Sensi Skunk® Seeds

  • Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds
  • Cannabis Cup Winner
  • Temperate / Continental
  • Average height gain
  • Flowering 45 - 50 days
  • Large Yield
  • 80% Indica
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  • Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds
  • Cannabis Cup Winner
  • Temperate / Continental
  • Average height gain
  • Flowering 45 - 50 days
  • Large Yield
  • 80% Indica
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  • Description

    This solid, succulent, citrus twist on the Skunk line is a fine addition to anyone’s grow-room or garden. Sensi Skunk was the third strain launched in 1991 to celebrate the expansion of the Sensi Seed Bank gene library from world-class to world-beating status.

    When selecting parents for this hybrid, Sensi breeders had three main objectives. First, a high-potency strain whose price and ease of cultivation put it within reach of anyone and everyone who might be interested in growing. While Skunk strains offered those qualities, some had been available for many years, so the next requirement was a new and distinct Skunk hybrid - one which could match Skunk #1’s excellent quality and performance while offering a clearly different experience to the smoker

    Third - and perhaps most important — the new strain had to live up to the Sensi name, since it was to be part of her official title. Sensi Skunk achieves those goals with ease and, in several respects, greatly exceeds them. The perennial favourite Skunk #1 was infused with a secret, super-sweet parent plant of outstanding potency to create Sensi Skunk - a uniform, reliable, deliciously sticky strain producing larger calyxes and shorter pistils than Skunk #1.

    European Skunks are often noted for being sweeter and less pungent than their North American counterparts and Sensi Skunk takes this variation to new extremes with an attention grabbing sugary-citrus Skunk bouquet that’s uniquely different from the regular Skunk funk.

    Quick to bloom, thick-budding and potent enough to surprise even a jaded smoker, Sensi Skunk is also very forgiving when growing and flowering, making her a strain that is actually quite difficult to mess up. A solid performer under lights or in the greenhouse, Sensi Skunk can also flourish when grown outdoors below about 42oN
  • Strain Reviews for Sensi Skunk® Seeds

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    First time grower with ms

    5 / 5
    Laza on 22-12-2016 | Sensi Skunk® Seeds

    Hi im first time grower it took 5 months to grow due to lighting only got about a ounce but WOW i really ill with multiple sclerosis and wat i bought from people was nothing like what ive grown with sensi seed skunk it had a totally different feelin and on my pain 100% better wow now going try purple bud.

    The Perfect Plant

    5 / 5
    Green Cyclops on 9-9-2016 | Sensi Skunk® Seeds

    I bought 5 seeds of Sensi Skunk at the Sensi Seed bank in Amsterdam. Very clear service, I had asked for a strain that was easy to grow outdoors and indoor, as I had no equipment (lights, etc etc). I took two seeds of Sensi Skunk and 2 Seeds of Northern Lights, all four sprouted and where put into small pots of quality soil. After 10 days I transplanted them into larger pots of about 20 litres each. One 400 watt Led double light (red & blue) plus two 1500 lumen white warm LCD bulbs for the lighting. The skunk grew fast and tall (about 130 cm each and the northern lights are 60 and 100 cm) I cut the main grow stem to get multiple shoots, this could be done earlier as the plants are very fast growers and would make more branches, for more colas... After 5 weeks I turned the timer from 18/6 to 12/12 hours and on week 6 the first flowers appeared, all were female plants. During the vegetative and half of the flowering period I used seaweed extract bio and later (flowering) bloom bio. The good point is the smell is not overwhelming, which keeps the entire grow secret. Removing bottom leafs, and using a tressle to support the plants as the buds grew, everything was easy and exciting. I flushed the plants two times and now in a few days time it will be harvest day ! Each plant has 3 large colas and about 20 - 30 decent buds. I'm guessing that each Sensi Skunk should produce minimum 80 gms dry and the Northern lights 50 gms dry.

    Fast shooting

    4 / 5
    Mr J on 4-8-2016 | Sensi Skunk® Seeds

    I recommend topping or LST. This girl shoot up so fast that it need handling if you want maximize the yeld (because otherwise you will only get one or two big colas and lot of small nugs). Flowering takes around 55-64 days in tent (12/12 under 1000w hps). Only 1 pheno is ready 55 days.. Good all day smoke. Nice taste and also soft smoke..


    5 / 5
    Adamtash on 10-6-2016 | Sensi Skunk® Seeds

    A classic favorite, put 5 seeds in, all cracked and sprouted to healthy seedlings. A hard plant to muck up very forgiving. 10/10

    Lots of Flavor

    5 / 5
    Illest Peaceful on 28-11-2015 | Sensi Skunk® Seeds

    10/10 flavor and the color really brings it out

    My favourite one

    5 / 5
    Gragoon on 5-11-2015 | Sensi Skunk® Seeds

    Big, thick, super sticky, lovely smelling buds. Absolutely the best plant I have ever grown. It really seemed that you cannot fuck up with this one. Sensi Skunk allways provided good and big yield, no matter what. If I would have to choose one to live with, It would be this one. Love it!

    good stuff

    4 / 5
    ville on 1-11-2015 | Sensi Skunk® Seeds

    Cant go wrong with one.

    its georgious

    5 / 5
    john on 23-10-2015 | Sensi Skunk® Seeds

    itn really nice


    5 / 5
    Kushmaster69 on 26-5-2015 | Sensi Skunk® Seeds

    I love kush

    lovin this

    5 / 5
    pecks on 10-4-2015 | Sensi Skunk® Seeds

    Was nervous at first coz they were so cheap but worth every penny I will keep this for a good while

    Great meds

    5 / 5
    Rj on 10-3-2015 | Sensi Skunk® Seeds

    Best on the market by far

    great for beginners, no matter what you will has be a good harvest

    5 / 5
    Manny Fresh on 8-12-2014 | Sensi Skunk® Seeds

    Over water, and you still have a good crop

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