7 Best Weed Strains in France

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The French terroir, known for its diversity and suitability for various agricultural crops, also offers favourable conditions for cannabis cultivation. Despite stringent restrictions, the cannabis community in France is flourishing. We have gathered a list of France’s top 7 most popular weed strains and cannot wait to share them with you!

Regions in southern France, such as Occitanie and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur bordering the Mediterranean coast, provide suitable conditions for outdoor cannabis cultivation with long hours of daylight in the summer months. Short-flowering or autoflowering varieties such as Purple Bud and Skunk #1 can potentially thrive in the northern, wetter regions, including Centre-Val de Loire and Île-de-France.

These strains are some of your favourites, and we cannot wait to share them with you. Let’s delve in and learn more about them!

1. Sensi Amnesia XXL

Sensi Amnesia XXL cannabis flower against the red and blue background

Sensi Amnesia XXL has undeniably become a modern-day classic, celebrated globally amongst the cannabis community since its induction into our Research collection in 2021. Sensi Amnesia XXL is a testament to our dedication to providing top-quality genetics. Through a meticulous breeding program involving backcrossing and crossbreeding the original Amnesia with a robust and resilient ruderalis, we were able to develop Sensi Amnesia XXL.

With a classic sativa morphology and a longer flowering period, Sensi Amnesia XXL can reach towering heights and is known for producing a bountiful yield. Additionally, its autoflowering traits make it an ideal choice for French growers seeking a fruitful harvest. Whether you are a novice or an experienced grower, Sensi Amnesia XXL is a perfect weed strain for your garden.

Sensi Amnesia XXL has a terpene profile reminiscent of the tropics, with zesty citrus and grapefruit notes that will make your mouth water. You might also notice hints of earth on the exhale, which can be attributed to the ruderalis influence. Like a classic sativa, users have shared that they experience a boost in mental clarity, creativity, and a sense of uplifting euphoria. The calming effects of indica lineage can provide a relaxing body buzz for a more tranquil experience.

2. Sticky Orange XXL

Sticky Orange XXL cannabis flower against the red and blue background

Sticky Orange XXL is one of the most sought-after strains in our collection, thanks to its exotic terpene profile. It has become a favourite among our French customers and is a must-try for any cannabis connoisseur. This strain results from crossbreeding three Sensi Seeds strains, California Indica, Shiva Skunk, and Maple Leaf Indica, with the potent Gorilla Glue. This delightful strain is not only easy to grow but also promises XL yields throughout France.

The indica-dominant lineage is reflected in its compact size, quick flowering period, and impressive yield. However, its sativa genetics are evident in its flavour profile, adding a distinctively sweet touch. The indica morphology of Sticky Orange XXL is apparent in its tightly-spaced internodes, dense buds, and dark green foliage. The name “Sticky Orange” is fitting, as it boasts a multitude of vibrant orange pistils and a thick layer of trichomes.

The terpene profile of Sticky Orange XXL has an exotic sweetness, with hints of tangy citrus and freshly peeled mandarin. Meanwhile, robust earthy notes are also in the background, with subtle hints of spicy charas. After vaporising Sticky Orange XXL, users report an initial wave of tranquillity that spreads throughout the body and increases mental clarity. This feeling gradually dissipates into a long-lasting body stone that helps users unwind after a long day.

3. Purple Bud

Purple Bud cannabis flower against the red and blue background

Purple Bud is an exceptional indica-dominant hybrid that stands out from the rest due to its unique genetic makeup. It is a result of crossbreeding an Afghan-Jamaican variety with a double-Kush hybrid, making it highly coveted among cannabis enthusiasts. Its popularity in France has made it one of the most popular cultivars in the Sensi Seeds collection.

Its growth morphology is characterised by its bushy foliage, tight internodal spacing, and short posture. While it has the potential to grow slightly taller than other indica hybrids, it is still considered a relatively short plant. This weed strain is particularly well-suited for beginners due to its robust, resilient traits and thrives in continental climates.

With a flowering cycle that lasts up to 9 weeks, Purple Bud produces dense buds that are coated in a thick layer of trichomes. During the flowering stage, the plant develops an abundance of anthocyanins, resulting in vibrant purple hues that can be seen in both the buds and foliage; it really is impressive!

Growers have reported high levels of myrcene and caryophyllene in its terpene profile, which gives Purple Bud an earthy taste characterised by its Afghan lineage. Complementing these earthy notes are subtle hints of sandalwood and charas, which add to the overall experience. Like a classic indica, connoisseurs can expect a down-to-earth experience with a long-lasting full-body high.

4. Skunk #1

Skunk #1 cannabis flower against the red and blue background

Many know Skunk #1 for its powerful appeal and intense aroma, often reminiscent of our favourite black and white critters. Our cultivation team meticulously crafted this hybrid strain using a combination of Acapulco Gold, Colombian Gold, and Afghan. Skunk #1 has been a crucial element in hybridisation and has played a significant role in developing several modern cultivars.

If you’re looking for a resilient and low-maintenance weed strain, Skunk #1 is an ideal choice. This variety leans heavily towards the indica side, featuring a compact structure with bushy foliage. You won’t have to wait long for the buds to appear, as Skunk #1 has a quick flowering period of 45 to 50 days. The resulting buds are densely packed with a plethora of resin glands.

This cultivar boasts a terpene profile characterised by an intense cheesy aroma accompanied by earthy undertones and subtle hints of spicy charas. It’s a well-balanced hybrid, offering users an uplifting experience that enhances creativity with a mild body buzz and is an excellent choice for daily activities.

5. Purple Skunk

Purple Skunk cannabis flower against the red and blue background

In 2021, Sensi Seeds Research collection introduced Purple Skunk, a indica-dominant strain resulting from outcrossing Shiva Skunk, Skunk #1, and Hindu Kush Auto. Purple Skunk is a highly versatile and adaptable cannabis strain that can easily adjust to the fluctuating temperatures across France, making it an excellent choice for growers in the Centre-Val de Loire and Île-de-France regions. It that features a potent aroma and a dank terpene profile.

The plant’s high anthocyanin content creates mesmerising purple hues that can be seen in foliage and buds during flowering. For experienced growers seeking something unique, this strain offers several phenotypes. However, it’s also a low-maintenance strain, making it an excellent option for beginner growers.

Purple Skunk’s terpene profile is characterised by its rich, earthy aroma, complemented by subtle hints of spicy sandalwood and hashish, which enhance the overall experience. When consumed, Purple Skunk delivers a potent and long-lasting body high, inducing a sense of relaxation that is sure to please any cannabis enthusiast.

6. Super Skunk

Super Skunk cannabis flower against the red and blue background

Super Skunk was developed exclusively to enhance the potency and yield of Skunk #1. This was achieved by crossbreeding Skunk #1 with the highly potent Afghan #1. The potent cannabinoid traits inherited from Afghan #1 not only increased the potency of Super Skunk but also enriched its fragrance, lending it a more sophisticated aroma and a sweeter flavour profile. This makes it a popular choice among French cannabis enthusiasts.

This indica-dominant strain has a bushy structure and medium height, making it perfect for discreet and low-maintenance cultivation both indoors and outdoors. Like Skunk #1, it’s a robust and resilient hybrid that can withstand various environmental conditions, making it ideal for novice growers. It has a short flowering period and produces high yields of potent, dense buds.

The name of Super Skunk Feminized is derived from its powerful and pungent skunky aroma. But be warned, its pungent odour could pose problems for growers who prefer to keep a low profile. Super Skunk Feminized expresses loud notes of skunk with zesty citrus undertones complemented by subtle hints of sandalwood and musk. It typically has a high THC content, and many experienced users have reported a long-lasting, relaxing body high that soothes the muscles and relaxes the mind.

7. Big Bud

Big Bud cannabis flower against the red and blue background

You thought we’d forget Big Bud? Absolutely not. This cultivar thrives in gardens across the French countryside and was meticulously crafted from the original Bud Bud with Skunk #1 and Northern Lights to enhance its flavour and yield. Especially in France, it has been a popular choice among Sensi Seeds fans for many years.

Big Bud is a compact cultivar when grown indoors but can reach extraordinary heights when cultivated outdoors in open soil. It features a slender and thin appearance, with a columnar structure, large fan leaves, and ample internodal spacing. The buds are dense and form around a large cola with a few well-developed lateral branches that often require support during the flowering period.

The terpene profile features prominent citrus notes, complemented by spicy and earthy undertones. The delicious, sweet and fruity scent perfectly matches its flavour, which is reminiscent of treacle. Some claim to experience a boost in mental clarity before transitioning into a long-lasting body stone. This can result in deep relaxation that soothes the muscles and leaves users couch-locked. For evenings when you want to unwind, Big Bud may be just the weed strain for you!

The best of France?

Close-up of 2 purple cannabis flowers and a blue SOG net

France’s cannabis community is thriving, and a growing number of people are advocating for cannabis reform due to its potential economic and medical advantages. As legalisation continues to gain momentum worldwide, French cannabis connoisseurs can expect access to a broader variety of weed strains, and at Sensi Seeds, we stand with them in support. Thank you, France!

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    Laws and regulations regarding cannabis cultivation differ from country to country. Sensi Seeds therefore strongly advises you to check your local laws and regulations. Do not act in conflict with the law.


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