The Best Coffeeshop in Amsterdam

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The Amsterdam coffeeshop and seed bank scene is a tight community. Sensi Seeds is lucky enough to count a lot of friends and partners across the beautiful city, and we like to give them a shout-out as often as we can. Amsterdam visitors, grab your notepads, and don’t forget to visit the cozy, Coffeeshop Club Media to get a taste of their amazing selection.

Coffeeshop Club Media recently won the title of Best Coffeeshop in Amsterdam and, just looking at its cannabis menu, it’s easy to see why. Offering a selection of top quality weed and superb hashish – some of which have also won awards in recent contests – Club Media is one of the best coffeeshops in town, even if considered solely on the strength of its smoke!

On top of that, the friendly vibe, comfortable premises and central location in one of Amsterdam’s most gezellige neighbourhoods make this new-generation coffeeshop stand out from the crowd of dingy, neon-lit establishments that once defined the weed scene in Amsterdam.

Where to find Club Media

Coffeeshop Club Media can be found at Gerard Doustraat 85, 1072 VN Amsterdam, just a few tram stops south of Centraal Station and right next to the famous Albert Cuyp markets in De Pijp. This beautiful, historic area has always been a defining part of Amsterdam’s character and is currently one of its fashionable up-and-coming neighbourhoods.

From the frenetic activity of the Albert Cuypstraat markets, it’s a very short stroll to the welcoming atmosphere of Coffeeshop Club Media. Stepping inside, visitors are presented with the cannabis bar, much like a reception desk. This is ideal for anyone who wants to make a quick stop, pick up some excellent weed or hash and continue their walk – perhaps to nearby Sarphati Park or the neighbouring Museum District.

The entrance to Coffeeshop Club Media

Customers who would like a place to sit down and unwind with their cannabis of choice are invited into the inner sanctuary of Coffeeshop Club Media. It’s a comfortable, clean, open space – something like a friend’s living room or a good café and nothing at all like a loud, dimly-lit smokers’ den.

Award winning weed menu

The weed menu changes regularly and always features between 10 and 20 top quality, expertly chosen cannabis varieties, divided into Indica and Sativa. For fans of Sensi Seed Bank varieties, Coffeeshop Club Media has a very special advantage – they usually have at least one or two genuine Sensi Seeds strains on their bud menu!

Amnesia Haze could be the top strain on Club Media’s menu right now, as it just won Best Organic Sativa (1st Place Haze, Aarde) in Amsterdam’s HighLife awards. It’s a fantastically resinous bud with fat calyxes and a huge, uplifting high.

The Sensi Seeds Silver Haze on the current menu is another sativa hybrid that’s dripping with trichomes and is as delicious as their Amnesia Haze. Naturally, Club Media always has several amazing strains on offer, including a beautiful Champagne Haze that’s as sweet and sticky as its namesake.

Notable buds on the indica menu include OG Kush, Blue Dream and real Sensi Seeds Super Skunk – another classic variety whose flavour and potency outclasses most modern hybrids.

Hash menu

The hashish menu is similarly well-rounded, featuring a range of blonde Moroccan ‘polm’ types, some very special black Afghan hash and Nepali charas, plus super-potent Dutch Ice-o-lator (water-purified cannabis resin).

Possibly the most interesting items here are the Afghan Polm (exclusive to Club Media) and their gorgeously smooth Caramellow which won an award for traditional hashish at the HighLife awards.

Coffeeshop Club Media was awarded Best Coffeeshop in Amsterdam because it embodies the elements that everyone wants in a coffeeshop – a chilled, positive place to enjoy getting high with friends; hospitable and knowledgeable staff who can offer advice on a suitable smoke; great music and a selection of drinks and snacks; and, above all an excellent selection of cannabis!


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      If you mean Club Media, this is the address: Gerard Doustraat 85, 1072 VN Amsterdam and from Dam Square you can take Tram 24 to Marie Heinekenplein and then it’s about a three minute walk. If you mean Sensi Seeds, you can find directions to the Seedbank (and our other shops) here:

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