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CannaZapp #12 – Weed smokers on the big screen

Cinema For CannaZapp #12 we connected our remote control to a cinema, so we can zap through a variety of movies in which cannabis is being smoked. What we can learn from this? That it is funny to see different movie genres characterizing different types of smokers. Tune in!

Cannabis is and has always been a bonanza of a topic to use in movies. Especially the smoking of cannabis. And that is quite logical, especially in older movies. Up until a couple of years ago, cannabis was still a taboo. Therefore it was, and still is, funny to characterize the different types of people who smoke weed in movies. That is exactly what CannaZapp has tried to capture in this new episode. Tune in and enjoy!

CannaZapp is produced by Sensi Seeds and presents segments from past and present day alike, in order to shed light upon those who have brought the cannabis plant to where it is today.

Use CC for subtitles in English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch.

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Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr.

I haven't gone through this entire site yet, but this is a great start! Your doing a really good job, Professional at least! I have a link to this site from my index page.


Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr.

I don't see my prior post. Are you actually reading posts people are trying to submit or is clicking on the submit button not doing anything? I am lost now,


Scarlet Palmer

Hi Balsey,

Yes, we check all comments before approving them so that we can ensure they abide by our comments policy.This is done on a regular basis.

With best wishes,



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