Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Cannabis Cup Winner
  • Sunny / Mediterranean
  • Compact plant
  • Flowering 45 - 50 days
  • Heavy Yield
  • 90% Indica
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  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Cannabis Cup Winner
  • Sunny / Mediterranean
  • Compact plant
  • Flowering 45 - 50 days
  • Heavy Yield
  • 90% Indica
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  • Description

    As far back as the Eighties, Northern Lights was setting the standard by which other Indicas are still judged and she remains one of the most trusted names and sought-after varieties in modern cannabis culture. For many years, Northern Lights dominated the various harvest festivals, winning cup after cup, leading to more than one request that she be retired from competition in order to allow other strains a shot at the title.
    With this new Northern Lights, the legendary Afghani Indica makes her debut as a feminized strain! With no need to identify and eliminate males, it’s never been easier to grow the definitive example of cannabis Indica - Northern Lights from Sensi Seeds.
    Like most of her family, Northern Lights Feminized is usually grown indoors, under lights, though this strain can also perform very well outdoors in a warm, sunny Mediterranean climate.
    Northern Lights Feminized continues the traditions of her classic ancestors; she produces fast, solid harvests with surprisingly little growing-odour. Nevertheless, her buds are sweetly fragrant and, due to their thick coating of THC-rich trichomes, remarkably powerful!
  • Strain Reviews for Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

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    50/50 undecided

    4 / 5
    Lucas on 23-11-2017 | Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

    Back again with a honest review of the finished product Grew 3 of these alongside sensi skunk 3 plants 3 phenos.. one was a dwarf plant didnt really grow much and hermied (reason unknown) Plant 2 was a very classic beautiful indica plant flowered fast and by week 4 i had to chop it down due to nanners (reason unknown) Even after 4 weeks it yielded a dry weight of 1.5oz Plant 3 was very lanky hardly any leave growth showed satvia traits. Worried the life out of me as it was my last plant out of 3. It made it happily to the end, and yielded 3.4oz dried Buts are covered in sparkling trichomes like glass. Almost as if it was put in a freezer. Dense frosty buds. Flavour unreal, really really nice!! Very superior smoke. Not as much of a couchlock strain as i would have thought. But believe me it will glue you to your chair if you over do it. Very good full on mind and body stone. Its a shame what happened thats nature for you. Sensi was very kind. Customer service second to none. Sent me out 3 more seeds amd gave me a discount code for my next order. I do feel like the hermie was genetic as i cant think what would have turnt them but i would not rule myself out as im not a master. We shall see. Still open minded

    Great so far

    5 / 5
    Lucas on 19-8-2017 | Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

    I bought 3 of these seeds alongside 3 sensi.. Ordered sunday arrived tuesday, all 6 germinated by friday and potted ... seeds had all sprouted 2 days later and have had there second leaves in a week since then. Within 2 weeks of ordering i have had them delivered to the uk.. germinated, sprouted and showing 2nd leaves in 13 days. Sensi seeds are by far the best. They are all so bloody healthy! Maybe ppl will argue to early but i have transplanted into bigger pots already as was no point wasting time.. so now i have them in 3litre pots.. no sign of shock or stumped growth..i would like to add that these are beefing up noticeably more than the sensi skunk seeds and so far are showing exactly why you are paying that bit extra. Sensi should rebrand themselves seeds on steriods. Cant wait to order up some different strains from these guys ..A1

    Even A Schmuck Can Bring the Dank with This Strain

    5 / 5
    OldManJon on 4-7-2016 | Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

    I am a schmuck with a literal and figurative brown thumb. I made multiple mistakes during this grow, my first, from growspace construction, to environmental controls, to lighting, to having to transplant rootbound plants while in week 3 of flower (remember that bit about how this is the confession of a schmuck?), to overfeeding, stressing these poor girls out at least six different ways thoughout the grow. I patiently waited for ~90% milky trichomes, which took 9 weeks, but then screwed up the drying. Ambient humidity was <40% when hung. Added a humidifier the second day; it worked fine, BUT on day six of drying, humidity in the "drying" space had hit 79%, with condensation on the floor; killed the humidifier to let it air out, came back in to RH of 38% and every single stem saying "SNAP." *Sigh* At the end of drying it smelled like hay. But curing improved it. I took care with that part, using Boveda 62's in mason jars. After a week, it has a muffled odor, but once ground up, the smell is fantastic and intense: musky with a hint of lemon. The flavor is there, not great or enough of it, but it tastes good. I'd call it the minimal threshold of actual DANK, but it's dankish enough to differentiate it from schwag. I figure that when grown competently this must be phenomenal cannabis, but even a first-time schmuck of a grower could bring the dank with this strain. Thumbs up to Sensi Seeds!

    number one most powerfull

    5 / 5
    liam f on 8-5-2016 | Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

    number one but most powerfull beautiful aroma but subtle very powerful


    5 / 5
    Big Don Ger on 7-4-2016 | Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

    Delivered on time as ever , 100% germiniation, its hard to imagine a growroom without one or two of these beauties standing proudly in the corners, grow alonside some lower skunk, then bend them early flower stage to have a nice even full canopy, or better still just fill the room with them, dont be put off these by the height references often made with NORTHERN LIGHTS, its easy to control if you do encounter any stretching, when youve got a couple of jars full of 1st class smoke it was worth it, you can never get bored with this one. Thanks again SENSI SEEDS

    Old But Gold

    5 / 5
    MSP on 28-3-2016 | Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

    Northern Lights stands among the most famous strains of all time and shall always remain at the top of cannabis strains, to describe the taste feel and smell of this strain is simply impossible. One must experience and embrace it to know what I'm talking about, just do yourself a favour and purchase this stain.

    If in doubt give sensi seeds a shout

    5 / 5
    Shaun on 1-3-2016 | Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

    I actually purchased a packet of northern lights from sensi seeds shop in Amsterdam , I herd so much good about them I also brought a northern lights pack online from sensi seeds and another pack of mixed feminised sensi seeds the mixed pack jus for experimental and educational fun the northern all came through as did the mixed pack witch I did a few months later I was very impressed with the northern as a younger gardener it was hard for me to get my head around people saying such a old classic was still the best but now iv tried and tested it I will be trying a lot more classics and all from sensi seeds and the mixed packet was something else they also all came through I had only 2 small slim Sativa's witch caught up very well by the end and the rest was more than i could of asked for really bushy and more main colas than iv seen on any of mine or my friend gardens......I was wary wen buying my seeds so I chose wat I thought to be the best option being sensi seeds as they are more then established name , they are a foundation of the cannabis industry so..... If in doubt give sensi a shout

    Fantastic Strain if you are worried about Odour!

    4 / 5
    FrostySkunk on 11-1-2016 | Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

    Hi, I bought 2 packets of 10 Northern Lights Feminized seeds, and I ended up with 18 strong, healthy lady's. This was the first grow of mine for many years, and I was worried about the Odour during flower (this was my main reason for buying this strain). I grew all 18 Lady's in a 2.4m by 1.2m grow tent with x2 600w Sodium lights, x2 1m squared Hydroponics, & a Carbon filter. I had no need to be paranoid about the smell! I could stand outside the tent with my nose on the zips and not smell a thing! When I opened the doors it took about 10 seconds or so to be aware of any odour. Don't get me wrong after 10 seconds or so, you could smell a lovely Funky Odour, but it is nothing to worry about compared to other types I have grown in the past. When it is dried, they are nice and dense Buds, and the aroma matures some what (but is still not overpowering). The Nugs are covered in trichromes, sparkling like Diamonds under light. I would recommend this strain to all beginners, as it was easy and problem free to grow. I would also recommend Northern Lights to anyone who was concerned about Odour! Thanks Sensi as always for fantastic Quality and customer service! Regards FrostySkunk ;)

    Problem free From start to finish

    4 / 5
    Tazza on 4-12-2015 | Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

    All seeds germinated & all grew to maturity without incident. A compact plant with a good yield. Took 13 weeks from seed ( 9 in flower ). These plants go easy your scrubber, so maybe not the strongest smelling strain out there. However, when cured its subtle aroma is very pleasant which gives it a pretty good bag appeal and the High, just what the Doctor ordered.

    This is bomb stuff

    5 / 5
    Galaxia on 21-5-2015 | Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

    Had the opportunity to grow this plant and was well pleased with the huge nugs, and low growing odor. Two thumbs up

    If you're an indica fan this is the strain to try.

    5 / 5
    Mambo on 2-6-2014 | Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

    We've had the chance to grow this beatiful strain for the Mambo Social Club. She delivered in any way. All seeds germinated and we had no hermaphrodites among the plants. 100% female all the way. We grew 9 plants indoor under a 600w lamp using Biotabs nutrients and a Autopot watering system. The plants where fed once, for the rest we only watered them. We had big healthy plants with an excelent yield, both in quality as in weight and taste. This lady gets big dense buds full of crystals, in the last weeks the flowers will need some support. The Northern Lights is easy to grow and produces potent cannabis with a sweet and full aroma. The cannabis is top-notch smoking material after a few weeks of drying and curing. The effect is very relaxing and gets you in a happy mood. We now know why this strain has won so many cannabis awards. If you're an indica fan this is the strain to try.

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