Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Cannabis Cup Winner
  • Temperate / Continental
  • Average height gain
  • Flowering 60 - 65 days
  • Yield Medium Yield
  • 80% Indica
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  • Description

    Sensi Seeds is proud to announce the third incarnation of one of our all-time top strains – feminized Super Skunk Automatic! For growers who are new to the scene, Super Skunk is one of the best all-round strains and one of the most consistent performers in the world of cannabis cultivation. Extremely potent and fast to flower; high-yielding and compact, this mostly-Indica strain ticks all the boxes for novice and experienced growers alike.

    Sensi Seeds’ feminised Super Skunk Automatic is a precise, multi-stage recombination of Skunk #1 and a carefully selected Afghani hash plant (the strain’s original parent plants) with one of our best-performing auto-flowering hybrids. The result is a cannabis variety which retains the qualities which have made Super Skunk so famous and well-loved, and adds the obvious advantages of an all-female, auto-flowering crop! Plants from seed are strong, vigorous and quite forgiving of the minor errors in cultivation that are often made by the first-time grower.

    As an auto-flowering cannabis strain, Super Skunk Automatic begins flowering at a predetermined time – usually around three to five weeks after seedlings emerge from the growing medium. The onset of blooming is not affected by the number of light-hours in a day, though naturally plants will perform better in a longer light cycle (14-18 hours per day) than a short one. Once started, flowering continues for seven to nine weeks, and Super Skunk Automatic will not revert to vegetative growth even in an irregular photoperiod.

    The various forms of Super Skunk are often grown indoors with lights, and can also flourish outdoors in a warm, temperate climate. Outdoors, especially in a cooler summer, Super Skunk Automatic’s auto-flowering capability allows her blooming period to be coordinated with the longest, brightest days of summer. This allows her buds and resin to develop in the sunny days of midsummer, rather than the rainier days of autumn.

    Super Skunk Automatic produces delicious, fat, fragrant buds which bristle with oversized calyxes and almost drip with resin!
  • Strain Reviews for Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

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    2 feminized 1 male

    5 / 5
    B. on 28-7-2016 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I bought sensi Ss auto in valparaiso Chile grew them in exterior mid summer the surprise was 1 male plant At the beggining i was pissed off! But later o realized i could breed them I have been growing all year round with my seed production Nice strain, not large producer, very good Taste

    Good weed

    5 / 5
    Sioney on 18-5-2016 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    My plant ?? is almost ready to harvest and the buds are humongous. Can't wait to Vape

    Looks beautiful

    5 / 5
    Asbel1992 on 25-4-2016 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Cant wait to taste it

    super skunk

    4 / 5
    william on 23-3-2016 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Mix it whit ak47 and you have warlock a wining cannabi cup

    Super skunk

    5 / 5
    Fil on 8-3-2016 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds


    Awesome Genetics

    5 / 5
    Pat Garrett on 25-1-2016 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I grew sensi auto super skunk in my last grow. Results were amazing compared to some of the other big name seed breeders, the sense had larger and tighter buds. With the buds looked like they had rolled in a sugar bowl. It was just trichomes on top of trichomes even out the stem on the sugar leaves. I've never seen resin production equaled in any auto strain and I've grown about everything out there. The plant reached about 1.2 meters and produced over 250 grams of rock hard buds. It was a simple grow of 400 watt led in 3 gallon smart pot with 50% coco and 50% plagron light mix. Nutrients were Sensi grow ph perfect both grow and bloom. Light schedule was 20/4 with plant being harvested on day 65. Taste was both earthy and pine. As to smell you might want to consider triple bagging, being some of the most pungent cannabis ever grown. High is soaring if you get to carried away it will leave you couch locked and feeling good. Also very good for chronic pain and PTSD as I'm a ex Marine and it definitely helps. I was going to keep trying different strains, but now I've only one to think about. Sensi Super Skunk. Thanks sensi for doing a excellent job. I'm reordering today. Kind Regards

    Çok iyi

    5 / 5
    Yokkkk on 22-1-2016 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Süper alin

    Strains are awesome

    5 / 5
    Eric j on 2-11-2015 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Really like the choice in strains from begginers to experience grower.. Sensi seeds is the first and only place i go to

    trop forte

    5 / 5
    kahil on 7-8-2015 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    plante trop forte c trop cool et trop cool comme site et facile

    trop forte

    5 / 5
    kahil on 7-8-2015 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    plante trop forte c trop cool

    Service second to none!!

    5 / 5
    MaddHatter on 22-7-2015 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Recently been getting fed up with shady deals getting more expensive so looked into growing in my greenhouse. I've dabbled in growing bag seed in the past but just for fun really. Having read about autos I got really excited at the prospect of growing my own quality smoke on the cheap. I ordered 3seeds on Wednesday last week and they arrived yesterday (Tuesday) really really happy with how quick they came and after opening the plain white envelope was very impressed with the slick sext packaging! Will report back on the success of my northern uk greenhouse grow,full marks for Sensi service though I am already pouring over their 'menu' for my next purchase.

    Amazingly easy to grow, perfect for beginners

    5 / 5
    Grusel B. Auer on 6-7-2015 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    This is my very first attempt at growing. I've been a long time fan of the herb, but always thought the grow process to be this magically complex, incredibly unforgiving task best left up to those with any kind of affinity to plants. Seems I was wrong. After careful consideration of many different strains and variations, I chose to buy ten of these babies. I started off and nearly killed the seeds by burying them in 10cm of soil. A friend told me that wasn't a good idea, so I removed 9cm. A day later they all sprouted. Two weeks under light and they were ready to be put into the wild. Now they just started flowering and I can see them grow in size _significantly_ every time I visit my spot. Not just a bit, no. They make giant leaps. I'm beginning to think that buying ten seeds at once was grotesquely overestimating just how much I need. But, well, not the worst scenario to end up having too much bud, eh? :D I'm growing in the pre-Alpine area of Central Europe and chose a spot with plenty of stinging nettles around, which I was told were indicative of good soil. So far I have probably invested less than ten hours total in my grow and with the lights for indoor upbringing around 200eur total. For what I am now expecting to harvest, that's almost nothing. Why am I writing this? Because you need to go ahead and give growing a try. It's not hard and you'll have so much fun. Thanks Sensi, your seeds rock :)


    5 / 5
    Im Stonerbudgold on 12-4-2015 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    100% nice quality nugget buds good timing also 2 thumbs up

    PhD Quality Strain

    5 / 5
    Maharsi Bodhi on 4-4-2015 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I've taken numerous university lectures in Plant Physiology, understand the molecular level of growth and the importance of far red light in the flowering process. None of that matters, these autos just need a little nitro and some love. Amazing product, can't wait to try out others!

    Great genetics!

    5 / 5
    Fiona on 29-3-2015 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    The guys at sensi seeds were great at giving advice on what type of plant would suit you best depending on your taste and your weather conditions (if you rather grow outdoors), I got so lost with all these much options, I have grown plants several times but I am not an expert and certainly want them ready as fast as possible (isn't it so hard to wait for normal plants 4 or 5 months?) I only had one automatic plant before this one, and even though it was smaller, I was so super in love with it, it looked beautiful, smelled amazing, had no bugs or any trouble, and tasted so sweet, fruity and soft. This plant got absobloodylutely all my atention.. Then I smoked it and it was gone with the wind... Buuuuuut, yeyeyeaaaasss, I went to amsterdam years after that and remember how good this was, so they suggested the super skunk, I am so happy with it, it tastes so good, it was easy to grow, it hits a lot but doesn´t leave you stupid, I want a lot more!!!! So guys go take your chance right now, a very good price and quality, don't miss the summer and go ahead asap!!!!

    sensi skunk auto

    5 / 5
    russell horton on 18-3-2015 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    A truly beautiful lady which left me amazed and wanting more I expected nothing less from the number 1 seed bank .Thank you for all the hard work now anyone can truly grow quality.

    Easy to grow, great yield, strong Indica high

    5 / 5
    Ace on 25-1-2015 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Very easy to grow, awesome yield, and cheap! So, if you are a beginner (which I was), this is one of the best you can start with. Even though it says 80% Indica, it is not an absolute couch-lock. While you will be lazy to play any sport, you can enjoy quite a bit doing other things. Basically, if you love the Indica high, I would totally recommend this. The only small downside to growing this is that it has a stronngg smell. While it will taste good, you will have to be careful about that.

    Pretty Nice

    5 / 5
    mahrijan on 12-1-2015 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    I grew it last spring to summer, outdoors, northern germany, first time grow. Was easy as f. really.i mean yh i gave em love, chilled a lot with the ladies spoke to them n shit but in the end it paid off and i got the best outdoor homegrown weed ive ever seen, crystal buds and a yield of i dont know, maybe around 80 grams, so not too much of 3 plants. but this plant is defo easy. i didnt use any fertalizing stuff or anything, just bio.

    Great strain for a beginner grower,experience in smoking recomended!yes!

    5 / 5
    Corrupt on 16-4-2014 | Super Skunk Automatic Seeds

    Very easy to grow,the plant itself looks beautiful , dark green shiny leaves,small enough to work with but big enough to yield satisfaction,sticky with resin that smells like old school black hash on my fingers but very smooth on my lungs,great choice of pack size to suit all budgets.All with Sensi Seeds excellent service.Thanks xx

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