7 Best Weed Strains in the UK

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The United Kingdom has arguably one of Europe’s worst climates for growing weed, with an average of 150 days of rainfall annually and short-lived summers. These unfavourable environmental conditions forced many growers to cultivate inside, leading to the prevalence of fast-flowering and compact indica strains.

Under the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971, cannabis has been listed as a Class B drug and carries penalties for those caught using, possessing, selling, or cultivating. Despite these strict laws, the cannabis scene in the UK continues to thrive. Many advocacy groups are pushing for cannabis law reform and help raise awareness nationwide about the benefits of cannabis and the need for change.

The summers in the UK are often short and humid, so there is a high demand for quick-flowering and mould-resistant properties within cannabis genetics. This is why Sensi Seeds specialises in developing robust and resilient strains, particularly popular among outdoor growers in the UK. However, those who cultivate indoors have greater flexibility regarding genetic choices, and using artificial lighting has led to a surge in high-quality products across the UK market.

And did you know? “Skunk” has become a catch-all term for potent weed strains, and British cannabis consumers often refer to strains as “flavours”. Knowing those little fun-facts, let’s check out seven of the UK’s favourites!

1. Stardawg

Stardawg cannabis flower against the blue and purple background

This sativa-dominant hybrid originated in the Bay Area of Northern California before crossing the Atlantic into the gardens of British cannabis enthusiasts. This weed strain has dominated the market for decades, and with an often limited market, if you are a seasoned smoker, you will have had your fair share of this robust cultivar.

Stardawg is a hybrid created from a meticulous cross between the loud, diesel-heavy Chemdawg 4 and the robust Tres Dawg. Its sativa lineage can cause this cultivar to reach medium heights, but many UK growers utilise training techniques such as LST, SOG, and SCROG to keep the plants compact. During flowering, Stardawg boasts deep green foliage complemented by deep orange pistils and tightly packed, resin-coated buds.

Stardawg flaunts a rich terpene profile that’s heavy in caryophyllene. It has a distinct musky aroma with a pungent, gassy aroma accompanied by loud notes of fresh pine, hashish and diesel. Stardawg is known for its uplifting cerebral high that stimulates the mind while enhancing motivation and concentration.

2. Blueberry Zkittlez

The United Kingdom has been dramatically influenced by Californian genetics, and genetics offering sweet fruity flavours have significantly increased in popularity. One such weed strain that has gained recognition among the cannabis community is Blueberry Zkittlez. Developed as part of our Sensi Seeds Research program by meticulous crossbreeding Blueberry, NL#5, Skunk Kush and Durban, it has been particularly favoured for its exceptional taste and straightforward cultivation process.

Blueberry Zkittlez cannabis flower against the blue and purple background

This cultivar is incredibly robust and resilient regarding mould development and pests. Throughout the foliage and buds during flowering, growers can expect to see stunning deep purple and blue hues thanks to the high concentrations of anthocyanins.

The terpene profile of Blueberry Zkittlez is incredibly vibrant. The fruity aroma of freshly harvested blueberries and grapefruit complements the delicate hints of pineapple and citrus mojito. Its tropical flavour is simply delightful. Blueberry Zkittlez delivers a well-rounded high that is perfectly balanced. It provides an uplifting, cerebral high with increased mental relaxation before dissipating into a soothing body buzz.

3. Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze cannabis flower against the blue and purple background

Lemon Hazes’ popularity grew throughout the early 2000s, earning its name as one of the UK’s most prolific weed strains. It is a potent, flavourful, sativa-dominant cultivar developed by crossing Lemon Skunk with Silver Haze. Its predominantly sativa morphology produces a tall, elegant plant with noticeable internodal gaps. It thrives in warm climates, producing conically shaped buds with olive-green foliage and amber pistils.

Like the classic Haze strain, growers must be prepared for a more extended flowering period, which can be challenging for some. However, Lemon Haze is known for its resilience against disease, making it a reliable choice for growers. For growers in the UK, utilising training techniques can help to maintain Lemon Haze’s manageable size and compact structure.

Popularised for its zesty characteristics, Lemon Haze has an unmatched flavour profile and a remarkable terpene composition. As you can expect, it has a refreshing aroma of freshly squeezed lemons and sherbert, leaving a succulently sweet aftertaste that lingers on your palette. In the foreground of the flavour profile are subtle hints of spicy charas and musky earth. The cerebral effects enhance focus and productivity while keeping users uplifted, euphoric and energetic.

4. Northern Lights

Northern Lights was named after the Aurora Borealis and has become the foundation for many classic hybrids. Its origins can be traced back to Washington, USA, where it was developed by an illusive breeder called “the Indian”. Neville then brought clones to the Netherlands, where Sensi Seeds enhanced its Afghan and Thai traits to create the Northern Lights we know today.

Northern Lights cannabis flower against the blue and red background

This indica-dominant hybrid is easy to grow and low-maintenance, making it perfect for beginners. Growers can expect an indica morphology with dense bud structures and a single apical cola from this powerhouse. It is a fast-flowering, compact cultivar with resilience against pests and unfavourable climates, making it an ideal weed strain in the UK.

The fragrance of this cultivar is quite strong, with a moist, earthy scent accompanied by hints of zesty citrus and spicy charas undertones from its Afghani heritage. Northern Lights can produce a profoundly calming high that eases the body’s muscles while keeping the users mind uplifted and at ease. However, it can be highly sedative if taken in high doses.

5. Cheese

Do you recall that cheesy, pungent cannabis variety that was popular during the 90s? That was Cheese, a Skunk #1 phenotype that had a distinctive and highly pungent aroma. Cheese significantly impacted the cultivation community in the UK during the early 90s and has been a favourite ever since.

Cheese cannabis flower against the blue and purple background

Cheese typically exhibits the characteristics of an indica. It has a compact and stocky appearance, with broad dark green leaves and swollen, dense buds. Although this cultivar thrives in warm Mediterranean climates, it can withstand temperature fluctuations and is the perfect addition for indoor and outdoor gardens.

Due to its impressive ancestry, it is a sturdy and resilient strain with dense foliage, making it an ideal candidate for pruning and training techniques. It is also a highly resinous cultivar and excellent for hash makers! However, it should be noted that Cheese is a highly potent weed strain to cultivate.

Cheese is widely known for its distinctly pungent terpene profile, which gives off strong scents of musk and skunk, with an aroma reminiscent of fresh cheddar. This cultivar is notorious for its potent aroma, so be prepared! It’s a well-balanced hybrid with traits of both indica and sativa. The high begins with a cerebral buzz that enhances creativity and concentration before transitioning into a calming, soothing effect on the body and mind. It offers the best of both worlds.

6. Purple Cookie Kush

Purple Cookie Kush cannabis flower against the blue and red background

Purple Cookie Kush was developed by crossbreeding Purple Kush with Girl Scout Cookies, resulting in a remarkable indica-dominant strain with a loud terpene profile that’s renowned for potency. Since introducing this powerhouse into our catalogue, we see it favoured among our UK customers.

The structure of Purple Cookie Kush is reminiscent of its parent strain, Girl Scout Cookies, with a compact, bushy appearance and dense foliage. The plant features elongated lateral branches with minimal internodal spacing. Once harvested, growers can expect to see a dense and compact bud structure adorned with an abundance of fiery orange pistils and a thick coating of trichomes.

The terpene profile is outrageously loud, featuring an aroma of freshly picked berries with tangy citrus that complement subtle hints of creamy gelato, charas, and moist earth. This strain provides a well-balanced and rounded high, increasing mental relaxation while producing a cheerful and soothing body buzz. Purple Cookie Kush could be the perfect strain if you’re looking for something to enhance your social functions or need a little pick-me-up throughout the day.

7. Sticky Orange XXL

Launched as part of the Sensi Seeds collection in 2023, Sticky Orange XXL has been the year’s best-seller, and we love seeing it cultivated across the United Kingdom. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid with a delightfully sweet fragrance and powerful effects. Its development involved outcrossing California Indica with Shiva Skunk, Gorilla Glue, and Maple Leaf Indica, resulting in a resilient and robust cultivar that exhibits common indica-like characteristics.

Sticky Orange XXL cannabis flower against the blue and red background

The buds are characterised by their olive-green colour, conical shape, covered in a frosting of trichomes and vibrant orange pistils. Sticky Orange XXL is hard to cultivate outdoors in the UK as it prefers a Mediterranean climate. However, it is an ideal weed strain for indoor cultivation with a guaranteed XL harvest.

Sticky Orange XXL produces an uplifting, cerebral high that can enhance mental clarity and creativity before transitioning into a soothing, long-lasting full-body stone. It has a high concentration of limonene, and its flavour profile is a delightful blend of tangy lemon and exotic tropical fruits with subtle hints of spicy undertones.

The best of Britain?

Cannabis plants growing indoors under artificial light

Regrettably, the cultivation and possession of weed are prohibited in the United Kingdom and directly impacts the range and quality of cannabis genetics available to consumers. However, despite stringent regulations, the UK cannabis scene is thriving, and many people now support cannabis reform due to its potential economic and medicinal benefits. With worldwide legalisation on the rise, it is hoped that more genetic variations will become more widely accessible for our British enthusiasts!

  • Disclaimer:
    Laws and regulations regarding cannabis cultivation differ from country to country. Sensi Seeds therefore strongly advises you to check your local laws and regulations. Do not act in conflict with the law.


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  1. Sticky Orange XXL is my new favourite! I grew it on my balcony in Spain, now growing in the UK under lights. Both grows quick and easy, love it!

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    2. Yes. I’m growing three of these outdoors in a greenhouse in southern England. They’re going very well considering it’s only April and the uk weather is typically unpredictable

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