Super Skunk® Seeds

  • Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds
  • Cannabis Cup Winner
  • Temperate / Continental
  • Average height gain
  • Flowering 45 - 50 days
  • Yield Heavy Yield
  • 80% Indica
10 seeds
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  • Description

    Taking the Skunk family back to its Afghani roots, Super Skunk adds flavour, weight and potency to the always-reliable Skunk #1. Despite being released three years after Shiva Skunk, Super Skunk qualifies as the first serious project to breed a next-level cannabis hybrid from the groundbreaking SK#1. Experimental Afghan-Skunk hybrids are featured in the very first Seed Bank catalogues and the breeding project aimed at finding the perfect Afghani genotype to match Skunk #1 goes back further still.

    Throughout the Super Skunk project, Sensi breeders aimed to create a strain whose commercial potential, potency and hybrid vigour had never been seen before. Over the years, a large number of Afghani cultivars were crossed with both males and females of the true-breeding Skunk #1. Many wonderful plants were produced, though never with exactly the blend of qualities sought by the project. The achievements in cannabis hybridisation made in the late Eighties meant that the standards for professional ganja were steadily moving upwards which, naturally, raised the bar for what was expected from the Super Skunk program.

    It was the expansion of the Sensi Seed Bank gene library at the end of that decade - in particular, the range of fresh Afghanica cultivars which became available to Sensi breeders – that made the current version of our Skunk-Afghani hybrid possible. In 1990, Super Skunk in its final form was released to great acclaim, picking up the mostly-Indica Cannabis Cup straight away.

    Super Skunk’s performance remains unchanged to this day, always living up to her super vigorous, super potent and super fragrant reputation. With just a little encouragement, females build colossal, crystalline colas indoors or in the greenhouse. Super Skunk bears the rare distinction of being one of the only cannabis strains that may require more experience to smoke than she does to grow!
  • Strain Reviews for Super Skunk® Seeds

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    Simply The Best

    5 / 5
    Pete Mong on 3-3-2016 | Super Skunk® Seeds

    Just finished taking down my plants which started from seeds purchased here and I am over the moon with the result. I've been smoking for years and this has blown me away. Just make sure you don't fall victim to chopping to early and you will be in heaven. Evil smelling,Big buds full of pods covered in dust and when you light up.....Big hit in the middle of the chest.....Perfect

    58days on 12/12 and counting?

    4 / 5
    I'm 58. Cancer Survivor. Electric Gypsy. Lifetime Toker. Wannabe Writer. Flower and Veg Grower. on 1-3-2016 | Super Skunk® Seeds

    I've been looking for the trichomes to get an amber eye but although very cloudy no eye? I have given only water since I last fed on Day42. It is 7ft. tall. Was veged for 42 days on HPS, (due to auto grow going on). Used H & G Bat Special and all of the Samurai nutes:- silicon, roots,grow, bloom, boost, cal/mag, pk 13 and dragon force. I also used super thrive at re-potting and as an occasional tonic. I let the tap water sit for 24hrs., and matched the temperature of the water to that of the medium so no shock occurs when applied to the compost. I removed the lower 4x pairs of branches as I could not illuminate that far through the canopy and so would have been a waste. So the bottom 24inch of main stem is bare. I cant wait for amber-day, but how long would it take to turn from cloudy to amber?

    Great strain

    5 / 5
    Robert on 20-8-2015 | Super Skunk® Seeds

    I was given 2 seeds of the super skunk and put them in my permaculture garden and my god its 10 feet tall 8 feet wide looks like a tree at this point and needs little to no water. Think I watered twice this year so far.


    5 / 5
    Majestyk on 21-7-2015 | Super Skunk® Seeds

    I have been a grower for 37 years, Sensi Seeds are some of the best I have found. Super Skunk is my go to, fun to grow, great to smoke. A must try.

    A good smoke and a strong plant

    5 / 5
    Richard Ellicott on 18-3-2015 | Super Skunk® Seeds

    Super skunk was the first plant I had success with, since then all i have grown pretty much is Sensi Skunk varieties. The most endearing characteristics is the ease of growth and rewarding potency given how easy they are. Based on my experience I can confirm premium strains potency, like Jack Herer, when grown through medi distro are insane..... however, Super Skunk and skunks weight/effort/time/reward ratio is ****ing insane. Even if Jack Herer is twice the potency, you can turn your larger skunk plants into resin. Early on I found Sensi Seeds super skunk rescued my growing efforts in the "single seed, single fem" tiny closet situation I found myself in. I one day really want to expand my growing experience but at the moment I rely on a Skunk variety. For further reflection on my smoking experience, skunks are not actually the tourist buds grown in Amsterdam like "orange bud", further do they benefit from hydro and lights not being left outside.... so this is not actually the weakest form of cannabis this is skunk, it is intended to be strong (but i think not compromising on yield).. it is what it is!


    5 / 5
    I'm 46 yrs old with enough experience to know when I'm onto a good thing. on 2-2-2015 | Super Skunk® Seeds

    Ive been a smoker for more years than most people have been alive. What can I say apart from pure head rocker with a nice behind the eyes heaviness. You may have to try something less potent if this is your first time. Finnishes in 7 n half weeks bloom with 3 weeks of grow added on but well worth the wait nice yield especially using hydro (red pellets in 10 lye buckets with a drip feed.

    Super skunk

    5 / 5
    Markush on 23-9-2014 | Super Skunk® Seeds

    Hello. Superskunk, what more to say? Very easy to grow, likes less water though. A bit more sensitive than skunk #1, and with 45 days you´re going to get ripped off, it needs at least 60 days. Not as smelly on the odor side as some S.#1 can be. I wouldn´t go to the point of saying it is as forgiving as skunk#1, and you shouldn´t just grow it like one, but have a closer attention to watering, light (its not big on low lighting, keep these right under the lamp if growing other strains, andor rotate as possible. It can grow or thicken a bud in 2 days under a lamp what it doesn´t for weeks just 2,5f away from the light source) and to fert´ing (Tolerates nitrogen better than the S#1). Thrives on organic growing, definately better. Very sweet, fruity taste and very smooth if properly flushed and cured. A must to anyones collection.

    easy to grow with super great productive plant

    5 / 5
    male heavy smoker only weed, love this stuff , sensi seeds are the best' packaged great, and great prices on 8-7-2014 | Super Skunk® Seeds

    One of my favorites , great smoke , head in the clouds buzz, you got to try it.

    easy to grow with super great productive plant

    5 / 5
    male heavy smoker only weed, love this stuff , sensi seeds are the best' packaged great, and great prices on 8-7-2014 | Super Skunk® Seeds

    One of my favorites , great smoke , head in the clouds buzz, you got to try it.

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