CannaZapp #16: The amazingly entertaining effects of cannabis

CannaZapp Smoking cannabis recreationally is an endless wonder! It can take you places, make you discover something new about yourself, or make your day much more entertaining than it was until then. Check out this video to see a range of different reactions to consuming cannabis.

The effects of cannabis can greatly vary depending on the person consuming it. They depend on whether or not the person has experienced with cannabis before, their personal tolerance, the context in which they are partaking, and many more things.

Being next to someone while they are discovering the effects of cannabis is guaranteed amazingness. It can even become quite entertaining!
Have you ever been part of a smoke circle? Have you ever introduced a newbie friend to cannabis? Or were you in fact the happy first-timer? If none of the above, check out this video for a slideshow of various reactions to cannabis – just as if you were there.

And if you already know the 101 on the effects of cannabis … sit back and laugh!

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