by Martijn on 01/08/2016 | Cannabis Videos

CannaZapp #11: cannabis and lyrics

CannaZapp Welcome to a new episode of CannaZapp! This time the CannaZapp remote control is programmed to present you with some interesting lyrics about cannabis, of course. Check them out!

There is a strong and long lasting relationship between cannabis and creativity. Many artists claim they were inspired by the cannabis plant while creating art or writing music. And some of them even included references to the plant into their work. In order to express their love for cannabis, to promote the uses of the plant, or to fight cannabis prohibition.

This episode of CannaZapp presents cannabis and lyrics; music tracks that contain lyrics about cannabis. Some of them are from usual suspects, such as Cypress Hill. But do you know all the other ones? Present the whole list of artists in a blog post comment, and win eternal fame!

CannaZapp is produced by Sensi Seeds and will present segments from past and present day alike, in order to shed light upon those who have brought the cannabis plant to where it is today.

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