 5 popped up within 24hrs plate method grew inside for two weeks and put out these plants have now been out about a month and look great plenty of bud coming so am over the moon and will defo grow again and would recomend to anyone this is an Amazing strain an a look forward to puffing it

    A good early

    5 / 5
    Ron on 5-8-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I can report the same as the gent in the UK . The time is 3 months height in the ground 1 meter so low yield and 0.5 meter in a pot .This variety is ideal for growing for quick maturity and where space and privacy are limited . Good stone too !!

    Amazing - Perfect for beginners!

    5 / 5
    Dennis on 4-8-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    This strain is absolutely amazing, it took so little effort to grow these, i purchased 5 of these seeds in the store. I never thought growing cannabis would be so easy - with a little bit of Bio Bizz soil and feeds you get a quality product where you can be proud of the time and effort you have put in to these babies. Overall I managed to get about 100 Grams for the 5 plants, I guess this is down to the fact that the weather here in Holland wasn't the best this year! I will surly grow these next summer again. I am so positively surprised about how 'cheap' these seeds were and how much you can get out of it. Thanks Sensi Seeds!

    Sensi skunk

    5 / 5
    Dougal on 4-8-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    For the fella that said he got 11 O's stop talking crap ha, hate bs.Got 2 ounces from each plant.. Grown in a green house Northern Ireland .. Easy plant to grow for anyone that hasn't a problems. Thanks sensi :)

    Overall very pleased

    4 / 5
    Muzz on 28-7-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Managed to grow these in my back garden in south of UK between end of April and beginning of July. Although i expected to get higher yields i was really pleased with how robust this strain was. It withstood the English weather and resisted well to slugs and insects without pesticides or fertilizer. Overall i would definitely recommend this strain as it is very forgiving and once harvested delivers a nice smooth hash like smoke.

    great product

    5 / 5
    royston on 26-7-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    i had a little trouble with germination which i think was due to old seeds but after contacting sensi was sent a complimentary replacement which went without a hitch. great growth and not too long. outside in glass house doing great . smells great will review after i have tried it!


    5 / 5
    Patrick on 16-7-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Top quality strain here!

    amazing 2nd time round

    5 / 5
    hdz16 on 7-7-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    10/10 for everything.. the only thing that could of possibly been better was you guys coming and giving me on the spot tips ! honestly best place for quality and consistency. Third year growing and ordering off sensi and again all great quality seeds and a perfect germination process.. It wasnt until growing another brand of seeds and growing some found in the bottom of a bag of bud that i began to appreciate the high quality of sensi !!! Thank you seed gods!

    Good so far

    5 / 5
    Ashley on 3-7-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Going great so far 3 weeks +2 and already about 5" average temp 26 in cold frame


    5 / 5
    E-Dini on 2-7-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I make no word of a lie when I say these are the easiest plants I have ever grown!!! I put 5 in the ground in a medium sized vegetable patch with a good few feet between each seed. THEY GREW TO MONSTERS! Even though the seeds are meant to grow to around 60cm, mine grew to just over 110!!!! They are beautiful plants easy to top and LST, and they honestly are the fastest growing plans I ever grown. As I only really grow for fun! I feel as though these seeds make the expierenced so easy and enjoyable. They needed absolutely NO NUTRIENTS if your planting them into the ground and they smell amazinnnnng. I really can't justify just how lovely these seeds are, and to add to this they ALL SURVIVED! In total I gained 11 ounces although one of the plants produced only half as much as the other 4 plants. Money well spent for a really fun and easy expierence! I'm sorry but I can't question of the smoke as I don't consume my supply as I soley do it for the growing expierence. But it smells absolutely superb and the fair amount of crystals and large amount orange hairs, along side the really heavy density of the buds in general lead me to believe it would be a very pleasant smoke. Thanks Sensi!!! Dini :)

    This strain is reliable.

    5 / 5
    Jay on 24-6-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I bought this a while back and wanted to leave show you my results. The plant was amazing and grew super fast. they all germinated and resulted in nice tight, sugary buds.


    4 / 5
    tyler on 22-6-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Good yeid overall amazing strain

    very interesting

    5 / 5
    Soloman on 18-6-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    amazing its just amazing at last hahah

    6 weeks in - Just south of London

    5 / 5
    Inc Hulk on 17-6-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Hi all, I thought I should write a quick review as I was a little nervous about buying and growing. I really needn't have been and nor should you. I have grown many plants over the years from seeds I had bought and 'discovered' in my smoke, but I have to say these have been absolutely bomb-proof. No guessing, no fuss, no risk, just 100% female beauties that love it outside! I germinated each seed approx. 3 weeks apart and after the 3rd tier of leaves I have moved them outside into a 5l pot. I started at the beginning of May end of April - Yes in England (just south of London). Having avoided the frosts, the plants have suffered the winds and rain only to thrive and flourish. It's early days yet with regard to projected yield, so I will check in again in about a month and update. In the meantime, you are missing valuable growing time!!! BUY THESE SEEDS NOW - YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. I will certainly be buying these again for the sheer ease of growing and as 'bankers', but am also going to try a couple of other strains. Hulky will post again - take care


    5 / 5
    jonnyboy on 16-6-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    It's pretty good and very discrete


    4 / 5
    Cj on 15-6-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Great seeds great plant love it

    Nice smoke

    5 / 5
    Buds1888 on 12-6-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Got 5 and 4 sprouted and 2 messed up well 3 called one faith pulled other 2 as thy just didn't mk it. Anyway chopped the one down tht was going strong and got 46 gram dry weight only grew to what thy say so 60cm. The one I called faith she pulled back n is now the by far bigger out the 2 managed to pull her back about 2 weeks and is on its final drive ended up somehow with 2 main topos and same with the branching I never knew u can top auto's well you can. So in guessing the fact it's bigger bushier and on budget candy and overdrive I'm gonna top 5oz happy days. Thnks sensi seeds. First proper grow so very happy man??

    Seeds just arrived, UK

    5 / 5
    Moony on 9-6-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    My seeds have just arrived and what was inside my package looked very professional, a small branded box with my seeds in it in a little plastic bubble inside of the packet with a picture of my strain on it. An information booklet. A magnet and a couple of other papers. Lovely, totally looking forward to planting in time for the summer!!!

    Very short plant, very short vegetative phase

    5 / 5
    automatic on 2-6-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I used to grow very small medium from yogurt, then a little bigger, as usually and the plant remained very small. Flowering began after 4 weeks. Do not use a small medium, use as big as possible, because short roots short plant and the plant after some weeks stops growing, also do not cut the plant, let it grow as much as possible, vegetative phase is very short .


    5 / 5
    buds87 on 30-5-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Very quality seed. I put 5 seed for germ. and result was superb. Now is 37 days and flowering. Plant is perfect a lot of flowers, excelent for beginners. Thank you! :) Definitly buy more.

    Great Strain

    5 / 5
    Shock420 on 17-5-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    100% germination. Easy to grow with nice frost and great smell(1 of the plants had a very strong lemon smell). Thanks SSB.


    5 / 5
    bensn77 on 16-5-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    great seeds thank you

    Larger than expected!

    5 / 5
    RIPLEY. More experience growing in the Mediterranean. on 9-5-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    This is my first northern UK grow and I started these as early as possible (early march). I have 4 in my greenhouse and they are shooting for the stars. The description is for a compact plant but mine are reaching 2'5" and still going! Admittedly, they are in preflower but I'd suggest some early LST if you're trying to keep a low profile. They are very forgiving - they have been through snow, frost and big daily temperature shifts (-2C/+35C).

    great seed

    5 / 5
    grahamw from uk old pot head from the 60s on 3-5-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    seeds arrived in a few day sowed 5 of the 10 all 5 sprouted kept in propergater for few days now in greenhouse and doing well cant wait

    The Best its easy and smoth fast delivery and i Am happy with that i think that this side is The Best so keep doing what you guys do its perfect cool fast delivery and The stuff is coming

    5 / 5
    Patrik on 2-5-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Like i sey you People doing att gooo job and iam happy and I hope your People Åre happy twoo take care and continue with your work peace patrick

    First outdoor grow.

    5 / 5
    Gustav on 30-4-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    This seed is by far the best iv'e used for outdoor in cooler climate. I recommend this seed for beginners, even long time grower. Great yield and easy to take care off. Fast shipping and great customer serivce. Buying all my seeds from here!

    Have started two going real well

    5 / 5
    Begginer on 26-4-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Have two week oldlings and are at to difrent stages in them self witch is absurd as nothing in the method has changed

    First UK Grow

    5 / 5
    MANC on 25-4-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    All 3 germinated after 24 hours in cup of water method, on week 3 and are doing very well in the greenhouse even though the weather hasn't been great, expecting good things, great delivery time, discrete and got a fridge magnet!

    First timer

    5 / 5
    Eire on 12-4-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Just started growing these outside , made some mistakes but these seeds are forgiving great for a novice like myself.

    First time

    3 / 5
    Dipping. on 11-4-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    First time buying from this site and autos,left two seeds to crack but only one did,still was impressed how quickly it cracked and the size was impressive. Will buy again.


    5 / 5
    Mark Ame on 10-4-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    This plant is the best I love a lot

    Smell amazing

    4 / 5
    Evan on 8-4-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Really like this strain, always give a nice yield and a fantastic smoke. Bought 3 seeds and every single one grew inch long tap roots, very very very happy with these and would recommend to anyone who wants a beginners, easy grow, and an enjoyable experience :)

    First time grow UK

    4 / 5
    Ripley on 25-3-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    So far so good, fast delivery and a nice touch with the complementary posters. 100% germination rate (a couple had their sheaths still attached to the petioles but a little misting and a scalpal set them free). Temperature is only ~10 degrees C (+/- 5C) in greenhouse but on day 8 the first leaves are developing well. Vege stage can only get better, and I'm hoping to set up some gerilla grows - weather permitting 53 degrees North. Germination medium: 1 part organic compost and 2 parts coco coir.

    10 seeds bought

    5 / 5
    gintaras on 17-3-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    and 3 sprouts,but nice stuff.i will buy again

    very easy grow

    5 / 5
    cal on 16-3-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Growing in NW of UK. germinated 3 seeds per the method on sensi seeds website. Placed the seeds on top of my tv box to keep warm and dark. All 3 sprouted a fat root in 36hrs. Planted in miracle grow potting mix and they are growing like a ....well....weed!!! My wife knocked over a seedling early on and it looked dead. Kept it, watered it and it came back to life...seems like a very robust strain. I'm just gonna put these in pots in my garden and let nature do its thing. Will update my review later. Excellent service and product from placing another order now

    5 seeds only 3 sprouts

    4 / 5
    Wiesel on 4-3-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    First of all : great delivery, payment etc. all very professional and discreet. Cant tell you much about the strain yet, the seeds however : from 5 seeds only 3 sprouted. Maybe too old seeds? It would be ok if it were standard seeds (at a much cheaper price). Will try and update once they grow etc. Cheers )


    5 / 5
    ionut on 2-3-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    very nice seeds,i love it

    Great Strain!

    5 / 5
    Hubert on 29-2-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    This strain is optimal after Indoor growth. A quick and effective strain when smoking. Top quality, 9/10 seeds grew to best size and 1/10 grew a little small.

    Great service

    5 / 5
    Thomas on 27-2-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Had some problems with first set after contacting sensi replacement was sent received with in 4 days. Great service and reliable. 6 star service******

    Fast postage great package

    5 / 5
    Thomas on 15-2-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Fast quick postage good package handy leaflets! Even a fridge magnet. Will update results of plant s growth. In north its not best Sumer up here. Will try out and indoors

    Sensi skunk

    5 / 5
    Rodrigo on 12-2-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Very Nice seeds, with very accurate flowering time. 5 star quality defenetly!

    My first grow and still learning.

    5 / 5
    jonathan on 10-2-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Its a very good beginner strain, forgives many misstakes and pretty nice deliver even if it doesent go your way. You should be fine with just water and good soil to get good results. Will be buying more of this for lazy growing. The smell is citrus-ish and my first plant got small but almost only white with goodies.

    Easy to grow

    5 / 5
    bhbhub83 on 4-1-2016 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    easy to grow. nice finished product. best for basic growers. nice citrus taste but hard skunk smell :-) . really 5* strain with low cost.


    5 / 5
    Alens on 19-12-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    First time grower and must say this strain was a great choice. It's 2nd week for the plants and they are looking awesome. I grow in my room and it smells lovely. Something between citrus and skunk. Can't wait to light them up.

    Great for beginners........

    4 / 5
    UK Dave. on 19-12-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I chose this strain by its characteristics, cold climate and compact plant, which suited my needs. Delivery was fast. The seeds germinated very quickly and easily and went straight into jiffy plugs, then into light mix, then batmix. I tried outdoor and indoor with these seeds and had very similar results. The smell is delishious and so too is the flavour. I was disappointed with the way the buds just never seemed to develop how I'd of liked them to, they seem to be leafy, and not very dense, but all in all this is a nice easy strain to grow that I would recommend to anybody.

    Best Sensi Seed ever

    5 / 5
    SensiLover on 12-12-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I think this is by far the best Sensi seed ever , I recommend it to unexperienced and experienced seed growers , thanks SensiSeeds :D

    New account

    5 / 5
    Gavin on 5-12-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    On my old account which I lost my email password I bought these seeds they are very nice for experts and begineers I was a begineer then the first seed I planted became a semi mother plant then I started cross breeding a beautiful strain these seeds grow some really good buds my advice is to get these I grew them in 1 gallon tanks and the first plant yielded almost 300 grams after 9 weeks

    Sensi Skunk!

    5 / 5
    Kian on 10-11-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I've Only just purchased these and they are germinating , Does anyone have any advice to keep the plant healthy ? ( growing outdoors )

    from the uk

    5 / 5
    russdawg93 on 17-10-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    seeds came very quick and with some good leaflets aswell very happy!

    pretty fast sprouting

    5 / 5
    stephan on 11-10-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    The seeds sprouted in about two days and had a significant growth rate

    Really Easy Plant to Grow

    5 / 5
    john on 15-9-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    On my 4th purchase of this strain,the yield is been amazing as well as it's speed of growth,great smoke also. The best auto I have grown in many a year. Totally recommend all to try this, great value.

    Sceptical First Time Grower

    5 / 5
    Paddwah26 on 12-9-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Purchased these as a fun experiment, used 3 litre plant pots in my back garden using the dirt that was already in the ground and added zero nutrients except the occasional water. Didn't even germinate the seeds, just stuck them straight in the dirt. Just harvested my first plant and was rewarded with 23.74 grams (wet), it's now drying and 0.2 grams of pure sticky resin which I scraped from my fingers at then end. The second one I planted is going even stronger but has only just started to flower so approx another 3-4 weeks behind the 1st one and I estimate to get around 2-2.5 ounces when it's ready. All in all, remarkably easy to grow with yields from 1-3 ounces per plant and needs nothing else but water and sunlight. I didn't even move them around in the garden to get all the sun and some days I forgot to water them. If you was a bit more keen and put the effort in and added some nutrients every now and then; then I reckon you could get some bumper return from these.

    Amazed by yeild

    5 / 5
    Andy on 1-9-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Firstly thank u send seeds for your great service! Planted 2 firstly with astounding results! Both plants produced 5onzes each! The smoke is unbelievable! Got the nxt 8 in 2 week of flowering and are looking just as amazing as the first 2! Thank u once again


    5 / 5
    Charlie on 30-8-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    can't fult the germination. Seedlings smashed out in 2 to 3 days


    5 / 5
    Conor on 27-8-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Decided I'd give growing a shot, didn't like paying for small amounts of questionable bud. Ordered these seeds and they arrived within 5 days. Germinated for 3 days, planted and sprouted within a night of being planted. The following night had 2 rounded leaves, night after had 2 jagged leaves. Last night would have been the 3rd night and the leaves have grew a lot more. Planted them ins mix of coco and ready mix fertiliser containing NPK. Under a single light, dual spectrum, on 24/7. Doing so well, excited for the future with these little Beautys.

    Auto sensi skunk femineized

    4 / 5
    James moles are cute. Big up the Dam on 26-8-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I ve been growing a lovely healthy gorgeous smelling sensi skunk plant from seed to a splendid citrous lime buddy plant flowerd really easilly and realy i have hardly lifted a finger well ok someday s ill place her in the hedge behind garden and other wetter ones stay under my stairs under cfl or just on my cil ( window) . Ok first time on this seed and im new to the game but i know from the beatiful deep potnt auroma. Im still to harvest so you never know i might be back trying again to win this comment comp which isnt why? I v impressed so much that sensi seed i believe are il sic big coolsoooos the skunk funk and when ui know i give you my opinion but right now its ten ouot of ten because how im as impressed by them that itll stay that way ten100% pro thank u


    5 / 5
    Xrolia on 8-8-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Livraison rapide et discrète ! 5 jours d'attente, mais qui vont valoir le coup, j'en suis persuadé !!! Merci à vous !

    Love this strain

    5 / 5
    yorch on 8-8-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    It always grow perfectly well


    5 / 5
    Bronwen on 8-8-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Good stuff and easy to grow

    sensi skunk!!

    4 / 5
    greenhouse grower! on 3-8-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Very easy growing with a lovely structure and smells fantastic!! Still waiting for these to finish but looking good so far ?? yeild seems a little small but first time grower so held off on the nutes this time round but will be running again next time round so will up the feed and see what happens ?? thanks sensi seeds!!


    5 / 5
    B on 1-8-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    It's good and easy to grow

    Early flowering Goodness

    5 / 5
    Phil on 25-7-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Planted on my balcony end of April. Started flowering end of June, very easy to grow-seems to be more resistant to the common problems that affect n00b growers(like me). Looking forward to an August harvest. Highly recommended. Great service from Sensi Seeds too.

    Very easy

    5 / 5
    Ed on 23-7-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Fantastic, extremely easy. This Is my first grow in a new location, I'm half way through the grow and the plants are looking great no problems so far. However it did take two weeks for the seeds to reach me. Thanks sense seeds I will recommend you to friends.

    First grow....

    5 / 5
    Big T on 17-7-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    First grow ever,only got about 1oz off each plant because I made mistakes but quality bud,sparkles with crystals.strong smoke highly recommended!!

    5 star seeds

    5 / 5
    James on 11-7-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Delivered in seven days to the UK which was better than expected all seeds opened up within 24 hours some opened within 8 hours 4 sprouted from soil. I accidently killed two plants and one couldent survive this British weather I have one plant fighting it fingers crossed lol

    My first grow and it's fantastic!

    5 / 5
    That GUY from North! on 8-7-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Amazing strain for growing in Norhern Hemisphere! Got decent buds with wonderful effects of this indica. Flower time is very fast. Recomended! Sensi Seeds thank you for your incredible service!


    5 / 5
    Bang on 4-7-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Awesome strain

    Very potent

    5 / 5
    Carl on 28-6-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Smells and tastes very citrus like, strong stuff, got my eyes red for hours

    The Best

    5 / 5
    Atanas Genkovski on 11-6-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    The best strain ever tasted!

    Hardiness is Astonishing

    5 / 5
    guerilla daysin Ireland on 5-6-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    A lot has to be said for the genetics of this skunk plant for guerilla growing on the harsh north western European seaboard. The young seedlings had only been out for hardening for half a day when a full 5 mixed days of gales, heavy hailstone showers and the heaviest rain recorded in North Western Ireland in 123years battered the youngsters. Not only did they all survive but they grew a bit without the aid of any fertilizers or coverings, even the genetically mutated triploid, (thank you Sensi, its the first I've hatched), has made it through which I thought would be the first to go. Hard to believe that this could be acheived under these circumstances above the 55th parallel. Its time to continue now through June and July. This along with Early skunk are real warriors, and for the guerillas of the North, this truly is what we've been spent the last 15years searching for

    Easy as pie

    5 / 5
    Harry on 22-5-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Not the quickest delivery, but on the other hand all cracked within 24 hours so I'm very pleased too say fabulous quality fresh seeds! Nearly done looking and smelling the titts can not wait to sample! Like too add I'm in the northern hemisphere and nearly done!!! 23/515 hell yeah

    Very fragrant!

    5 / 5
    Guilherme Vidotto on 17-5-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    A formidable strain,I was very impressed with this strain. Took away all of my anxiety, helped me eat, calmed my cramps. It's definitely worth a try, worth every cent.

    Anyone else sick of buying horrible dodgy weed?

    5 / 5
    TonyG on 14-5-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    By far the best idea I have had all my life! Hopefully my seeds arrive soon so I can start my project and enjoy my yields! LONG LIVE SENSI SEEDS!

    Fast and easy

    5 / 5
    Geem on 4-5-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    My first time i ordered from sensiseed. Very fast delivery, 24 hrs 8/10 sprouted, planted one that sprouted in 8 hrs!!! Alrdy made it thrue the mud and showing that it is coming up. Keeping mine in the window to start with. Will write a report after i hopefully harvest the sensi skunk auto:)

    Top shell strain and extremely easy to grow

    5 / 5
    Alias on 1-5-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I bought this year allready different strains from sensi, this one is by far one of the most easiest and most rewarding plants to grow, even when it's too cold they stay in a small vegatative state and start growing when it's a bit warmer. Just beware of overwatering outside when it's rain's a lot, can't tell allready about harvest but i'm trusty about this one. ganja greetings.

    95% succes

    4 / 5
    kostas efkarpidis on 13-4-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    39 out of 40 seeds has sprouted in 2 anD a balf days. They look like monsters,they are 3cm in 2 days.I planted them All.Lets see the results

    sensi skunk! very very fast delivery!

    5 / 5
    c.z on 8-4-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    very fast delivery only 3 working days! live in greece! i couldnt believe it! best seed bank !

    Great cooperation

    5 / 5
    Kostas Efkarpidis on 5-4-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I bought 40 seeds of sensi skunk and as they said i receiven in 6 working days (max.10d) Great package ,nothing to connect it with me.Everything was fine,im gonna germinate them and going to plant,lets see how many will sprout?


    5 / 5
    eloko21 on 3-4-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    iam in 45 days and w8 for bloom i use 24/24 on lights!!!!but its eaasy and very good


    5 / 5
    PANOS on 3-4-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    iam in 45 days and w8 for bloom i take 24/24 on lights but its eaasy and very good


    5 / 5
    Will on 29-3-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Easy to grow 2 ounces off each plant (wow) it smells amazing.


    5 / 5
    Privat grover on 18-3-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Very fast vege-phase, and grows fast. Doesn't need lot nitrogen. Very easy to grow. Makes good big buds. Stoned.

    Sensi Skunk Automatic

    5 / 5
    Spiros Pagiatis on 18-3-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Very fast growing...


    5 / 5
    Dan on 13-2-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    really nice strain... i just wanna smell this again and again. really faboulous..

    one of the best buys i have made in a long time sweet smoke great hight and large yield

    5 / 5
    p hash uk on 20-1-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    This is the best buy and high for me easy to grow good yield two onces off one plant Grew it in earth let it do its thing just planted my next ones so so sweet and the smell I think any one who buys this will smile after a smoke and think Thank you nature


    5 / 5
    alfonso on 19-1-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Very good to smoke and easy to grow.

    Sensi seeds

    5 / 5
    Chris Stanley on 14-1-2015 | Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds

    This seed company is amazing there strains are very good which i miss dearly there price for what they sell is top notch there rotterdam cafe & kiosk are very central & convienant & the staff are down to earth & they do not violently force you to buy there products it would be amazing to see a chain of Sensi cafes & kiosks open in England & the rest of the u.k. but as i know the royal family stop it getting legalised every time there is a real need for this to be decrimanlised here urgently.THIS STRAIN SENSI SKUNK AUTOMATIC ON LINE LOOKS AMAZING ANOTHER WINNER ADDED TO MTHERE LIST OF PURE PERFECTION YET AGAIN!.

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