The Best Temperature to Vape Weed

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In recent years, vaping weed has become increasingly popular among cannabis enthusiasts. As more people discover the benefits of vaporizing over smoking, it’s important to understand the science behind the process and the ideal temperatures for different cannabis products. This article will cover the perfect temperatures for flowers, hash, and concentrates.

What is vaporizing?

Cannabinoids and terpenes react to different temperatures, and the act of vaporizing heats cannabis buds without combusting them, producing a fine and smooth vapour when inhaled. This method is considered a safer alternative than sparking up a joint, and all vaporizers have different settings for different temperatures.

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Vaporizers are available in various shapes and sizes, catering to diverse user preferences. At one end of the spectrum are desktop-style vaporizers, such as the world-renowned Volcano by Storz and Bickel, designed for home use and typically require a power outlet. These devices are known for their precision temperature controls, efficient heating systems, and large vapour production.

On the other end of the spectrum are handheld battery-powered devices such as portable vape pens. These devices are compact, discreet, and easy to use, making them popular for on-the-go vaping. They come in various shapes and sizes and are usually equipped with a rechargeable battery, a heating element, and a chamber for loading the cannabis material.

In addition to these, hybrid vaporisers combine the portability of a handheld device with the power of a desktop vaporizer. These devices are designed for users who want the best of both worlds and offer a compromise between portability and functionality. Ultimately, the choice of vaporizer depends on personal preference, lifestyle, and budget.

What is the ideal temperature to vape cannabis?

Whether you’re an experienced user or new to vaporizing, finding the best settings for dry flowers and concentrates can enhance your cannabis experience. Cannabis concentrates come in various forms, such as hash or oil, and are produced by separating the trichomes from the plant. Understanding the best temperatures helps to ensure a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. So let’s explore the optimal temperature for dry flowers and concentrates together.

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The best temperature setting for dry flower

When ground up, cannabis buds expose the maximum amount of surface area, making them ideal for vaporizing. Aim for a temperature between 160-200°C (356-392°F), as this will meet the optimal boiling points for terpenes and cannabinoids. Avoid going over 220°C (428°F), as this can degrade the THC content. Always remember that lower temperatures typically produce the best flavour.

The best temperature setting for hash

When it comes to vaping hash, it’s essential to choose the right temperature to activate the cannabinoids and get the most out of your experience. Generally, the ideal temperature range for vaping hash is between 210-220°C (390-428°F). This temperature range ensures that the cannabinoids are activated to their fullest potential.

The best temperature setting for oils

When it comes to vaping cannabis oil, it’s recommended to start with a lower temperature range of 160-200°C (356-392°F). This temperature range allows the oil to vaporize slowly, providing a smooth and flavourful experience that lets you enjoy the unique terpene profiles. As with any vaping experience, it’s important to start low and gradually work your way up to find the perfect temperature that suits your personal preference.

The best temperature for dabbing

Thanks to the innovation of glass blowers, dab rigs have become increasingly popular over the last few years. These glass rigs are specially designed for smoking cannabis extracts and have gained a reputation for being an efficient and flavourful way to enjoy concentrates. But be warned; they are known to be much more potent than a regular dab pen or a desktop vaporizer.

  • Lower temperatures, typically around 150°C – 230°C (300°F – 450°F), preserve terpenes and offer a smoother, flavourful experience.
  • Medium temperatures around 230°C – 315°C (450°F – 600°F) strikes a balance between flavour and vapour production, offering terpene taste and potent cannabinoid effects.
  • High-temperature dabbing around 315°C (600°F) and above is popular among those seeking a potent rush. It produces massive smoke clouds and leads to vigorous and immediate effects.

Temperature guide and boiling points

Different compounds present in the cannabis plant are activated at different temperatures. Therefore, finding the right temperature to get the desired effects is crucial. For instance, lower temperatures, at around 150°C, can create a more uplifting and energizing high, while higher temperatures, at about 220°C, can produce a more relaxing and soothing effect.

Although the two most well-known cannabinoids are THC and CBD, there are other cannabinoids present in the plant. The table below shows the different temperatures required for cannabinoid activation.

Cannabinoids activation temperature chart in green, blue and white colour

Cannabinoids activation temperature chart

CannabinoidTemp in °CTemp in °F
Delta 9 THC157°C315°F
Delta 8 THC177°C350°F

Terpenes temperature chart

Many people are curious about terpenes and how they affect our vaporizing experience. It is a great question! Terpenes are volatile aromatic compounds found in many plants, including cannabis. They are responsible for the unique scents and flavours of different cannabis strains. It is worth noting that terpenes are not exclusive to cannabis, as they can also be found in fruits, vegetables, and other plants.

When it comes to vaporizing cannabis, terpenes can significantly impact the overall experience. Different terpenes have different effects on the body and mind. Some terpenes, such as myrcene, have a sedative effect, while others, such as limonene, are uplifting and energizing. Terpenes can also affect the way THC and other cannabinoids interact with our bodies. Check out the table below for a complete guide.

TerpenesTemp in °CTemp in °F
A- Pinene155°C311°F

Top tips for vaping

Below are our top tips to consider on the road to vaping!

1. Avoid cheap vape pens

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When you walk into a vaping shop, you can quickly become overwhelmed with all the different vape pens available. Some are thin, pen-sized and discreet, while others may appear chunky. Investing in a reputable brand is a great tip to guarantee optimal results and maximise your cannabis flower or extract. Cheap vaporizers can produce uneven heat and produce harsh, unpleasant vapour.

2. Take advantage of the entourage effect

A person holding a vaporizer showing 150 celsius and dried cannabis flowers in the background

Vaporizing cannabis at lower temperatures, around 150°C, can be an effective way to experience the entourage effect. This phenomenon occurs when compounds, like cannabinoids and terpenes, work together to enhance each other’s effects. Lower temperatures can avoid degrading some of the more delicate compounds, such as terpenes, which are responsible for the distinctive aroma and flavour of cannabis. Remember, there is more to cannabis than THC!

3. Grind your flower

A person holding grinded cannabis in a silver grinder

It’s worth noting that grinding your flower into a fine mix before preparing your vaporizer chamber can significantly enhance your experience. This is because it produces more surface area, releasing more cannabinoids and terpenes during vaporization. As a result, you can enjoy a more potent and flavourful experience. Make sure to use a grinder to achieve a finer mix and unlock the full potential of your cannabis flower.

4. Don’t overload your chamber

Black vaporizer with overloaded chamber against the white background

When using a vaporizer, it is essential to avoid overloading the chamber, as this can lead to uneven heating and poor vapour quality. To ensure a satisfying experience, only load enough herb to cover the bottom of the chamber and leave some space for airflow. This way, the heat can be distributed evenly, and you can enjoy a smooth and consistent vapour.

5. Clean your vaporizer regularly

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Prioritising regular cleaning for your vaporizer is essential to maintain its performance and extend its lifespan. As you use your vaporizer, resin buildup can accumulate over time, compromising its functionality and affecting the vapour quality. To keep your vaporizer in top condition, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and use a recommended cleaning solution. After cleaning, allow it to dry completely before reassembling.

It is all about your vaping experience

Vaping weed has become much more socially acceptable. Not only do you not need to be concerned about carrying pungent-smelling flowers or a delicate dab rig, but vape pens are small and highly practical and as long as you have plenty of battery life, you can keep puffing!

It is important to remember to start with lower temperatures and work your way up when vaporizing cannabis. Keep in mind that the ideal temperature is a matter of personal preference. However, the most important thing is to have fun and explore the wide range of flavours that cannot be experienced when smoking joints.

  • Disclaimer:
    Laws and regulations regarding cannabis use differ from country to country. Sensi Seeds therefore strongly advises you to check your local laws and regulations. Do not act in conflict with the law.


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