Alan Dronkers talks cannabis and more in this CNN video

Cannabis Liberation Day is always a festive and educational experience. 2017 saw a new feature, the Cannabis University, a large, modern tent able to host a good sized audience. To get this off to a flying start, Cannabis News Network’s Steven Kompier presented guests including Alan Dronkers; now you can watch the full video of his talk!

Alan Dronkers is known with both affection and respect as the Sensi Seeds family historian. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the cannabis plant in general, and the varieties of Sensi Seeds in particular! In this video, Alan participates in a live question and answer session on the state of cannabis in the Netherlands. As the Dutch system teeters between repression and tolerance (still not acceptance!) and the giant agricultural multinationals turn their attention to the financial profits of patenting cannabis seed strains, voices of experience and reason are needed more urgently than ever.

We hope you are both entertained and educated by this video. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and stay tuned for more videos from the Cannabis University at Cannabis Liberation Day!


4 thoughts on “Alan Dronkers talks cannabis and more in this CNN video”

  1. Michel Alessi

    I think that it is great for somebody to ear those things, without having the possibilities of being there. The right defense for smokers throughout the right truly
    information….this guy is great, let him know…

  2. How can the big industry have a monopoly on seeds, you cannot take a monoply on something that is god given.

  3. Of course he is right, so was the late Jack Herer and without people like this to guide and educate the masses, then big pharm takes over and this small planet/garden will be lost to the greedy few who so far control the masses.
    Long live Sensiseeds and good people like them

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